Merry Christmas! Love, The Present Princess.

Hey There Polished People!

Merry Christmas Everybody!!

I am scheduling this post out, but I’m sure I had a nice Christmas Eve and I hope you all did, too. We will be spending Christmas Eve with my in-laws and Christmas Day with my mom and dad, and brother and sister-in-law. Usually we split up both days (half of Christmas Eve with each family, half of Christmas Day with each) but this year my in-laws moved out to Timbuktu so it’s too far to travel. I’ll be sad not to see my family on Christmas Eve because first and foremost my family is AWESOME (seriously, you should come join us for a family function some time) and it’s always fun and hilarious and wonderful, but it will be nice to spend a good chunk of time with each family instead of run run running between Christmas celebrations every two hours.

You’re probably wondering where the title of this post comes from… In my family I’m known as the present princess. Whenever we open presents (with my cousins on Christmas Eve and with my immediate family on Christmas Day) I always seem to have a ginormous pile of gifts and everyone else has a regular pile. It’s inevitable that when my turn rolls around (we usually go around in a circle, each opening up one present at a time) someone will be like, “Nicole you better open two, we’ll never be done if you open one at a time!!” πŸ˜€ Now before you’re all like, “Oh my gosh, she’s so spoiled, Christmas is too commercial, blah blah blah.” you should know that the reason I have so many more than everyone else is because I’m the favorite! JUST KIDDING! (maybe ;)) Nah, the real reason is because my cousins and brother and husband like expensive stuff- expensive tools, electronics, super name-brand clothes, Ugg boots, etc. Last year my husband got a 4-5 foot tall safe that was like 300 bucks. I like nail polish, fun things to use at work with the kids (games, books with stuffed animals that match the book, etc), books, and clothes which are rarely all that expensive. I’m sure as you read this I’ll be opening up my presents, happily being called the present princess. πŸ˜‰ Β In commemoration of that title, I did some present-y nails. Ready to see them?

Nails Fit For A Princess… Of Presents

Christmas Presents Nails

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with your favorite white. I used Nina Ultra Pro French White.
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow your nails to dry until they’re no longer smooshable (technical term).
  4. Using Essie Mojito Madness and the Essence stamping plateΒ that I reviewed here, stamp the diagonal stripes onto each nail.
  5. Use BM 205 and SH Rapid Red to stamp the red presents randomly over the green and white base.
  6. Apply your Seche Vite very carefully so as not to smear any of your stamping and go show Β your friends! πŸ˜€

I hope you all had a great Christmas with Β your families and/or friends! Let me know how it went in the comments below, and tell me what your favorite present or the best part was. Thank you all for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€

18 thoughts on “Merry Christmas! Love, The Present Princess.

    • I was better once we left. We were in the basement of his parents’ log home and the heat was just blasting and oof it was hot and just blowing directly on me all night. It’s nice to be warm of course but that was a bit much. I survived tho. πŸ™‚ Hope you had a great Christmas. πŸ™‚

  1. i loved these nails!! i’m the present princess in my family, but lately i’ve been asking for gift certificates from Zara. I’m so skinny that people rarely get me something that fits me, so because I have no shame always mention to buy me a certificate :).. even though I don’t like Xmas, i love the present part.. it is my favorite LOL !

  2. I LOVE these nails! They’re so cute!

    Christmas was very good this side. I can’t say what was my favourite prezzie as I love them all.

    Naaaah I don’t think you’re spoilt. Gideon does the same. I’ve always gotten more because I get small things UNLESS he gets me something expensive, then I get one gift, like for my birthday I got a kindle and that was all. Yesterday (Christmas) he got me 4 gifts.

    My favourite part about Christmas was just having my gran here & spending it with my mom and stepdad. It just felt like a happy day to me. I didn’t need to pretend I’m happy, I actually WAS (still am)! I’d say, jinne dit was a kak lekker dag my ou; which is Afrikaans for gee it was a damn lekker… Um, AWESOME day my dude!!!

