Silly Lily Polish- New Year’s Eve

Hey There Polished People!!

I’m so glad to be back!! 🙂 I have been having some internet problems so it’s been hard for me to post, plus I’ve been a little busy so that hasn’t helped the posting schedule either. It feels good to be posting again though- here’s hoping me internet holds out. 😉

How have you all been? My brother and his wife just bought a house, so that’s exciting for me! I should correct myself though- he didn’t BUY it YET… he just put in an offer that was accepted. He still has inspections, appraisals, financial finalizations, etc to go through. Good luck to him on that, haha. When my husband and I bought our house a while ago we were quite shocked and dismayed that buying a house isn’t like they show it on TV. On all these House Hunters and other real estate shows they show a couple looking at several houses, the buyers put an offer in on the house, it gets accepted and the real estate agent is like, “Congratulations! You just bought your first house!!!” and then it’s like fast-forward to them moving in. Wellllllllll….. it don’t work that way! ;p Getting your offer accepted is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Hopefully everything will go smoothly for my brother and his wife. Keep your fingers crossed for them. I’m going to see the house later today and I’m excited to see it. 🙂

Today I have for you a polish that was so sweetly included for free in my order of Silly Lily polish a few weeks back. I ordered Silly Lily Jello, a Jello mini, and a Tequila Sunset mini, and received those plus a New Year’s Eve mini and some cute little beaded earrings! If you read this- Thanks Lily! Shall we have a look at NYE? I think so!

Silly Lily New Year’s Eve

Silly Lily New Year's Eve in the sun.

Silly Lily New Year’s Eve (over FP Putty in Your Hands and Cult Alter Ego) in the sun.

SillyLilyNYE (4)

Blurry holo shot.

Blurry (overly blurry, actually) holo shot.

Indoors in natural light.

Indoors in natural light.


Silly Lily New Year’s Eve is a mixture of star, crescent moon and small gold/holographic glitter in a clear base. It’s perfect for layering and is a really fun and festive polish. 🙂 I would like to see this layered over a dark midnight blue next.

Formula/ Application:

Like any chunky in-your-face glitter, Silly Lily New Year’s Eve required some dabbing to get things exactly where I wanted them. I think I’ll try thinning the base in the future before I use it again because it was a little thick and goopy, but I’m sure it has to be to suspend that glitter.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

This was a surprise bonus polish from Silly Lily and actually I think it’s one of my favorites! I really love the goldy/holographic glitter and one thing that I am always skeptical of with big fun-shaped glitter like this is their ability to lay flat. Other star glitter I have never lays smooth and always catch on my hair and stuff, but these laid perfectly smooth. When you put all that together- I give this a Yes, please! 🙂

Have you tried any Silly Lily polishes? You can find this particular polish here on her Silly Lily Polish store on Etsy. Do you mind dabbing on glitters like this or do you have some special application technique that you are willing to share? I just dab away which sometimes can create bubbles in the clear base if I mess around too much. 😦 Oh well- it’s all worth it for the glitter, right!? 😉 As always, thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing! 😀


19 thoughts on “Silly Lily Polish- New Year’s Eve

  1. I loooooove watching House Hunters (especially international) 😦 thats disappointing that it’s not real life now haha. Well, I already knew that it wasn’t totally how it works, but I like to pretend for the sake of the show. Although, I get easily mad at the people on the show for making some stupid choices or being so picky. One lady would dismiss an entire house based on the fixtures…the most easily changeable thing in a house are the fixtures you stupid lady. >.<
    Anywho….thats awesome you were given some extra goodies in your order 🙂 I'm not a fan of shapes (hearts, moons, butterflies) in my polishes though. I dunno why. I have a couple with stars that I wanted badly, but now that I have them I'm like "eh…" about them.

    • Remember the Fergie glitters??? I was so hyped over those and then once I got em I was immediately over shapes. However I like this one! The shapes are like thinner or something so they aren’t so obnoxious. Anyway…
      Yes those people can be so annoying!!! Sometimes it makes me so mad waThe middle and modem family are recording along w American idol. tching the show cuz like this one young couple moved to like brazil cuz the husband was on some (clearly D league) soccer team and they had this little kid and they chose some stupid house way away from everything and they didn’t even have a car and I was just like WHY!!!! are you moving here when you can clearly not afford anything and you have a kid to take care of and…. it was so annoying. And then there are those people you’re talking about that are like “Ew the paint is so last season” oh my goodness can you please just choke to death!!! Paint??? You’re gonna complain about paint?? -_-

  2. This is SO pretty!
    I like the colour you layered it over!!! Lily makes such cute polishes.

    No special “secret” for glitters. I just give it a MAJOR good roll to get that polish thin and working.

    +++ for your bro!!!!!

  3. This polish is so freaking cute. I think that dabbing doesn’t usually work for me because of the bubbles so what I do is that I apply 1 thin coat and then I fish shapes out with the brush, pick them up with a dotting tool and place them on my nails. Then I apply another thin coat to seal everything before I apply my gelous/seche combo. I think you made the perfect choice for your base polish…the combo is stunning. Congrats to your bro and sil! 🙂

    • I was surprised w how much I really loved it! I usually wouldn’t go for this. Ahhhh a dotting tool!!! I like your style. I will try that next time for sure. Thanks for the tip. 🙂

    • Thanks so much!! Yeah isn’t this glitter just so cute?? I totally could have worn this around NYE or Christmas and it matches kinda anything but looks so cute. I love it. 🙂

  4. How was visiting the house? A close friend of mine went through some seriously crazy stuff when she and her husband bought their house recently, so I can imagine!
    Aw, I love this mani!
    I have no real secret for these chunky glitters. I don’t really like dabbing, so I usually try for two coats max and hope for the best. Sometimes that doesn’t work, though, and I end up with goopy layers and get pissed and take it off, hahaha. Maybe I’ll try Cynthia’s tactic. I guess I expect that these are just supposed to “work” like normal polish and it’s good to hear that they don’t and other people have had the same experience!
    And if anyone is reading this, check out Silly Lily on Etsy! I bought a couple of polishes after being enabled by Cynthia, and not only are they gorgeous glitter bombs, Lily is super-sweet!

    • The house was… interesting. It’s a really piece-y house, like it obviously started as a small little farmhouse and then they added this little bit, then that little bit and some of the stuff is really odd. Like for example, one bathroom doesn’t even have a door!! Haha. The good thing is that it sits on land that is exactly what he wants, has a ginormous shop that he wants for all his wood-working equipment and he’s really super capable and wants to build his own house later down the line anyway so this house can be fixed up and be perfectly nice and then he can build a new house somewhere else on the property when he wants to do that. It would be too much for me to undertake, but hey- Michael’s got a mind of his own and he’s not afraid to use it! 😉

      • Wow! That’s great for him! If he’s that handy, then it sounds like it’s not a problem for him to fix up the current place, which he can eventually rent or sell or have as a guest house. For your nail polish to live in. 😉

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