Holiday Vox Box Reveal

Hey There Polished People!

I received the Holiday Vox Box from Influenster a couple of weeks ago and thought it was about time I show you what was in it! I have talked about it some on Twitter, but today I’m going to show you what was inside and then tomorrow I’ll go into more depth with the nail product that was included because, naturally, that is what is of most interest to me 🙂 Here we go!

Holiday 2012 Vox Box

PolishMePleaseVoxBox (3)

Quaker Real Medley Apple Walnut Oatmeal

PolishMePleaseVoxBox (4)I have to be honest… I’m not a big fruit-in-my-oatmeal person, but when I try this I will let you all know what I thought. I haven’t tried it yet.

Montagne Jeunesse Clean Up Mud Deep Cleansing Mask

PolishMePleaseVoxBoxI used this right away. I love facial masks and treatments. Anything that says it’s going to make my pores smaller, my face cleaner, more moisturized, etc… I’m going to try. Luckily for me I don’t have any allergies that keep me from trying things, although I do have somewhat sensitive skin which can sometimes be a problem. This didn’t irritate my skin at all. It was fun to put on, dried up all crusty-clay-like and then rinsed off easily enough. It left my skin feeling extra clean, too. 🙂

Natural Energy EBoost, pink lemonade flavor

PolishMePleaseVoxBox (8)Haven’t tried this yet. The last one I tried was ok, but not great. I’ll update this post when I try this flavor.

NYC Liquid LipShine in Nude York City

PolishMePleaseVoxBox (6)This is a nice product, the color is a super-shiny nude as the name would suggest. NYC Liquid LipShine has your typical sticky formula that I’m not a huge fan of because it tends to leave me with a yucky residue after most of the product is gone. The other thing that keeps me from loving this product is its long, super floppy “doe’s foot” type applicator. It’s too flexible and I feel like it makes it hard to apply the product cleanly and quickly. It’s like there’s a hinge or a flex-point between the wand and the applicator and it just flexes too much.

Goody QuickStyle Blow Out Hair Brush

PolishMePleaseVoxBox (2)This is something that I really like! Goody says it dries your hair 30% faster than a standard brush, but I can’t back that claim. It might; it might not. The problem for me is that I don’t always blow dry my hair at all, and I definitely don’t blow dry it immediately following my shower when it’s sopping wet. That being said, this brush MAY dry your hair quicker, but for me I don’t think it does. I have long, thick, wavy hair and when I used this brush, the microfiber bristles seemed to really grip my hair and slow down the ability of the brush to slide through my hair and I just don’t think it dried my hair any more quickly than my usual vented paddle brush. What I liked about it is that the microfiber bristles seemed to really grip my hair and kind of pull it very straight and smooth as I blew my hair dry. I usually have to blow dry, then straighten my hair, but by using this brush I can get by JUST blowing it dry.

Kiss Nail Dress

PolishMePleaseVoxBox (5)I got the Kiss Nail Dresses in a blinged-out leopard print. I have tried them, but have not tested the “up to 10 days of wear” claim. Tomorrow in my post you will see my initial review of these. Just looking at them I thought they were cute and definitely intriguing. Until I tried these, I’d never used any type of nail strips, so stay tuned tomorrow to see how these worked for me 🙂

Sole Society $25 dollar off coupon code (no individual picture)

Sole Society is a shoe subscription website where for just under 50 bucks you can get a new hot pair of shoes each month. With the coupon code INFLUENSTER25 you can go to and order your first pair for $25 less than the regular price! I don’t have the finances to be buying shoes each month, although you can opt out which is what I’d need to do most months, so I don’t do the whole shoe subscription thing, but if I had the money I CERTAINLY would!! 😀

Are any of these product of particular interest to you? Have you tried any of these products? Let me know in the comments below. As always, thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀


18 thoughts on “Holiday Vox Box Reveal

  1. I once tried putting banana in my oatmeal and it was truly horrible experience!! I hope the apple turns out better 😛 Looking forward to the pictures of the nail wraps 😀

    • Haha “a truly horrible experience” huh? Some things just aren’t made to be mixed. I like apples and I like oatmeal, I just don’t know about chunks of apples in my oatmeal. We’ll see. The nail strips were pretty cute. I’ll show my first little review tomorrow. 🙂

      • Whuuuuuttt?!?!?! I always put bananas in my oatmeal. In fact, I add some banana slices, some walnuts and some brown sugar and when I eat it, I can hear angels sing. But then again, I love banana anything–it’s my favorite fruit! However, it sucks for me because it’s so high in sugar and being diabetic and all…prolly not a good idea.

