China Glaze Magnetix Pull Me Close Slim Silhouette Mani

Hey There Polished People!!

Well I sure hope everyone had a nice Christmas with their families! Mine was great. I got so many presents, including but not limited to, an entire wardrobe of clothes plus a super cute Columbia jacket, the summer 2012 Cheeky nail stamping plates, some money, three drawer cubes from Michael’s (aka: Melmers), lots of other polish, a super cute whale print wristlet… the list goes on and on. I also got a few books and a gift card for more books. :) I have to come clean here… I think reading is my first love. Even above polish!! I know, I know.. blasphemy!! ;) If I felt like I could write about books in such a way that anyone would continue to read my blog, I would totally have a book blog. I LOVE reading! I also read super fast; I feel like I inhale books instead of read them. I just open the cover, take a deep breath and POOF it’s 3am and I’ve read an entire book. I love reading so much, in fact, that for my Children’s Lit class during my Master’s program (yes, you may refer to me as Master Nicole from now on) we had to read some crazy number like 50 children’s books and we turned in these reports on each as we read them. Well, I turned in a ton of reports all at once cuz I’d read a ton of books over a long weekend or something and guess what? MY TEACHER ACCUSED ME OF CHEATING!!! She thought I didn’t read them and just read summaries online or something. It was kinda funny, but I was seriously appalled that she would have the nerve to accuse me. I’m a good student, I’m an honest person and although she didn’t know me very well she should have looked at my record and given me the benefit of the doubt. She asked me to stay after class and I thought she just wanted to ask me about my books and then she accused me of cheating.. what a shock!! I was like, “Psshhh you don’t know me! Don’t be accusing ME of cheating.” I didn’t say that, but I thought it, HARD. I have a list about a mile long of books I want to read so I plan on spending that book money ASAP. Maybe even by the time you read this. You’ll have to check in with me. ;) Anyway, long story short, my Christmas was great. We spent some nice time with my husband’s family, nice time with mine and it was just perfect. :)

Today I have a polish I got from to share with you. It is the ChG Magnetix polish, Pull Me Close. It’s a dark grey/teal color that gets dark when the magnet is applied to it. The ChG Magnetix polishes work with the ChG magnet and it has three designs. An asterix-style shape, a chevron, and diagonal lines. Today I’ll share the asterix-y design with you. Stay tuned for the others.

ChG Magnetix Pull Me Close

ChGMagnetixPullMeClose3.50CelebCityFromBDB (3)

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with 2 coats of SH Celeb City (silver).
  3. Paint one nail with ChG Pull Me Close (you can find it at for just $3.50) leaving an outline of silver visible.
  4. Immediately apply the magnet to the nail. You can find the magnet at also.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 for each nail.
  6. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and admire your cool almost 3D effect nails! :)

I’m not a big fan of these in particular, but I LOVE this Magnetix polish!! It goes on so smooth and opaque, the magnet works well and there are several designs and it just turns out so cool. If you would like to buy some Pull Me Close for yourself, you may be able to find it around, but you can definitely find it at Speaking of… they are having a huge $500 shopping spree sweepstakes. You can enter here. I am definitely entering so here’s hoping you or I win ;) They’re actually giving away a $500, a $250 and a $100 prize so maybe we can both win. :) Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!!! :D

**Products in this post were provided for promotional purposes**

16 thoughts on “China Glaze Magnetix Pull Me Close Slim Silhouette Mani

  1. Quite the haul of gifts! I too am a massive reader…I used to read tons faster than I do now. I have zip room for books where I live so enter my love for ebooks…I sample tons and tons of em and have digital library cards all over the US so I can get many I want to read for free. I had a hard time getting OK with not seeing my fav books in ‘live’ form…but like I said space dictated the change. I like the design on this magnet a lot – I sort of have been done with mag. polishes – seems they all hit the same sort of colors no matter the brand – that said there are 2 newish SH ones that have some shimmer in them like 2 of the new Skyfall OPI mag. ones do. Too funny that Prof thought you cheated! Cripes they should know some folks read a bazillion wpm and likewise type that and more to turn out those write ups! Oh and congrats on your Masters.

