ChG Glitter All The Way and OPI Black Spotted

Hey There Polished People!

Today I’m finally going to share with you a legit review of both ChG Glitter All The Way and OPI Black Spotted. Are you excited? I am. I really love both of these, although I’m not convinced I’ve found their ‘just right’ applications yet. They look cool together though. Shall we get started?

China Glaze Glitter All The Way




Glitter All The Way is a mixture of green, gold, purple and red small glitter in a clear base. The colors that are most prominent to me are green and purple. In real life the green particularly jumps out at you.


China Glaze can not go wrong with these small glitter polishes. The coverage is good- it can be a topcoat at one coat, it can be opaque at about 3, and they dry smooth for a glitter. This is my favorite glitter formula out of any polish. No dabbing, no super-gritty texture, no annoying bald spots. It’s great.

Yes, Please! or No Thank You:

Yes, PLEASE!! I am glad I got this glitter. It’s maybe less traditionally Christmas-y than other polishes because it has the purple in there but I like it! How many green and red and gold glitters do you possibly need?! People have said it will be perfect for Mardi Gras as well and they’re right. It’s a pretty color for the holidays, pretty for Mardi Gras, good formula, go get it!

Now what could make this pretty polish better? Well, possibly OPI Black Spotted!Β 

OPI Black Spotted

Black Spotted over ChG Glitter All The Way


Black Spotted over ChG Glitter All The Way


This polish is a never-before-seen mix of red, blue, green and magenta. Just kidding- it’s black, people! OPI Black Spotted is a black topcoat that, as it dries, reveals holes that allow a base color of polish to show through. You paint your nails with the under-color, allow it to dry completely, brush on the Black Spotted and wait till that dries, revealing the holes or “spots” and then apply topcoat as usual. It creates a cool melty/spotty effect.


OPI Black Spotted is only to be used as a topcoat, of course, so it’s a little thin but goes on smooth. It’s not the consistency of regular polish; it seems much more watery. If you apply a thick layer you will only have a couple of larger “spots” where the polish separates leaving the under-color exposed, but if you apply it thinly you will have lots of smaller “spots,” or holes. For these nails I applied it quite thickly, and wish I’d done it a little more thin so I’d have more holes where the glitter polish would show through. An important note about this polish is that it doesn’t react the same as regular polish with acetone or nail polish remover so you want to be really careful to keep this off of your cuticles. The first time I used it (just playing around) I applied it really sloppily and it was HARD to get off my cuticles. I had to use a scratchier brush than usual and really rub at the polish to get it off my skin. It’s not impossible to remove if you act quickly, but it’s much more difficult than regular nail polish.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Well here’s the catch… I give this a Yes, Please! because it’s a cool revamp of the crackle phenomenon and looks pretty neat over a contrasting polish. However- unless you live in Europe or have a nice European friend who will send you this, you can’t get it in the US. I live in the US but won a contest on Sabrina’s blog, Polish In ParisΒ and that’s how I was able to obtain it. I haven’t heard anything about them releasing this in the US (I do not know why) but I wouldn’t be surprised it we see this sooner rather than later. It’s a cool product and I wish I could tell you all to run out and grab it! If you have access, definitely do! πŸ™‚

I actually get quite a few Β views from lots of other countries than the US so I hope some of you can find OPI Black Spotted! To everyone- do you have any of the ChG Holiday Joy collection? What is your favorite or most anticipated holiday collection this year? Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!! πŸ˜€


16 thoughts on “ChG Glitter All The Way and OPI Black Spotted

  1. I really like the effect. Thanks for swatching the Spotted. I’ve seen it on Pinterest before, but it was an OPI pin so of course it was perfectly edited. Nice to see it in real life. Shame that it isn’t sold in the US. I would’ve picked up a bottle. womp womp.

    • Hey maybe it’ll be here sometime. I can’t imagine they would just never introduce it here but who knows. Yeah it’s kinda unpredictable but I bet after I use it more I’ll get the hang of it. πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • Not unpredictable at all! I find that companies always vamp up their ads. Good to see what it really looks like. Take the new Sally Hansen duochromes… Ad makes it look like a rainbow exploded in the bottle and in real life they aren’t that impressive. LOL πŸ˜‰ thanks for responding!

        • Ugh I totally know what you mean. I hate when I see something that’s like totally blow your socks off awesome and then you get it home and are like huh?? Did they edit this picture or have some sort of special lighting or what?! Also this is just a suspicion but I swear sometimes companies release promo pictures w a different formula (probably more expensive and therefor more wow-worthy) and then change it to something less exciting when they mass produce it. I hope I’m wrong but there have been a few that I think that happened w.

          • I think you’re right. Either that or they just vamp up the colors in the ad to make you drool. I’m gonna have to do a comparison post about those duochromes. I bought a few and when I tried them, I was like… O…K…. so where’s the duochrome here? lol… shame. I was so dang excited about those.

            • If you’re talking about the ones I’m thinking of, I have Lava and it’s pretty cool although I have to say not quite like they advertised. I’ve been kinda over duochromes for that exact reason.

  2. I like how Glitter All The Way looks on you! I haven’t been that jazzed about it, but now I kinda am. πŸ˜‰ Those sugary ChG glitters are amazing.
    I know that crackle is so “out,” but I still like it, so I would pick up Black Spotted if it happened to come around. I’ve organized my “toppers” (glitters, flakies, crackles, etc.) into one drawer so that I can pick embellishments as needed, haha, and I’m liking that a lot.
    My holiday collection picks this year were from Zoya Ornate (I got four of them) and KB Shimmer (I got two, but kinda wish I’d gotten more :p).

    • Ughhh KB Shimmer!!! I want some of their polishes so bad. I might ask my mom if I can get some from her for me for Christmas. Idk what it is about them but I just love their glitters. They’re just like super glittery but somehow clean looking. I just really like them. πŸ™‚ I can’t hardly wait till Christmas so I can get my “melmers”. I got them on Black Friday (for me from my mom) so it’s just killing me knowing that they’re coming but I have to wait! I’m asking for a lot of organizational stuff for Christmas so I’m hoping to really have a nice craft/nail polish room by mid-January. πŸ™‚ Wish me luck! Haha.

  3. I like the look with OPI on top! Rocks!!!

    We don’t get CG here but the glitter you have is my FAV from their holiday collection, SO MUCH so that I went to track down something similar. I used it for the retake of my jelly sandwich last weekend Sunday. It’s just an awesome glitter & the multi colours DO remind me of Christmas!!

    Um… I don’t think we’ll get of this OPI hey. Haven’t seen anything about it on their SA FB page but it’s cool so the trend should pick up, if not by them, from someone here in SA. It like crack upgraded 1.0.1. My mother will FREAK for this hey! She’d love it!

    • Is your mom a big fan of crackle nail polish?? This is a cool polish for sure so I hope you’re right and lots of companies pick up this formula and dupe it. I’m sure that will happen eventually, it seems to always happen- just look at the 8 billion flaky topcoats out there now. πŸ™‚

    • This glitter is really pretty and I just LOVE the formula. The only thing that could have made it better is a little of their scattered holographic glitter in there. THAT would have been super duper pretty! πŸ™‚

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