Androgynous Redemption Of A Sort- China Glaze Get Carried Away Swatch and Review

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A while back I tried Orly Androgynie (see my Androgynie swatch and review here) and although I liked it after I messed with it A LOT, I was a little disappointed by how much work it took. Ever since then I’ll see a black based glitter polish and wonder if it would actually work or not. Well, I found one that does! I got China Glaze Get Carried Away from their Cirque collection for Christmas and just got to use it a couple of days ago. It looked appealing because I liked the reddish and silver large hexes in that dark base. From swatches I saw online it looked promising but would it be another glitter-burying, sinking large hex polish? Let’s see!

China Glaze Get Carried Away


Get Carried Away


China Glaze Get Carried Away worked!! The large rusty red hex glitter and the large silver hex glitter stays suspended in the base, there are lots of small silver glitters to fill in the open space and there are even black short bar glitters in there. Why? I do not know, but they’re there. The base is black but a nice jelly black that allows the glitters to star in this show. I layered this over OPI Mrs. O’Leary’s Barbecue because I expected it to be more sheer and I thought a little red might be niceΒ underneath,Β  but this is easily opaque in a couple of coats. What you see is ONE over that dark red, and you can only see the base around the edges.

Formula/ Application:

Great!! Requires very little dabbing! It requires just a titch to put the glitters exactly where you want them, but the glitters come out easily and distribute themselves nicely over the nail.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please! If you’re a glitter fan you’ll love Get Carried Away. It behaves itself, it looks nice, dries pretty shiny and smooth… I’m a fan! The only thing I don’t like is the bar glitter. For one, I’m not really into super gluing the little hairs that I rinse out of my razor all over my nails, so why would I want bar glitter? I don’t. Also- on rare occasions the bar glitters will land on top of those pretty hexes and who wants that? Not I. Lastly, they get lost in the black base so what’s the point? Why did you add them, China Glaze? Why? The good thing is that they really don’t detract from the polish, they just add nothing except for a reason to tap the tips of your nails before your polish dries (to push back any wayward hairs, I mean bar glitters). I realize I have possibly made this sound like you should pass on it- but you shouldn’t!! The formula is much better that Whirled Away and looks great. I mean- look at my nails! Tell me they’re not pretty! :p

Are you a bar glitter lover or hater? There is no “in between” so don’t even lie to yourself and say you have no opinion. You do, and you need to share it. This isn’t one of those blogs where we go, “Oh everything is so nice, I love everything like ponies and puppies and rainbows and smiling!” No! We say when things are weird and let’s all admit it- bar glitter is weird. Let me know in the comments below what you think and if you’re a fan of bar glitter then you probably really enjoy shaving your legs after you’ve let them grown out for like a month during the winter. :p On a serious note- thank you all very much for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing! πŸ˜€

23 thoughts on “Androgynous Redemption Of A Sort- China Glaze Get Carried Away Swatch and Review

    • Isn’t it pretty?? I was surprised and happy when I saw Daniel had got it for me for Christmas!! I actually think it’s prettier in person… SORRY TO RUB IT IN!!

  1. I didn’t even realise there was bar glitter from the photos! Had to go and check before commenting.

    I like bar glitter. I didn’t for a while but then I got a dupe for Sunglasses at Night and now I love it!

    • That is a pretty polish! Although I don’t have it. I have the nicki minaj super holo bar glitter polish and the pink Orly- be brave and I mean, they’re pretty, they just don’t behave for me. Maybe you have a good tip for me- how so you get them to lay nice and flat?

  2. Firstly, this is my favorite swatch that I’ve seen of this polish. Of course I later find out that you used Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ as the base, so I am obligated to like it, but I liked it before I knew that! :p
    Your last paragraph is cracking me up! I am going to enrage you and say I don’t really have an opinion on bar glitter. Although, if I HAVE to pick because those are the rules of your blog, I guess I’d say against, for the same reason you mentioned (hairy growths on your nails). Aesthetically, I can take it or leave it.

    • WHAT?!?!? 😱😠😀😑πŸ’₯ (my head exploded out of rage, see it?) No I’m just kidding. It’s ok I GUESS!! :p I like short bar glitters better than long and I like the unique-ness of them but yeah.. The hairs aren’t doing it for me. You know what I do like? SQUARE glitter!! πŸ˜€

  3. I kind of hated this polish when I tried it. It was just lumpy and gross and that black jelly base *barf* It looks slightly redeemable with Mr’s O’Leary’s scab as a base but I still remember the gross application so I’m gonna say it’s a no in my book. I also kind of hate hairy bar glitter except in a polish like Sticks n Stones. I saw some previews of these new nails inc polishes that will be called “feather effect” and they will only have thin bar glitter of all different colors. I don’t know how that’s going to work out, but I’m interested in seeing swatches before I make up my mind.

    • Hmm I just checked those out and they MIGHT be ok. I’m thinking they’re gonna be scratchy as heck, which I just can’t do, but I actually like how they look. I can’t believe you hated this polish!! Mine wasn’t gross at all! Maybe since I layered it over a base color I avoided it but man… I LOVED it!! Oh well. πŸ™‚

      • I saw it on the polishaholic’s blog and I thought it looked gross but got it anyway and it was just as bad as I had feared. lol Maybe my bottle was wonky? I dunno. I think I just really didn’t like the base at all because the glitter got lost in it.

        • Oh who knows. Maybe I just got lucky this time, maybe some slight difference in how we apply our polish makes a difference, maybe one coat is perfect but more than one is disgusting.. that’s just too bad that you didn’t like it but really… do you need this polish? No. Maybe someone will (or already did) buy this from your blog sale and love it as much as I do. πŸ™‚

  4. Okay. I’ll say it. I love bar glitter! It’s different and a little weird – which is why I love it! I just need to make sure I top coat well when I use it bc if it’s sticking over any edges I’ll pick at it. Otherwise I think it’s pretty cool.

    • Aghh no no NOOOOOO!!!! Hahaha Jk!! I try really hard to tap the tips of mine to make sure there are no overhanging pieces, but what really bothers me is when the pieces kinda stick up from the surface of the nails and are all scratchy. Yuck! That gives me the heeby jeebies just thinking about it! But hey- there are some pretty colors and looks you can create with it so if you can get it to work for you- more power to ya! πŸ™‚ Thanks for weighing in!! πŸ˜€

  5. Ooooo Androgynie…I feel Orly should have issued an apology for that one. I have horrible memories from that one as well 😐 I passed on this as well as the other chunky glitter from the collection because of the bar glitters. On occasion I can tolerate some bar glitter if it’s sparse and it really depends on the combination. I just won’t give it any chance in main stream brands anymore. Bar glitter is just such a touchy topic lol.

    • Androgynie is my biggest disappointment. I LOVE it in theory but it’s just so hard to work w, AND all the glitter sinks. Right now my bottle looks like black polish a some silver glitter at the very very bottom. Sad. Also- bar glitter haters unite!! πŸ˜‰

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