        • Yeah isn’t it like the most fattening of fruits or something? I kinda like bananas and I would much rather have soft bananas in my oatmeal than hard crunchy apples but still- I’ll just stick to some butter, brown sugar, and milk in my oatmeal please.

    • I like oatmeal too. Just not w fruit in it. I don’t really like mixed textures. Like I don’t like a taco salad w tortilla chips in it, and I don’t like cold cereal w raisins in it, and I don’t like my nice mushy oatmeal to have crunchy apples in it. It’s weird and distracting. ;p

    • If you never blow dry your hair then you probably wouldn’t use this. It doesn’t really make it that much quicker if you ask me, but it does help with the blow out. 🙂 I didn’t really think about the bacteria but the microfiber is all out in the open so I would think it would just air dry and have no problem. That’s a good thought though… that would be gross!

  2. As I’ve mentioned before, I have no idea how to sign up or qualify for a box like this. LOL Despite having super short hair and all, I love trying new brushes. I keep saying my hair is so thin I’m practically bald, but everyone tells me that I’m on crack–maybe I just have FINE hair and not really thin. It’s weird because I used to have super coarse thick curly hair and now I have like wavy wispy hair…wtf? I finally decided to let my hair grow so hopefully it will be at a decent length in the next 6 months. This seems like a pretty cool box cause I like food, nails and mask stuff. Cool beans.

    • Yeah it was a pretty fun box! I also like trying new brushes and stuff. I’m into face masks, hair stuff and nail stuff so… ca-CHING winner! 🙂 You are signed up for influenster, I remember when I tried to invite you, so you should get on there and see what you can find out. Maybe that should be your weekend goal ;p It’s funny that you’re growing your hair out cuz I’m just like ITCHING to cut mine. I saw someone with a cute a-line cut on TV just now and was tempted to call my hairdresser asap. I think I’l leave mine long through next summer though and then I’ll chop it. Short hair is so fun! 🙂

  3. Looking forward to the nail dresses review. I’ve used of it… I suck at it. I fail so if you succeed, I’ll be looking forward to the idiot proof DIY just for me 😀

    • Me too!! When I won a couple from your giveaway a while ago I just got addicted! They’re awesome. 🙂 The brush is probably best for fine hair although it makes my thick hair really nice and smooth. It’s just not all that quick like it talks about. Not for me anyway.

  4. This looks like a pretty good box!
    I tried all of those portable oatmeals when they came out. I haven’t re-purchased them, so, I guess I didn’t like them that much, haha. I do like the Starbucks oatmeal, though…I dump ALL of the extras in there, thereby negating any health benefits, haha.
    I love those pouchy masks. They’re always fun to try out for a couple of bucks.
    The e-boost and lip gloss seem like stuff that’s like, okay, but at least not total busts.
    I’ve been wanting to try that brush, but can’t find it anywhere! I feel the drugstores around me are seriously lacking sometimes. But, I almost NEVER blow dry my hair (I always want to, but never have time, and tell myself it looks OK enough if I don’t), sooo…it’s probably not really that urgent for me.
    I have some leopard nail decals from Butter that I got at Ulta once that I want to try out. That requires mani planning, haha.
    The shoe idea is intriguing, but probably not practical for me.
    Anyway, decent haul! Thanks for the review!

    • You know I haven’t seen the brush in-stores either. Maybe they didn’t get very good feedback and cut down on production or something. Too bad it’s a hair brush, cuz I don’t use mine and if it was something more share-able I would just give it to you. This was a fun box to try, over-all though. Now I wish influenster would just send out another box instead of doing all this SUPER ANNOYING watch-along-twitter-parties with all these shows. I don’t watch TV live.. do I LOOK like someone who wants to watch commercials?? ;p Pshhhhh.

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