Quick and Easy Snowflake Nails

Hey There Polished People!

I just have a micro post for you all today. Here are some snowflake nails I did a few days ago. They’re stamped over Orly Angel Eyes and the stamp is from the BM 2012 set. I loved these! I wore my snowflake nails when we went and picked out our Christmas tree. It didn’t show while we were out, only rained quite a bit. It was still fun though and we got our best tree yet! Stay turned to Twitter and Instagram for pictures. :) Anyway, here are the nails, I hope you like them! :)

Snowflake Nails

Let me know how your holiday planning is going in the comments below! Till next time- Happy Polishing! :D

26 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Snowflake Nails

  1. I seriously need to get my stamping plates out again, but now that my folks are coming to town for the holidays I’m not sure when I’ll have time to play with them! This is cute combo and this Orly looks so good on you, I was just never impressed with it when I saw it in person… multiple times! IDK what I’m whining about though, I have a love/hate relationship with glitter anyway. lol

  2. Oooh, so pretty!
    Thanks for reminding me that I want Angel Eyes, haha.
    Holiday planning really only means gift buying for me at the moment. It’s going pretty well, but I am still further behind than I’d like. I had trouble getting my ass in gear this year.

    • One word- amazon. Although now it’s getting too late. I have almost all my presents bough, house decorated, tree done tonight, sugar cookies WOULD have been made except that I got distracted and only put in half the flour so I’m going to try to mix the other half in now… Idk if it will turn out but it’s worth a try. :-/

      • Oh, yes, Amazon is definitely my holiday gift savior. Although the bulk of my gifts have been given, it is the day after Christmas and I still have gifts to wrap (for people who live out-of-town that I don’t see as regularly)…whoops!

        • Oh no!!! Wrapping after Christmas? Yuck. I’m so thankful to be done w all of that. Some of the wrapping stuff is still sitting out in the dining room and guess what? That’s going away TODAY. I’m so happy to be done getting things in the mail everyday and trying to stay organized with what I’ve got wrapped and not and where each present goes! I put away like half of my presents the moment I got home last night which is unheard of, I’m just tired of the Christmas clutter.

  3. Here I am again wanting Angel Eyes again. hehe It looks fantastic on you. I was actually going to do something super similar today but went with super red. I think I have an interview on Monday so I can’t even do my nails. :( Poo. I love to see tree pictures so let me know when you put them up so I can go check them out.

    • I’ll let you know for sure :) And I saw your red nails today! They’re pretty. I love those little gleequins you used at the junctions of the lines. So pretty!! I’ll be commenting at some point. :) Why can’t you do your nails at all for the interview? What kind of job is it for? I’ll start looking again after Christmas.

      • I just don’t want to do any nail stuff because I don’t know what the company culture is like for any place I am just interviewing at. Oh my lord I had this one lady contact me and she was being so shady about the job. She wasn’t really telling me what the freaking job was except for vague descriptions and then she said she couldn’t interview me at the place where the job was going to be based for some “political reasons” and her description about where to meet her for the interview made me feel like I was going to wander into some back alley and get murdered. I am not kidding…it was like…”It looks like it’s on this street but it’s actually on this other street–by the train station…” Uhm, I need a job but I don’t need to be on the news for getting murdered, thank you very much. She might have been legit with a real job to offer, but something about the whole situation seemed off so I said no thanks.

        • Yeah good call on that. I read your post and that seemed super shady. It reminds me of some shady interview-type situations I’ve been on. I always remind myself when I am looking for work that interviews aren’t just for the business, they’re also for me to see how my potential boss/coworkers might be. As many weirdo interviewees that there are (which I know you know about!!) there are lots of weird interviewers as well… like ones that want you to take a left at the sleeping bum and meet in the parking lot of the abandoned warehouse. :p

          • Hahaha…yeah. NO ABANDONED WAREHOUSE INTERVIEWS!! One time, I had an agency send me on an assignment to a really ghetto travel agency. The area wasn’t ghetto but the office looked like it was a business drug front. lol The owner put me to organize their databases and I was doing that when I opened a file that ended up being porn. And then the sticky keyboard made me want to hurl on the spot. I asked to go to lunch and never went back. LOL

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