Holly Berry Nails

Hey There Polished People!

My husband was never much into the Christmas spirit before we got together. He was the typical bachelor I suppose, it’s not like he hated Christmas or anything but he just didn’t have any interest in going to see Christmas lights, decorating for Christmas, etc. Well especially since we’ve been married he’s much more festive. He decorates our house with a billion lights (they flash to music, by the way, they’re pretty awesome), helps decorate the tree and participates in all kinds of fun Christmas stuff. Β In fact this year he decided that he wanted to make Christmas cookies. You know, the sugar cookies that you roll out and cut into 40 different Christmas-y shapes and the edges are all unevenly cooked because the shapes are all so different? Yeah, we made those. They actually turned out really well. We decorated some while they were raw and baked the sprinkles in, and then most of them we baked and then iced and decorated. They turned out to be quite delicious! Here are some of the cookies straight out of the oven-


You should have seen us decorating the cookies. My husband in particular was quite dedicated to the perfect application of sprinkles. Check out how he “taped off” parts of the candy cane with an extra piece of dough before it was baked, sprinkled over it and removed it for the perfect lines-


I wish I’d taken pictures of the iced and decorated cookies, but I forgot to do that before I put them in the Tupperware for storage. I couldn’t talk my husband into it (surprise surprise! ha!), but I also did something festive… I painted my nails with a fun holly design. Here they are!

Holly Berry Nails


How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with Essie Good As Gold.
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow your nails to dry thoroughly.
  4. Use NOPI Khloe Had A Little Lam Lam and BM 302 to stamp the holly design on each nail.
  5. Use a dotting tool and a red sparkly polish (I used an old NOPI red glass fleck polish without a sticker on the bottom) to fill in the berries.
  6. Give the berries plenty of time to dry to avoid smearing, then apply a healthy coat of Seche Vite.
  7. Admire your purdy holly berry nails! πŸ™‚

What type of fun, festive holiday stuff have you done this year? Any fun traditions that you and your family participate in? I can’t wait to have kids so I can go on the Polar Express train ride, have them take pictures with Santa, and all those family-type things. There are things adults can participate in that are festive, but sitting on Santa’s lap just aint one of them. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€


17 thoughts on “Holly Berry Nails

  1. Your nails look cute! I’d wish for my hubs not to be so bachelor’d type especially after 12 years together & he’s still just as Scrooge-esk as ever! No lights, fought me tooth & nail on getting a tree & even then I decorated the tree all by my lonesome. Oh well, I haven’t let his Scrooges ways derail me from my festive personality. Good job on your hubs candy cane cookie!

    • Haha well good for you for not letting it stop your fun. πŸ™‚ I suppose if he hasn’t came around by now he’s not going to. What a turd. :p Do you have kids to do fun stuff w you?

  2. Awww thats so sweet he wanted to make christmas cookies and got all into it, especially the sprinkles πŸ™‚ I haven’t baked cookies with my boyfriend yet, but when we got our very first Christmas tree he got SUPER particular about each ornament he put on it. Each placement had to be perfect. It started to drive me nuts, but I stayed in the christmas spirit and accepted it. It must be a guy thing. πŸ˜› I love your holly nails! I haven’t been able to do as much holiday nail art because of my finals/work/holiday stuff ect. I’m living through everyone else’s!

    • Haha that’s so funny when guys are so particular over something you don’t even think they’d care about. It’s cute. πŸ™‚ Daniel isn’t too picky about the decorations exactly, only that we share them like perfectly evenly while we are putting them up.

  3. Wow the lights that go with music is awesome!!
    I really like how your cookies look! I want to make some Christmas treats today or tomorrow to bring to family…
    Great mani too! πŸ˜€

    • Our house is so festive… and a little spazmatic. πŸ™‚ I love it though. My parent’s first got the lights/music thing and then of course I had to have one so my brother got one for me too. We always see cars slow down to watch our lights. It’s really fun. Did you make your Christmas treats? What do you make?

  4. I love making and decorating sugar cookies! How fun. I like how he “taped off” the one for perfect lines. Awww how sweet. Merry Christmas!

  5. I love the nails but to be honest, I love the cookies more! Sounds like you two had fun πŸ˜€

    My nails: well I’ve put on everything that’s on the blog really. But today (Christmas eve) I’m going to be doing another version of the taped Christmas tree I blogged about on my second last post. Just different colours. Thatll be my Christmas mani.

    LMAO I wanted to take photos of santa and us as they’re doing that by the mall but it also wouldn’t be very appropriate hey lmao! Good thing G said no!

    • The cookies were so good!! We have given almost all of them away by now tho. Next year we’ll have to make 2 batches. πŸ™‚ You should have sat on Santa’s lap. He might have liked it! πŸ˜‰

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