Essence Flame Fatal Swatch and Review

Hey There Everyone!

Today I have another new Essence polish to share with you. Remember how I don’t like reds but I’m trying to change that? Well this polish is starting to make that change happen. Wanna see it? I’m going to assume that was a “yes.”

Essence Flame Fatal


Essence Flame Fatal is a fiery red. It dries slightly darker than in the bottle is and pretty much the exact color of Heinz ketchup. I love it!


Wow wow wowwwwww. This formula is awesome. This polish could definitely be a one-coater, but I wore two because I usually wear three so even wearing two was weird for me, haha. This polish dries super fast and the best part is that it dries glassy hard and smooth like Seche Vite. I am not kidding. If you want a no-fuss red, get this NOW. I have never had a polish that dries in such a way that I think, Hm maybe I don’t need topcoat.. until I wore this polish. Now, did I still add a coat of Seche Vite? Yes. But when you get this polish, and you really should, you’ll see what I mean. It was AMAZING.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

YES, PLEASE! Get this polish. Essence Flame Fatal‘s ketchup-y goodness and absolutely stellar formula must be experienced by all. You can find Essence polishes at Fred Meyer, Ulta, HEB, Shoppers and Pharmaprix. Do yourself a favor and go find this polish. You wont regret it. πŸ™‚

If I named this polish I would call it: Meatloaf Topper- Do Not Lick

Are you a red lover? Many of your are, and you’re slowly turning me on to the dark side! This is the second red that I’ve worn recently. You’ll see the other one soon enough. Are you going to go look for this polish? I sure hope you are! At under two bucks a bottle you just really can’t go wrong. As always, thanks for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€

**Products in this post were provided by PR for honest review**

13 thoughts on “Essence Flame Fatal Swatch and Review

  1. Well, looky here, our lil’ Nicole is all growed up! So proud of her new red polish affinity.
    Meatloaf Topper – LOL! YES! Now I want meatloaf.

    • I know, huh?!? This and Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ are my two favorite reds, currently. I’m working on it! πŸ™‚ And the desire for meatloaf is a requirement after reading this post. Mmmmm. :p

    • You’re welcome! Your manis are awesome and just my style. In fact I recently recreated two of them- the coral and taupe ones and the neon yellow, black and white triangle tape mani nails. I changed them up slightly but they’re pretty much a direct rip off. You’ll see my pingback when they post. πŸ™‚ And- those some e cards you posted were hilarious!

  2. You are so grown up now, Nicole. Look at you wearing red. πŸ˜› I have this polish but I don’t think I have worn it yet–it looks great! Uhm, and can I just say that the new name is awesome?! YESSSSS! Now I want meatloaf but after what happened to me yesterday because of eating so much beef, I won’t go there. In a nutshell, I went to lunch with my friend to Lucille’s BBQ and we had beef ribs. I had not eaten since late lunch the day before so I was STARVING. So starving turned into an all out pigfest and then I got sick. Oh, so sick. I was practically crying on my drive home because something wicked was happening in my stomach. I was literally crying and sweating. I got the bad meat sweats. Anyway, I haven’t eaten anything since lunch yesterday besides some saltines and ginger ale. See what story your meatloaf comment coaxed from me? Ugh…yeah, definitely TMI.

    • Ew bad meat sweats?? Yikes!!! That doesn’t sound good at all. Sorry you OD’d on meat. Maybe I’m immune to that cuz I can happily NOT relate. Haha. Sorry tho! I hope you’re feeling better by now.
      Geez you and Lesley both saying the same thing… Stop ganging up on me!! Jk. πŸ™‚ I love this color! If you have it you need to dig it out lady!! I think I might make meatloaf for tomorrow night’s dinner. I would tonight except Daniel had a basketball game at like 9:20!!! Who plays that late???

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