Pink Polished Presents

Hey There Polished People!

One thing I really love is when people ask me questions about nails- like “How would you do this?” and send me a pic, or email me and ask a question that you think I’ll know the answer to because I’m such an expert ;) I’m just kidding about the expert part, but I do paint my nails A LOT so I have plenty of experience and will do my best to answer your question. If people stopped interacting- stopped emailing, commenting, following on Instagram and liking my photos, stopped tweeting me and replying to my sarcasm with more sarcasm, blogging just wouldn’t be worth the time. I’d still paint my nails, and maybe post pics here and there on IG and Twitter but the comments and interaction are what make it all worth it. So- thanks to all of you who leave comments and chat with me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook (if I can ever get my FB app to stop crashing I’ll be on there more) and elsewhere. It’s fun chatting about nails and everything else with you all! Today I have some nails that Casey from Everyday Adventures asked me about on Instagram. She’s actually a friend of mine from High School that I got back in touch with via FB and Instagram once we were both done with HS and college. She doesn’t know I have a blog (cuz no on knows I have a blog except for my mom and husband) but if enough of you click that link and check out her blog maybe she will now! Haha. Anyway- she saw this design on Pinterest, asked me how to go about doing it and if I thought she could, and she tried it herself. Hers turned out great! I thought it was a super-cute idea so I gave it a go myself. I’m pretty happy with how they turned out… ready to see?

Pink Polished Presents

NothingElseMetalsAndStripeRitefromBDB2.99 (3)

NothingElseMetalsAndStripeRitefromBDB2.99 (2)

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with Essie Nothing Else Metals. Make sure to leave a little dry time between coats because this polish drags like a… well, you know. :)
  3. Using a light pink striping polish (I used a Stripe Rite striper from, you can find the stripers there in all the colors of the rainbow for 3 bucks!) paint two intersecting lines slightly off-center on each of your nails.
  4. Use the striper or a tiny brush dipped in the same polish to make the bow where the lines intersect.
  5. Optional: If you have a tiny little rhinestone, it would be super cute to place a little rhinestone in the center of the bow.
  6. Apply a coat of Seche Vite over your nails and admire your quick and classy festive nail art!! :D

Aren’t these just too cute? And they were so easy! They probably took me 5 minutes on top of the time it took to paint my nails. I could have taken an extra minute or two to redo a nail or two to make them more perfect and uniform, but I thought they still turned out well. If you’d like to recreate these nails, you can find lots of polishes including but not limited to the Stripe Rite striping polishes at They have lots of nail polish at excellent prices, and currently with the code HolidayTrio you can get $5 off $35, $10 off $60 or $25 off $125. They have new and old collections from brands like China Glaze and Color Club. Let me know if you liked these nails and if you’ve tried anything like them in the comments below! Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D 

**The Stripe Rite polish was provided by for promotional purposes. All expressed opinions are my own. Please see my disclosure page for more info.**

28 thoughts on “Pink Polished Presents

    • A white one is good! But yes I would definitely say you need to increase your collection. I need to increase mine as well. I have an old crusty black and a white that’s on it’s way out. Then a glitter one that I’ve never used and now this one. I want one in every color! :)

  1. Thanks for the link for that etailer – had not herd of that one before. I got turned on about 1.5 yrs ago to Stipe Rite and they are right up my ally for doing my limited nail art things. I have a slew of them – but never picked up this light pink cream one. It looks like perfection over the Essie pink metal…I only picked up the blue one from that Essie group because I feared for the brush strokes showing…I am really anti frosty look – I wore it in the 60’s – that’s all there was for younger gals – frosted pink/white and I think I had some peach and maybe powder blue however no one wore power blue polish then…mostly white and pink. If you wore creams you looked grandma like. The frosts were horrible then for chipping. Once the frosts lost popularity exp in the 80s, I never ever wanted to get frosts again. When OPI first started up it was hard to tell what was frost and what was shimmer – their formulas were really close often and I had to always look at the little codes OPI gave F for Frost and S for shimmers on their brochure that was usually laying around the stores that carried them. I avoided the F like the plague. I still do – I think I wore some frosts in the late 90’s when we started to wear Am. and Fr. manis – there were some sheer frosts that I could tolerate…thinking of some of the Island collections and a few others from the mid to late 90’s that OPI released with shades like that in them. You make me want to go see if I can still find this pinky metallic from this Essie collection just to play with this for holiday, V=-Day manis I can see if working for too.

    • Ooh yeah it’d be perfect for valentines day! I am not a fan of frosts but sometimes I’m like oh no.. I can’t tell the difference between a frost and shimmer maybe I do like them!!! Haha. I don’t have the blue but if I see it I’m getting it. I could really use it for a Christmas manicure for tomorrow. :)

    • Thanks!! And you’re so right. I don’t get those bloggers who take the time to write up the posts but don’t take the time to interact w each other. What a shame.

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  3. Very cute!
    Must avoid link that lead to nail polish…must avoid link that leads to nail polish…yeah, that’s not going to last long! ;)

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