Day 30: Inspired By A Tutorial- Flash Comic Nails

Hey There Polished People!

When I was trying to figure out which tutorial to use for this post I was a little stumped. This sounds like my LAST challenge post, huh? Anyway, after looking at a bunch of tutorials, I asked my husband what type of nails I should do and for whatever reason he was like, “Do Flash nails, he’s a comic book character.” So I Googled Flash. He’s a comic book super hero that I guess moves really super lightning fast and wears a rather creepy red leotard with a yellow lightning bolt on the front. Then I just happened to see a TUTORIAL (ahhhh! angels singing) of a double lightning bolt on Nailside so yayyyyy! That’s what I did. Click here to see the Nailside tutorial that I followed. Ready to see my rendition?

Flash Nails

BigAppleRedGoodAsGoldKennebunk-PortFlashNails (2)


BigAppleRedGoodAsGoldKennebunk-PortFlashNailsHow To Get These Nails:

  1. Follow this tutorial. πŸ™‚Β 
  2. I used OPI Big Apple Red for the main color, Essie Good As Gold for the lightning bolt and OPI Kennebunk-port for the bottom part. You can’t see the color difference as well as I’d hoped but oh well, I was still pretty happy.

How do you like these nails? Are you a fan or foe of tape manis? Some people have a really hard time with them, and I understand. Sometimes they just don’t want to cooperate. I think the key is using Seche Vite or some other high-quality quick dry topcoat and giving plenty of dry time.

If you know who Flash is, do you think these are ok? My husband told me that if I was going to do two-toned red nails with a gold (not yellow) lightning bolt I couldn’t call them “Flash” nails because the colors were wrong and it’s illegal. :p He can be such a turd, even though he was kidding. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, let me know what you think and don’t forget to check out which tutorial Cynthia used today!! One more day to go in our challenge! As always, thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing! πŸ˜€



20 thoughts on “Day 30: Inspired By A Tutorial- Flash Comic Nails

  1. This looks great – I am not very good at bolts and star graphics but will give this a try. I adore Kennybunkport – it was my go to winter red for about 4-5 yrs (until the OPI Toyland collection came out and I fell hard for Little Red Wagon. Too bad the difference in the 2 reds does not show up that much…but I get the idea and it’s fun to use 2 different reds with some sort of ‘break’ between then…I am thinking I will pull it off with these same 2 shades of red. i don’t have the essie but I will find something I have to use.

    • Oh yeah you could even use yellow and then you’re be using the “right color” haha. Someone else was just telling me about Little Red Wagon. Now I have to look for it for sure!!! I bet your nails will turn out great! This was a fun, easy manicure. πŸ™‚

  2. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with tape manis. Sometimes they come out fine and other times they are disastrous. I like how these turned out and I like seeing red on your nails two days in a row! I just tried recreating the tutorial I was going to use on a nail wheel, and it looks like barf city so I had to search for another one…of course I am way behind again. *sigh* Not to mention that when I woke up this morning, there was a mess in the kitchen even though I thoroughly cleaned everything last night before I went to bed. Why does my brother make a mess at 3 am every night? Is it that hard to clean up? I just want to kill him. Anyway, yes–these look cool and I can’t wait for Friday…WE ARE ALMOST THERE.

    • He just must get hungry and then is too tired to clean up…? Like its so late that after using all his energy to eat he’s just pooped. Poor baby! :p You should wake him up and make him get up and clean the kitchen. Somehow though I don’t see him waking right up and I don’t see you leaving your kitchen dirty to wait for him. Failed plan.
      What tutorial were you gonna try?? Your Santa nails turned out really cute!!! They’re not at all what I’d expect from you but w your abundance of Christmas cheer (maybe it’s just challenge ending cheer??) I guess anything is possible! They looked great tho!! People are gonna love them.

      • Yes, he must be emotionally and mentally wiped out by opening up ramen bags. He left ramen bags and dried noodle bits all over the counter and floor. He also decided to make Kool Aid and then left Kool Aid stains to really permeate my off white counter tops. HE IS THE REASON I WANT TO TAKE UP DRINKING. But hey, I went and got a haircut today so at least I did something nice for myself. He woke up today at 4:00 pm. 4:00PM!!!!!!! I am getting so pissed at his laziness. I mean, if I was living with my brother and he was basically financially supporting me, the least I would do is clean up after myself, you know? He just doesn’t get it. Just wait until I decided to kick him out…boy will he realize how good he had it. Ok, I’m going to stop complaining about my bro now.

        The first tutorial I was going to try was this fish/mermaid scales thing that you do with dots just layering them. I don’t know if it was the colors I used, but it just looked super muddled and I hated it. I think some of my nail designs are so unlike me lately but I am kind of enjoying being in the holiday spirit since I never really am. lol I hope it lasts past the end of this challenge. hahahaha

        • Hahaha sorry about your brother troubles. Yeah I would think the least he could do would be to clean up after himself. Maybe you need to have a chat. I know what nails you’re talking about… it’s too bad they didn’t turn out. Hopefully you didn’t do like an entire hand before you realized you didn’t like it. I bet that took a long time. I get sick of nail art that takes like 6+ colors. It’s so slow going if you don’t wanna leave all your nail polishes open to dry out and get nasty for 30+ minutes. I think you made the right decision tho… I bet you’ll get a lot of traffic for them. Tis the season! πŸ˜‰

    • I have Wonder Woman nails in my head so I’m definitely gonna do more super-hero nails in the future. Probably after Christmas tho. Anyway- thanks about these nails! Glad you liked em!!

  3. This is great! I’m not familiar with “flash” so when I first saw these I immediately thought of the 80’s and big super permed/crimped hair. I dunno why lol.
    Btw I’m one of those people who just can’t do tape manis. I need to practice more…especially on my patience…

    • Haha I feel ya on the patience part. I mess up tape manis all the time because of that. I’m like oh I think it’s dry… riiiiip well, there goes my polish. And then I wish for death. This does invoke a bit of 80ness somehow, doesn’t it? All you need is a crimper and some slouch socks and you’re good to go!

  4. This post is cracking me up!
    So it wasn’t Wonder Woman, but I was on the right track! I know who The Flash is, so I understood your interpretation right away. Daniel is being quite too literal.
    “And then I wish for death.” LOL!
    And Cynthia, I just want to say that my brother ALWAYS, without fail, leaves his nasty scrambled-egg-encrusted pan in the sink (along with all of his other dishes). I don’t know what this kid does when he’s making freaking eggs. Then when I inevitably end up washing it, every single time I think about how you would understand.
    I had a harder time with my brother when he was younger. I could yell all I wanted, but it didn’t matter. Thankfully some maturity set in at some point. Maybe it was his girlfriend, but he’s still doing OK in that dept. and it’s been about a year since they broke up. However, does he clean, anything, ever? No.

    • You were definitely on the right track! I’m glad I could amuse you!!! Haha. Daniel’s a weirdo. I’m assuming you’re laughing cuz he was appalled at my creative liberties. :p Man you guys have messy brothers! Haha. I’m somewhat embarrassed to say this but I think I’m messier than my brother. He at least pretends to he a neat freak but actually when he lived at home, he ever did dishes so ha! I’m cleaner than Michael!!! πŸ˜€

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