Super 80s Nails

Hey There Polished People!

I showed you all my pumpkin pie nails on Thanksgiving but the nails I actually wore on Thanksgiving were a little different. When my cousin saw them he was like, “Whoa, those are some NAILS!” And my girl cousins wanted to look at them and ask how they were done. I didn’t go with anything Thanksgiving-y, instead I was in the mood for something super bright and cheerful. They ended up being quite 80s-rific but that wasn’t my intention. Ready to see em?

Super 80s Nails



I apologize for the awkward lighting and pose. These nails made it through Black Friday with me and I had to take a quick picture before taking my nap on Friday morning so the lighting left a bit to be desired.

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails white (you need some undies to make your neon polish pop). I used ChG White on White.
  3. Freehand the stripes (alternatively you can tape them off if you’d like) with ChG Flip Flop Fantasy and ChG Turned Up Turquoise. You don’t need to worry about them being too perfect because the stamping will hide most imperfections in the lines.
  4. Once your stripes are done, apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. When your nails are dry, using BM 201 and Konad special black polish to stamp on the chevron design.
  6. Apply your final coat of Seche Vite and catch everyone’s eyes. 😉

What did you do with your nails for Thanksgiving (if you’re in the US)? How was your holiday? Did any of you go shopping on Black Friday? Let me know! As always, thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!!! 😀

23 thoughts on “Super 80s Nails

  1. Looks great – I did nothing with my fingers for turkey day – I had so much cooking I was doing with a community feed for folks like me fighting cancer and we all got together were we would be safe from healthy folks germs. I did do my toes in OPI DS Luxurious with a little extra gold shimmer over that and a Stripe Rite thin edge of gold metallic on each toe tip. This looks great. Thanks for telling exactly how and what you made this with.

    • Thanks! That sounds like a nice get together. I’m sorry to hear about you having cancer, but I’m glad it sounds like you have some supportive friends or groups to be a part of. I forgot that when you’re having radiation or chemo you can’t be around people because of your suppressed immune system. I bet your little toes do look cute 🙂 Isn’t it amazing what you can do w nothing but a striper? I love them!

  2. My “Thanksgiving” mani was ChG Desert Sun with ChG I Herd That! on the index and ChG Tarnished gold (crackle) on the ring. I loved it. I tried to keep my nails a bit longer, so it unfortunately chipped like crazy. 😦
    Thanksgiving was OK. I went to my boss’ (which I have for the past 5 years), but my brother had to work, so that was kind of a bummer. When I got home I did my nails while my brother and I watched a Star Trek The Next Generation marathon, which was a lot more fun than it sounds. I worked on Friday, but it was kind of nice because it was so quiet and I was able to catch up on some stuff that’s been lingering, and I got to see my best friend for dinner. Then I went to Monterey on Saturday and Sunday to visit my friend and we had a good time.
    And HELL NO, I did not go shopping on Black Friday!
    I Love the 80s! 😉

    • Your nails sound so cute!! Why didn’t we see a picture? Or did I just miss it. I feel like I’ve been missing on twitter lately. I don’t even have any blog posts scheduled out! Yikes! Anyway your thanksgiving sounds nice, too bad your brother couldn’t go. I’m not a Star Trek fan but when I can sit down and really pay attention and watch like a whole series of something I like pretty much anything. 🙂 Last year Daniel got all the planet of the apes movies and we watched those marathon style over a couple of days after Christmas and it was really fun. Despite the effects leaving a bit to be desired, the movies are really good!

      • what’s a bm set????
        The only ones I can get is by essence, but I’d have to ask a friend in the city to get that and post it to me.
        Then I can get salon express one online… I told Cynth about that and she said she doesn’t personally know but has heard that it’s pretty small and should look for reviews on that rather. I have and everyone comments about the great service from the company not the damn product!!!!! so must maybe just google independent reviews on that product

        • I have the salon express one and you don’t want that. It’s good for super beginners but you need a Bundle Monster (BM) set. Idk if you can order from amazon but bundle monster has a website you can order from too. They have 25 plate sets w tons of designs and they work super well. I haven’t seen the essence ones. That’s awesome they’re making some too!!

          • I’m reading SE reviews now. Everyone says the stamp is great, the scraper sucks and then the plates are alright. Comes with small designs and then a plate with whole nail designs which are pretty small that this one woman compared to her BM plate.
            There’s a KAND stamping set here as well but can’t find any independent reviews.

            Don’t know if I can buy on amazon. Think you need a credit card/paypal. Let me go look

            • Ok i can’t find BM stamps. Amazon only has the plates… the 25 plate yumminess!!!
              I don’t have a stamp. So looking on BM site now… otherwise I may have to get the SE one so i can have an actual stamp to use and then work on getting plates as i go along.
              To be continued

  3. I slacked majorly last week I still had my snow mani on from the nail challenge, I had a nice Thanksgiving. I went out Thursday at 7 till about midnight, came home to nap back out at 7 till about noon, was an exhausting day but I got a lot done!

    • Oh boy you did have a busy night! That’s nice you got a long nap in there although Im sure it wasn’t that long once you get home, calm down, get to bed, get up… I went out at midnight and came back at noon. It was a lonnnnngggggg night for the both of us! I got a lot done too though so yay for that! 🙂

        • Good for you! No I didn’t. I got all the obvious things that I needed and things that I HAD to get cuz they were actually on a super good sale and now I’m kinda waiting to decide other things to get for sure and most of my stuff I already know where to get it for a good price. I might have ordered it yesterday to see if there were extra good deals but I need to wait for a new paycheck. Haha.

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