Glitter Dot Nails! Essence Mr. and Mrs. Glitter

Hey There Everyone!

I’ve had this post in my folder for a lonnnng time and was just waiting for the right time to post it. I think today is perfect, having just done my dotted nails, these fit in perfectly! I love dots but couldn’t always get them right. This was a great way to have dotty nails with very little effort. 🙂

Glitter Dot Nails

These nails are 3-4 coats of BL Dodgy Barnett with one coat of Essence Mr. and Mrs. Glitter on top, with Seche Vite top coat.

Review of Mr. and Mrs. Glitter


Mr. and Mrs. Glitter is a mix of silver blue and green large hex glitter in a clear base.

Formula/ Application:

This glitter is a little difficult to work with because you have to do a bit of moving the glitter around on the nail, but it’s pretty once you get it on there and the base is not too goopy and definitely workable. This is not made to be opaque so you definitely need to find a good base color. 🙂

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please! I love being able to find this large glitter from a drugstore brand! I’m hoping that as indie glitters become more popular more brands that are more easily accessible will come out with similar polishes. All glitters like this take a little dabbing so that doesn’t bug me. If you find this, I would definitely pick it up and give it a whirl. It was a pain to remove though, so get your foil ready! 😉

Do you think more “regular” brands will take a hint from the indie polishes and come out with more interesting glitters? Are you a fan of the glitter bombs or are you a glitter hater? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

23 thoughts on “Glitter Dot Nails! Essence Mr. and Mrs. Glitter

  1. i’m not a fan of glitter polish, i think that the time you spend taking the glitter out from your nail (and believe i know a lot of “techniques”) are not worth it, how ever, sometimes when i’m too bored i use glitter because, it is amazing, the glittered manicures last more than the regular ones.

    i loved the base coat, i have a milani HD similar one in one nail today.

        • Hahaha… That’s ok! I hate a love/hate w glitter. I like how sparkly it is, but like you said, even foil method is messy and inconvenient. Plus it’s rough on your nails no matter what you do. I’m on neutral ground now but Christmas usually brings glitter bombs like I love and buy and wear and the swear off glitter till valentines day. Haha.

          • this will be my first year addicted to nail art.. haha last year the most xtreme I did was doing one accent nail.. i’ve changed a lot LOL. i think i will do something normal, i dont like xmas. i mean i like presents, but only that.. i don’t like to celebrate xmas.. i think that will change when I have kids, but i’m not planning them yet.

            • You don’t like celebrating Christmas? How come? My first “nail art” was an accent nail too. 🙂 I remember I thought I was so cool and different cuz I wore it to work and like NO ONE had any clue what I was doing. Haha. Now people still don’t but I do different stuff. 😉

              • the first nail art eveeeer was a very simple design, 2 colors, stripes and hearts. people were looking at me like. you’re crazy you know.. that’s ghetto and stuff.. and i was all like: i don’t mean to be a hipster, but this is coming, it is a trend. you’ll see.. people made fun of me and my crazy ideas and now, the ask me to do her nails..

  2. This is a pretty glitter. I do love it!

    I am a glitter fan but I struggle like nuts to remove any big hex glitter. Fine glitter I’m a whiz at. I really think I’ll have to get into this tinfoil thing. Ironically it is the bigger, more random sizes glitter that I prefer.
    I also do think that brands can take a hint from indie brands.

    • Thank you!!! 🙂

      Yes of COURSE you like the more difficult ones! That’s how it works! Haha. You definitely need to do the foil business- it will change your life. It’s so much nicer. Sometimes my fingers get all pruney from the remover but it’s a small price to pay for removing your glitter without beating your nails up so bad. 🙂 Thanks for reading and all your comments!

  3. I Loooove glitter! I hate taking if off though, but that does not deter me one bit from applying lots of my favorite glittery sparkley polishes. Dodgy Barnett is so beautiful! I used it as a layering polish, but it is so pretty used as an opaque polish.

    • I have a love hate w glitter but I do like this one!! And the one I used yesterday. And all the others I use… Haha. Guess it’s more love than hate 😉 I have never used Dodgy Barnett to layer! I’ll have to try that. What color do you like to layer it over best? And I’m assuming you use the foil method to remove all your chunky glitters… right? 😉

  4. I thought these were individually-placed glequins! I’ve never seen a glitter like that and was surprised to see it from an accessible brand! Hmm! Hmm, indeed! 😉

    • Hahaha yeah it’s just a polish and it spreads itself out pretty well since the glitter is so large and sparse. It’s funny I was just talking about indie glitter style mass market glitter polish because I just saw the new cirque du soleil china glaze collection on Instagram and there’s one that looks like sticks and stones!!! I HAVE to get those!!!

  5. We do not get those special essence polishes down here at Ulta which seems to be the only place that sells them. I think this looks really pretty. Have you used it for a jelly sandwich? I really wish we could get the whole line of essence products here. I’d love to get my hands on essence, kiko and catrice locally–I can dream, right?

    • I have not actually used this since I did these nails but when I got it my first thought was a jelly sandwich my with grey jelly. Maybe I’ll do that sometime. Do you find that you only use each polish you buy like once? I sometimes go back and use them for nail art later, especially now with the challenge but I feel like out of all my nail polishes, I probably use like 30% more than literally one time. Shhh don’t tell anyone. 😉 Fred Meyer, where I got this, doesn’t seem to have a full Essence collection, but they have different polishes than Ulta. And my Ulta seriously seems to only have like 8 Essence polishes and nothing exciting like this… it’s so weird! If I were to find another one of these- do you want it? Also- have you heard about the new China Glaze cirque du soleil polishes??? I saw a little promo picture and they look pretty cool! Theres a sticks and stones-esque glitter that I’m really hoping to get my hands on. We’ll see… 🙂

  6. omg how fun are these!! I love the pops of color on the silver!! I just ordered some of these glequins and you reminded me to track it as it seems its taking quite some time 😦

  7. I want much into glitter. I did like some of them but not my favorites either. Until I stared using the Glue Method. You know where you use a thin later of PVA glue? It’s amazing. Can peel it off with no nail peel at the end and now I can wear the glitters I do like! You should try it out next time with glitters. I find thinner glue base later gives more longevity.

    • I’ve been meaning to try that but just never have! I have got to give that a try. I think that would be so easy to remove and also it would just be fun to peel it off 😉 Thanks for reminding me that I need to try that!!

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