Interlocking Dots Clown Pants Nails

Hey There Polished People!

Remember back when I did the interlocking dots nails for polka dots day? Well, when I did those nails what you saw was my second attempt. I tried the interlocking dots design before but didn’t quite feel satisfied with my color choices. Someone on Twitter said they look like clown pants. You know what… they were right!! Below you will find my first ever interlocking dots nails, aka: clown paints nails. 🙂

Clown Pants Interlocking Dots Nails

If you would like to see how to do these nails you can find the link in my previous interlocking dots post. The colors I used here were Essence Litttle Miss Sunrise and Finger Paints Tangerine Tint. You can see that in this first attempt I didn’t place the dots properly so you can still see some of the diagonal line between the two colors. For my first try, I still was mostly happy with them at the time.

How do you like this version of these nails? Do you think they look like clown pants? 🙂 Let me know! Thanks for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

21 thoughts on “Interlocking Dots Clown Pants Nails

  1. Hehe they are a bit clowny but they remind of like when you ice a cake then it dribbles down the sides but your nails is like a 3D art, which way is it dribbling, up or down. I really like it and am saving this to try!!!!

    • Awesome I can’t wait to see your rendition. I totally get the dripping illusion you’re talking about. I would like to do some drippy nails sometime… I guess I know how to do them now!

  2. I’m with Amanda…clowns scare the shit out of me ever since I watched IT when I was a kid. Why did my parents let me watch crazy movies when I was a kid??? I tried doing these interlocking dots thing once before and they did not come out at all. It was a big fat fail but I guess I’ll just have to try it again some time. I’m not a fan of the color combo on this but I do like the design.

    • Yeah in my head I was like I like orange!! And I like yellow!! Let’s combine them!! But then it was kinda iffy together. Whatever, it happens. 🙂 That’s funny that your parents let you watch all that scary stuff cuz when I was little I wasn’t even allowed to watch MTV! OR the Simpsons!! No joke. My dad apparently HATED them! The first music video I ever snuck a peek at was Last Dance With Mary Jane, which scared the crap out of me and I was like “This is why I’m not supposed to watch themmmmm!!!!” Hahaha.. I was such a dorky and scaredy cat child… I guess there are some things I haven’t totally grown out of. :p

      • LOL!!! Oh brother…my mom let us watch whatever we wanted which I think was a good and bad thing. I don’t think little kids need to be watching Hellraiser or Night Of The Living Dead, but I was also not so scared of stuff. I think I kinda grew up a little wild in the sense that I did a lot of stuff that normally scares/scars kids but now I’m like a total weirdo. Mexican culture revolves a lot around religious/pagan stuff so my mom was always telling us crazy stories about the devil and evil spirits and all that super scary stuff to a 5 year old. LOL I kid her about that now because really…what was she thinking??? My youngest brother grew up so different–he wasn’t exposed to too much craziness…not that that has helped him much. haha

        • That is funny! You Mexican people are tough!! Haha. I was seriously the scaredest (technical term) kid ever! Scared of a fire, scared to cross the street (still am)… just everything. And the stupid thing is I had absolutely NO reason to be! My parents were perfectly normal, nice but not totally sheltering, just perfect. I think I just have a bit of an anxiety issue. Whatever. You stick w your scary movies and I’ll stick with… um… word games. :p

          • Pfft. I think I mentioned this on my blog before, but I found a dead body when I was a kid and wasn’t even freaked out or anything…it was just weird. I just remember feeling like I didn’t understand why the man was dead…but it didn’t like scare me. My mom tried to shelter us a lot from outside stuff yet still let us watch these horrible things on TV…go figure!

            • I don’t remember reading that!! I don’t know if that would have freaked me out or not. My fears were like ridiculous ideas I just couldn’t get out of my head. I still have then sometimes like when someone goes on a trip I just keep thinking that they’re gonna get in an accident or something. One night I was up all night thinking about how sad it will be when the dogs die and just all this crazy stupid stuff. I need a tranquilizer. And a regular job. Haha.

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