    • I agree w you on everything- I was honestly done w the mag polishes after I bought my first one (Layla when they were brand spanking new) cuz I mean they all do look pretty much the same an idk what to do w them to make them look unique. I did really like this one though because of the different designs. My Layla one just has the one diagonal line design. About the reading idk if I could get used to ebooks!! But I would make myself if I had to! People are always saying I should get an ereader but I just really like the feel of real books. Hardback, paper back, I can dog ear the pages if I want (paper back only!) and idk I just like having a real book to then the pages of and all that. It’s kinda like cards- they have all those electrician solitaire games but playing w a real deck of cards and holding them in your hand and slapping them down is just so satisfying, haha. :)

  2. I love reading, as well. My father once told me to read anything I could get my hands on, and I have definitely done that. My parents used to catch me reading by nightlight when I should have been in bed! I read quickly, as well. I actually almost purposefully pick lengthy books so that I can extend the period of time I can enjoy them for! We’ll have to keep in touch about books because now that I have a Nook, I am accepting all recommendations!
    I have I think four of these ChG Magnetix that I got on sale at Sally’s, but not this color, which is the one I think I like the best, haha. I need to try these out…I like how they look, but am always scared I’ll mess up with the magnet.
    *Sigh* I think I may be caving and visiting BigDaddyBeauty today. That lasted a day, haha.

    • I totally abide by that rule- read anything and everything. I try to cross read and read some different stuff but if I’m being honest I mainly read junk. Haha. I like YA books, which some are not junk at all, the first author coming to mind is Ellen Hopkins. And I like fluffy nice Nicholas Sparks books. Pretty much anything recommended to me, I will read. I read some urban fantasy chic lit but as I was discussing w my friend Ami last night, they’re all kinda the same. Which is the same for most of the books I read actually, but these in particular start to wear on me. It’s a tiny girl with a big chip on her shoulder surrounded by super sexy guys and who is really good w a gun. People threaten her family and she has to protect them. She eventually falls in love w someone very unexpected and then more bad guys are introduced and cause problems for her again. Repeat. It’s not that I don’t like them, but after reading one I need something else. Nicholas Sparks books are the same- lonely woman goes to a new town or a new stranger enters her small hometown, she’s guarded, neither of them “want” a relationship (mostly her), she’s super pretty but doesn’t know, they eventually start a relationship, someone from her past is causing trouble and then on the night of a storm the story climaxes, she and her new bf win and they live happily ever after. Oh and she always has an older-lady friend to confide in and get wisdom from. Anyway- I’m just gonna end this comment now. I think my blogs gonna burst at the seams from all my replies.

  3. I saw a glimpse of your “GoodReads” posting of how fast you were reading a book. A friend of mine has a book blog on Good Reads, you should check her out. She’s always going to book fairs and I love reading her book blog. Nice nails!

    • Thanks about the nails. What’s your friend’s name? I can’t seem to figure out how to add people that I don’t have in my phone or on Facebook but I’ll figure it out and add her. I want to add this lady “The Library Lady,” too, when I figure it out. I need more friends on goodreads. I seriously have like 6. :)

  4. Sounds like a great Christmas! I can’t believe all the goodies you received! lol. Ahh! I love that you love reading! I love reading too hehe. In high school I used to “breathe in” books too lol.
    This polish looks awesome on you!

    • Thanks. Yeah my Christmas was great! I especially have been loving my new jacket. I didn’t have one before and it’s soooo nice. Did you have a good Christmas too?

  5. So, uhm…what ended up happening with that teacher? I would have had like 10 shits on her head. I still remember the time my 5th grade teacher accused me of cheating on a quiz even though I wasn’t. I was so pissed I could have kicked her in the face. I just sold 5 of these Magnetix polishes on my blog sale. I kind of hope that magnetic polishes go the way of crackle polishes cause I really dislike them. I think once the novelty wore off (in like 5 minutes), I regretted purchasing them. I don’t really have anyone to really discuss the type of books I am into. I mean, really–who likes to read and discuss The Divine Comedy for fun? One book that I have been super hesitant to read is Ulysees because that whole stream of consciousness stuff kind of scares me. This whole book stuff reminds me of this guy I was seeing a few years ago. He was working on his PhD and he always thought he knew better than anyone because of that. We would always argue about books because he was like a militant Chicano who disdained European literature. I actually stopped seeing him because we always fought about literature! LOL Oh man–that makes me sound like the biggest nerd on earth.

    • This comment is the funniest ever!! I’m tempted to copy and paste it in a word doc for a good laugh when I need one. Mannn… ten shits on her head, a militant chicano.. this is great. I can’t even think about anything else.

      I think magnetic polishes already are like shatters. I mean I’m happy to have this one because it’s pretty and I like the different shapes/designs but I’m not going to buy any more. I have my one Layla which I got when they were new like a year ago or more, and then I got this new one with the different designs, that’s all I need. Sorry about the militant chicano who hated European lit. I’d discuss it with you, however I’ve never read it. I try to cross read a little but ehhhh I mostly veer back to my favorites- mainly YA books, and lately fantasy/sci fi. I’m about to read 13 Reasons Why, which is YA but not fantasy. You should recommend some legit lit books for me to read in between my junky books. :)

    • Um, I will dicuss nerdy books with you! You know I purposely pick classics I haven’t read and just read them for fun, right? I do try to break it up here and there with modern fiction, but I am always down. ;)

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