    • Oh my gosh that translated quote was great! Hahaha. What’s a lekker though? I think I need a little extra translation. πŸ˜‰ You sound like you had a really nice Christmas too. My favorite part is also just spending time w all of my family and hanging out. My family is so crazy and funny there’s just never a dull moment. πŸ˜‰

  3. You better watch what offers you’re putting out there! I will SO show up at your house for a holiday!
    LOLing at “because I’m the favorite!” and “smooshable (technical term).”
    Just curious…was Daniel’s safe a gun safe? Wondering what else goes into a safe of that size!
    Christmas was OK. Holidays (especially Christmas, because my dad passed away around then) are awkward because my brother and I are the misfits that don’t quite truly fit anywhere, but that’s just how it is. I once wrote a paper on what Christmas was in our household as kids vs. what it is now. As such, I’m not particuarly into Christmas, but I do go apeshit buying gifts for people. I do like that part. πŸ˜‰
    Anyway, not to be too depressing…my brother worked on Christmas Eve, but I tried to make it a little special and made dinner. We had some wine and opened our gifts to each other. He was quite not-a-turd this year. He got me a Nook (and a gift card to buy books), a DS game I’ve wanted and haven’t been able to find, and a season of Parks and Rec on DVD that I was missing. He also tried to buy me a Hello Kitty chia pet, but the store was out and he ended up buying doggie stairs for Leeloo, which I thought was downright sweet. He even put them together! She is a little confused about them, haha. She can get on the couch and bed by herself, but has been a little whiny about it recently, so we’ll see if she figures it out.
    Christmas day we went to visit our mom. We actually still need to go shopping for some clothes for her, which we’re going to do this week and then bring over to her this weekend. My boss had invited me to her place for dinner on Saturday, and they just told me on Friday that they could give me some of my salary back, so I figured they were being nice and we’d better go, so we did. It was alright, but a tiny bit strange because we were the only non-family there. I was planning on going to a friend’s house after, but it was kind of over by the time we would’ve gotten there, so it unfortunately didn’t work out.
    I also went to a Christmas party with all of my friends on Saturday, which was nice. I may go over to my best friend’s family’s celebration next weekend, too (they have a big family, so it ended up being scheduled for then due to everyone’s other events).
    SO. That’s all you could ever want to know about my holiday (well, I could tell you all of the gifts I got, if you want, haha).
    I am jealous of your present princess nails. I wanted to do an aqua, red, and white mani with these kind of candy cane stripes, but that didn’t happen. I didn’t think I was going to do a holiday mani, but then I wanted to and couldn’t settle on what I wanted. I decided a lazy compromise was nail decals, but the one I got were sucky and I abandoned the idea altogether. I’m going to try to return them.

    • I understand how holidays can be hard. When my grandpa passed away he had gotten really sick on December 22, and then we left to see him like immediately after Christmas. He was kind of hanging in the balance for a little while after we came back home but then passed away so we went back again for the funeral. It does make the holidays hard when stuff like that happens around them. As you know, my husband’s aunt recently passed away and her son is my age, actually 5 months younger than me. I just can’t imagine how that must be for him. He’s much more independent than I feel like I am, but I’m sure it’s still sad for him. I have been trying to really keep in touch with him because he’s a bit of a free spirit like you and your brother. When we saw his mom before she passed, she said that she hoped he didn’t retreat from the family once she passed because he’s always felt like an outsider. The weird thing is that I’ve always felt like he was the most similar to me. Anyway, I hope I’m not annoying him, because it’s not like it’s MY place to be the family ambassador, I just want him to not feel like he’s totally family-less now. It’s good that you at least have your brother, but I’m sure it’s still really hard. I’m sorry. It’s nice that you get all crazy into gifts tho! πŸ™‚ I’m sure that’s a distraction from other things and your friends/family who are on the receiving end appreciate it.
      And yes, the safe is a gun safe. We don’t have any valuables to need safe keeping (unless a fellow polish fiend breaks it! Haha) but we do keep the guns locked up so that no one could get into them. It’s not like we want them around for self protection, they’re just for hunting (for Daniel) and sport. Oh and PS: I love parks and rec. Aziz cracks me up!! πŸ˜€

