Royal Stamped Nails

Hey There Polished People!

I think I already told you all this, but Cynthia from Of Life and Lacquer was so sweet and sent me my first two Sation polishes, which I LOVE!! One of the polishes she sent me was Rock A Guy Blue which is a really pretty deep blue. To me it leans slightly green… don’t get me wrong this is not a teal color but the blue is more green than purple if that makes sense. It probably doesn’t. Haha. Let’s just say- it’s a lovely navy blue! I was talking to Cynthia one night on Twitter (which I often do!) and I was asking her for suggestions on how to use this blue. She mentioned using gold and I was like, “Ah ha! Brilliant!” so I took Cynthia’s genius idea and stamped away on my purdy blue nails. I really like the result and got lots of compliments. Wanna see? 🙂

Royal Stamped Nails

Essie Good As Gold over Sation Rock A Guy Blue

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat. I use SH Hard As Nails.
  2. Paint your nails with 2 coats of Sation Rock A Guy Blue. I usually use three coats, but this polish is so opaque you could probably actually get away with one careful coat.
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow your nails to dry and harden. You don’t want squished nails! 🙂
  4. When your nails are ready, use Essie Good As Gold and BM 203 to stamp the gold design on each nail.
  5. Apply a very careful coat of Seche Vite. And ta-daaaa these regal-looking blue nails. 🙂

I am just loving these Sation polishes so much. They’re made by Miss Professional Nail, which did a total revamp of their polishes earlier this year. Cynthia’s been a big spokeswoman for them and the more I see and get to try, the more I love them! I just love the bottle and the formula and really just have nothing bad to say about them. 🙂

Have you tried the Essie Mirror Metallics for stamping yet? As you can see- they work SOOO WELL!! Let me know what you think of these nails and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀


18 thoughts on “Royal Stamped Nails

  1. my next online purchase is going to be this essie polish. I’ve used essie to stamp before, and it always look good.. I’m having issues to stamp on a dark polish, so i always use a light base and stamp on a darker color.

    • Thank you!!! This color combo and this particular metallic polish really shows off good (or bad) stamping quality! Thank goodness mine turned out well!! Haha.

  2. All I have to say is WOW! Your stamping is absolute perfection and it goes so well with Rock-a-guy Blue. Ugh…you’re making me want all these older plates. I wish we could buy whole sets that are only full nail geometric patters. I am seriously hating all the weird tiny ice cream cone, credit card bullshit designs that I get stuck with when I buy a full set. Anyway, back to this mani…so gorgeous!

    • You know what plates I hate? The tip designs. Idk what to even do with those!! They are clearly made for like a super long nail! I wish I could do something creative w them… Half moons? But still they’re made for too long of a nail. Anyway- I wish there was a set like that too cuz I’d buy it! 🙂 I’m sorry you don’t like your cheeky set much but I’m really looking forward to using mine!! Haha. I actually need to go try it out just in case of messed up plates. Maybe tomorrow night while Daniels at the basketball game.. anyway I don’t need to talk to myself in my reply to you! :p Thanks for the suggestion of blue and gold- everything thanks it’s genius… YOU’re the genius!! 🙂

  3. I have nothing much to say except definitely gorgeous and definitely royal (both royal blue and royal like regal)! Those Essies seem MADE for stamping!

    • They are!!! I even went to Ulta and got the purple/pink one “Nothing Else Metals” just for nail art. 🙂 The only bad thing is that even though one is gold, one is copper and one is pink they all are just like half a shade different once they get on your nail. Oh well- I love how cleanly they stamp! 🙂 and- THANK YOU! 🙂

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