Essence Stamping Plate Review and Comparison

Hey There Polished People!

I recently was perusing the nail polishes at Fred Meyer and picked up an Essence nail stamping plate. It only cost $2.49 and the Essence Stampy Polish (stamping polish) cost the same so for under 5 bucks I thought hey! What a bargain! ๐Ÿ™‚ Here are some nails I did with the Essence stamping plate and then below I’ll review it.


ChG Blue Bells Ring with the Essence stamping plate plaid design over the top in Konad special white polish.

Here is the plate itself. The plates are sold singly and don’t seem to have any identification other than “Essence”

EssencePlateandPolishCompOverAngelEyesEssence Stamping Plate Review


You can see the designs on this plate are a checkers, diagonal stripes, dots with holes, an abstract geometric design and plaid.


Unlike other inexpensive, drugstore-type stamping plates’ full nail designs (like Salon Essentials) these are just wide enough for my nails. ย They’re a little narrow for my thumbs, but for the rest of my fingernails they work perfectly. Essence stamping plate designs are 12mm wide compared to the only 10mm width of the Salon Essentials kit. The 2011 Bundle Monster full nail designs are a little wider than the Essence plate at 13mm and the 2012 Bundle Monster designs are even better at 14mm wide. You may think hm, what difference can aย millimeterย make?? But actually one millimeter’s difference is quite noticeable. If you nails are similar to mine width-wise these plates should work fine for you. You wont have a lot of overlap, but with a careful application they fit like a glove. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Etching Depth/ Clean Stamping Ability:

This Essence stamping plate works great!! It holds the right amount of polish in the recess and the polish comes out cleanly. I didn’t have any problem getting a clean, full stamp from these plates. Just FYI I used my Konad scraper and dual-ended stamper.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

I give this a Yes, Please!! I like the designs on this plate, it worked well for me and it being a little too narrow for my thumb didn’t bother me, because most stamping plates are a little too narrow for them. I am most excited that now nail stamping is getting more accessible! Pretty soon EVERYONE will have these fabulous stamped nails and I wont even be special when I’m out and about with my crazy nails! ๐Ÿ˜€

Essence Stampy Polish Review


The two colors I saw of the Essence Stampy Polish were black and white. At my particular Fred Meyer I didn’t see any other colors. I chose to try white because I find that most black polishes can be used for stamping and white is the real test of quality and opacity.


Unfortunately I was not impressed with the opacity of this Essence Stampy Polish. It applied very smoothly and stayed perfectly within the recesses of the plate, but when I stamped it on my nails it just wasn’t opaque enough for my liking. ย This would be fine to practice your stamping skills with (practice applying, scraping, picking up the design and stamping it on your nail quickly) because it can waste some polish, but as far as using it for nice, final-product stamped nails it’s just not opaque enough.

My index and middle fingers are stamped with Essence Stampy Polish. Ring and pinkie fingers are stamped with Konad special white. The difference in opacity is pretty obvious.

My index and middle fingers are stamped with Essence Stampy Polish. Ring and pinkie fingers are stamped with Konad special white. The difference in opacity is pretty obvious.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

I have to sadly give this a no, thank you. The polish isn’t opaque enough, and until the formula is changed it just doesn’t provide a result I can endorse. If you want to stamp white onto your nails, invest in some Konad special white. ๐Ÿ™‚

Well, I hope this is helpful as more of you see these popping up in store! Essence can be found at Fred Meyer and Ulta in the US. Keep your eye out and let me know what you think when you see them in person! Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! ๐Ÿ˜€


19 thoughts on “Essence Stamping Plate Review and Comparison

  1. i think it worked great in the middle finger, because it was only thin lines, but it didn’t look good on the other finger nail.
    so cool you find this polish.. i will do my nails tonight.. hopefully something that has a xmas spirit.

    • Yeah with the thin lines you couldn’t really tell how thin it was but with the thick lines you sure could. I have got to get some Christmas nails done. It just seems like everything has been done! I need inspiration to strike. ๐Ÿ™‚

        • Oh no!!! Jk. You can be a grinch if you want to, but why don’t you like Christmas? I’ve been trying to do Christmas nails but between being busy and just feeling like everything has been done I’m feeling at a loss. We’ll see if that changes.

          • well.. i don’t like it because when my parents are from Brazil and Colombia, and they didn’t have family here. So most of the time we used to have dinner in a restaurant and go back home early and just go to sleep.. so ONE random xmas, my mum invited a lot of people I didn’t know, just because they were all alone, i was an adolescent and i started to get mad because they never invited people of my age, only old people. And I was a “child” so I had to remain quiet (because adults were speaking), I had to sit in the kid’s table alone with my brother in the kitchen, then stay awake listening to boring strangers stories. Now I recognized that I was being silly right, but I guess I liked more the small xmas dinner with my parents and brother..
            Now I still don’t like xmas, and this year we’re spending xmas night with STRANGERS again..

            I think it is silly, but it bothers me.. I know it is weird, but I guess I’ll feel like when I was a kid.. don’t knowing what to say and wait for the whole night to be over.. the worst part: we’re having a secret santa that I organized online, just to please my mum.. Thankfully I know my secret santa, so it won’t be awkward telling stuff about a stranger. My husband got one of the strangers name, I guess he’s buying him a polo shirt or something like that.

  2. Unfortunately we don’t get any of this stuff at Ulta, but I usually get the Konad stamping polish for around the same price on amazon so I guess it’s not that big of a deal. I think I would be interested in the plates but only if the designs were different from other plates I already have. Thanks for reviewing these! I had seen stuff about them online and was curious about them.

    • You get your konad polish for 2.50?!? Oh my gosh please tell me how you find them!! I have resorted to buying mine from the mall to make sure I get the plain roundish bottles which I’m HOPING have the good old formula. I agree about these plates… They’re good but so far the designs are basic. But hey- if you don’t have any plates I’d snatch this one up in a hurry! I was impressed w the quality.

    • I love the color but the clean up is atrocious! It bleeds all over as soon as the acetone hits it and stains my skin a little and just… Yikes! It’s soo pretty tho!!

  3. I didn’t know that Essence had plates and stamping polishes. It’s cool that they’re becoming more mainstream, although I wouldn’t worry too much about stamping itself becoming more mainstream…there is some skill required! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I think the designs are pretty basic, but it’d be a good buy to try out of curiosity because you can’t beat the price! And seriously hit up Amazon for the Konad special polishes…I got mine for uber-cheap on there, too.

    • Ughh I did check out amazon but I can’t find the colors and type of polish that I want. I’m clearly missing something. What’s wrong w me?!? Although- I think my husband got me some polishes last night when he went out shopping so… Fingers crossed!! The only colors I really feel like I NEED in konad are white yellow and grey. The others work fine. Don’t get me wrong, if I had, say a billion dollars, I’d get em all but so far… no such luck! ;p And yeah these are basic but if I didn’t have any plates (and obviously even tho I do!) I’d buy these for sure. At least this one for the stripes and plaidish design and checkers. Stamping does take a little skill although you’d never know by how some people talk about it!

      • Actually, now that you mention it, I only bought Konad white & black off of Amazon, so maybe it is harder to find the other colors. No matter, because Daniel pulled through! ๐Ÿ˜›

        • Yes he did!! He just gave the lady at the mall my list and was like “this is what I need.” Haha. She gave him SILVER tho instead of grey so I’ll have to return that one but that’s ok. I was very happy to get my black white and yellow. And actually my brother and sister in law got me neither white (always good) and a pink. I’m set for a while I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

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