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It is probably no surprise to most of you that I’m a big fan of Badger Balm. I love the original Healing Balm, I love the Cheerful Mind Balm, the Stress Soother, the Headache Balm, the Bug Repellent Balm, the Sleep Balm… and more I’m sure that I’ve forgotten about. I love their products. They’re all natural and smell wonderful and do a great job. I have never been disappointed with a product of theirs. Ever.

Today I have a review of their new Lip Tint & Shimmer in ‘Garnet’. Each of the Lip Tint & Shimmers are a double-ended stick contains one mineral tint (Garnet, Rose Tourmaline, Red Jasper or Copper) and one Opal shimmer- two for one! Who doesn’t love that?! ;) Also this product is 94% USDA Certified Organic and is full of great ingredients like olive oil, aloe and Fair Trade Certified Cocoa Butter. There’s no added fragrance so if that’s a problem for you, you wont have to worry about that either. I’m not usually one to be a big natural products junkie, I just use what works and what I like but Badger really makes stuff that works and doesn’t make you feel or smell like you’re using hippy-approved natural products. Plus, I mean really, with all the things we put in and on our bodies- we’d all be a lot healthier if we had the stringent standards of Badger. Anyway- in a nutshell- Badger products including but not limited to this Lip Tint & Shimmer are good for you and just plain good. Actually- great. :) Let’s take a look at this stuff, shall we?

Badger Lip Tint & Shimmer in Garnet

From left to right the swatches above are: Shimmer over the Garnet Tint, Garnet Tint alone, and finally the Opal Shimmer alone.

This is the Opal Shimmer over the Garnet Tint

This is the Opal Shimmer alone.


Garnet Lip Tint & Shimmer is a shimmery plum-red hue. When combined with the opal shimmer, which is how I prefer to wear it, it’s a soft rose color on me. It can be built up to a medium plum/brick red by itself. The opal shimmer is a very light pink shimmer, and can be built up for a pale lip.

Texture/ Application:

The texture of the Garnet¬†Lip Tint & Shimmer is a little more coarse than a lip balm product, and more similar to a lipstick than a tubed lip balm. The application is fine out of the tube, but I would use a lip brush to apply the shimmer over the tint because the slightly coarse texture tends to pull the tint off the lip while applying the shimmer straight from the tube. If you do not want to layer them, then you’ll have no problem applying it from the tube.


This product wears much longer than a tubed lip balm. It’s definitely a lipstick in a balm’s clothing. ;) It’s not a 24-hour product but it definitely wears for a long time. Also, what I really appreciated about it is that it didn’t wear down to that gross gummy residue in the corners of my mouth like some balm-ish products do. And it left my lips feeling so nice and soft! It’s not greasy and seems to kind of “sink in” quickly while leaving the color.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

This is a Yes, Please! for me. I like the color I tried, I like the Opal shimmer, I like how it makes my lips feel and I love that it’s a natural product by one of my favorite brands- Badger. The only downside to this product is that the tint side is a little earthy smelling, I’m sure it’s the scent of the mineral used for the coloring combined with the olive oil and beeswax, but I think it could benefit from the addition of some peppermint oil or citrus oil of some sort. Luckily the scent is really subtle so after you apply it you never smell it while it’s on. That’s a pretty petty complaint but… hey, just something I noticed! Haha. This is a great product so if you’re looking for a healthy, moisturizing lip product with some long-wearing color to it… this is for you! :) You can find Badger products in natural food stores, some drugstores and on their website. Click here to go¬†directly to their website. I definitely recommend their Healing Balm as well as anything else that sounds intriguing to go along with your Lip Tint & Shimmer. ;)

Are you a fan of Badger Balm and other Badger products? Have you ever used their lip products? Also unrelated to the product itself, but if you have friendly suggestions to improve future makeup post pictures please help a girl out. :) As always- thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

**The product reviewed in this post was provided for honest review by PR. If you have any questions you can visit my contact info and disclosure page**

8 thoughts on “Badger Lip Tint & Shimmer

    • You have got to try them! I’m always raving about the balms on Twitter so when this came out I was like heck yeah I’ll give it a try. ;) It’s fun that it has the two options. :)

  1. I haven’t tried Badger, either. I’m wondering about the availability of it around here…I see a lot of Burt’s Bees, but not so much Badger. Maybe I need to look harder! Anyway, I would definitely check out this product, it sounds like it’d be right up my alley!
    Also, just FYI, when I just saw the pics, my first thought was, “I wish my lips looked like that!” ;)

    • Yeah I do see Burt’s Bees all over and not Badger. I’ve ordered most of my Badger stuff but I have found it in some stores just randomly like the healing balm at some sort of farm store or in a Cracker Barrel gift shop on vacation. I wish they were more easily found. Im about to place a new order for the Healing Balm and Sleep Balm and probably an extra Healing Balm. They give you free shipping on orders over 20 or 25 so its pretty convenient to order from them.
      Your lips can look like that too if you get the badger lip stuff! Haha. I wore it fairly sheer cuz I don’t do “lipstick”. Unless you meant the shape… I don’t think it’ll change the shape of your lips, it’s not THAT magical. Haha. Thank you. :)

  2. The first time I ever heard about Badger stuff was here on your blog. I’d have to see and smell stuff in person because, as you know, I am a total freak when it comes to scents. Speaking of scents, I took a shower in the AM and put on some Armani Code perfume…after a couple of hours I got a headache and I realized it was one of my scent headaches so I had to take another shower to get the perfume scent off.

    I’ve been using less and less lipsticks unless they are super sheer like NARS Dolce Vita. Back in September, I got my Sephora b-day gift which was a mini duo of the Fresh lip treatments. I am not obsessed with them but they are crazy pricey and they always seem to melt and break in the tube. I am not a fan of that. Maybe I’ll give these a try!

    • Badger Balm is the best!!! Seriously- love it. For everything. :) If you can find these around you should give em a little whiff and try them. They’re sheer like you’re saying which is the only way I can wear lipstick of any kind. I look like a kid playing w her moms makeup when I wear legit lipstick. :( I know this because when ulta had their B2G2 sale w 5 off 10 and a free lotion I got three eyeliners and a lipstick and…. nope! Not gonna work. I so wanted it to tho! Anyway- if you try this lmk what you think. The smell is very faint so I don’t think it’d bug you. I guess you’ll have to sample the balms though before you try them because the healing balm has a wintergreen scent and I think minty smells can really set off sensitivities. :(

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