      • That’s nice of you to reach out to Daniels’ cousin. He may not quite appreciate it now because he is still adjusting to the situation, but I am sure he will down the road (if not now already). It’s nice that we get offers from our friends to participate in their festivities, and I know they genuinely want to extend them, but I can’t help but still feel a tinge of being out-of-place. I guess it’s just it’ll never go back to “what it was,” and that is true of all aspects of my life before my dad passed away, but it seems especially noticeable around the holidays. Probably because of the timing and because Christmas when we were young used to be like the perfect Christmases you’d see on tv. But, yes, going crazy with the gifts is my small way of passing the “old” Christmas on. Everyone says I go overboard and I’m like, this is how it should be! πŸ™‚
        I’m glad you have a gun safe…seems like a good idea. I only had that thought because my friend’s husband bought one and I heard the story of how he convinced her to get this fancy one that he wanted, haha.
        I put the first disk of Parks and Rec on last night while I was wrapping more gifts. It’s fun to re-watch them now that I’m caught up on all the prior seasons…some things are even funnier now that I know the history!

        • Yeah I can understand that. It’s funny when you’re a kid you might appreciate how things are but you’re just like ehh whatever for the most part. And then when you’re an adult, at least this is true for me at least, I want things to be exactly as they were when I was little. The same traditions and even like having the same ornaments or the same big bowl to mix up cookies or something is just so… comforting. Anyway, I’ll let this subject go.
          I think his cousin does appreciate it, he’s so nice and everything, I just don’t want to be annoying, which I have a tendency to be!! Hahaha. It’s not like I want to keep in touch for a bad reason, I just like him and want him to still be around. πŸ™‚
          And yes we definitely needed a safe to well, keep them safe!

  4. I really like how clean your stripes are. Mine never come out that nice and clean so I’m jealous. I think I would have liked them without the presents stamp better but I see what you were going for, present princess. πŸ˜› I like the eating part of holidays and that’s pretty much it. lol I don’t really get presents and have kind of stopped giving them as well. I so identify with Daniel’s cousin and Lesley and her brother’s situation too. With my parents out of the country and my other brother doing his own stuff with his wife, I am kind of alone. (Notice that I am not counting the mooch since I can’t really count on him for much.) Not that I’m complaining–it seems to bother other people more than it bothers me. It actually annoys me how everyone makes such a big deal out of it like I’m sitting alone in a corner crying myself to sleep or something. I actually don’t really care about that part of the “holidays.” This is probably making me sound super anti-social and I think I kind of am on a certain level.

    • Yeah you know, if my parent’s didn’t live around here I wouldn’t do anything either. And maybe you wouldn’t be that into it even if you parents lived close, but I (as you can tell) am. I think if you don’t wanna do holiday stuff, that’s perfectly fine. Things are there if you wanna do em, but if you don’t, that’s ok too. People who want to pressure people into being all holiday spirit and whatnot should know that if they succeed the person is doing it for them, not themselves, so really you aren’t doing anyone any favors. And you’re so right- there are so many delicious things to eat around Christmas and New Years. Since it’s taking me 500 days to respond to comments lately, I’m writing this on New Year’s day and for NYE we had fondue and let me just tell you- it was DELICIOUS!!! Mmmmm. Oh- and thanks about the nails. I liked the base by itself too. It’s a stamp though, not striping tape, did you know that? That’s how they’re so clean. πŸ™‚

  5. Your nails are lovely! Very festive. Sounds like you will have had a great Christmas! Just a shame I’m reading all these Christmassy blogs late as it’s making me miss it all already!

    • Thanks!! Y’know that’s the problem w Christmas- The excitement builds all year long and then it’s over in a flash. The only good thing is that it’s expensive and hectic so I couldn’t afford to have it more than once a year. πŸ˜‰ It’ll be Christmas 2013 before we know it. Heck, they’re already getting Valentine’s Day stuff out… Time flies. πŸ™‚

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