Orly R.I.P. Swatch and Review, Plus Some Spooky Nail Art

Hey There Polished People!!

I hope you’ve been enjoying our nail challenge posts every three days. I like that we have 2 days between each post because then it’s not too rushed but I don’t like it because it’s making the challenge drag on for so long! I’m still happy we are doing it but I am also happy that today brings us to our Halloween break! Challenge posts will pick back up after Halloween, but from now till November 1st I’ll be posting Halloween nails- swatches of Halloween polishes, free-hand Halloween nail art, stamping Halloween nail art… I’ll even take requests if you have any 😉 I’ve been waiting for this date all month! 😉 One of my favorite Halloween polishes this year has come from Orly. I originally picked up Right Amount of Evil

thinking it was orange glitter, but when I realized it was really just silver holo glitter in an orange jelly base I decided I’d rather have R.I.P. with it’s lovely orange glitter in a black jelly base, so I returned RAOE and got R.I.P. 🙂 Let’s see it!

Orly R.I.P.

Orly R.I.P. and a little ghostie in direct sunlight

Indirect light

Bottle shot


Orly R.I.P. is large hex orange glitter and orange micro glitter in a black jelly base.


Since the base is a jelly, this polish is a bit thin for the first coat but it builds nicely and was completely opaque for me after two coats. It actually wasn’t goopy or too crazy-thick like I’d read in other reviews and the dry time was quick. I’d read on Scrangie’s blog that dry time was super slow but that wasn’t the case for my bottle. Yay! 🙂

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

YES, PLEASE!! I got three really great Halloween polishes this year and R.I.P. might be my favorite when you take color and formula into account. I definitely recommend you pick this up! I hope you can find it! 🙂

Out of all the Halloween polishes this year, which is your favorite? Have you been able to find many? As always, thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀


10 thoughts on “Orly R.I.P. Swatch and Review, Plus Some Spooky Nail Art

  1. I like the look of the one you returned, but could see that being pretty disappointing if the orange is just the jelly base.
    This one definitely looks like Halloween! It is like the nail polish representation of the holiday, haha.
    I haven’t bought any Halloween polishes this year, but it’s not like I’m hurting for polish 😉

    • You may not be hurting for polish but are you hurtling for Halloween polish? Haha. I’m actually going back to the beach this week because the color-changing nail polish store OF COURSE got their shipment TODAY. I left the beach yesterday just FYI. :[ I like the first one but it just wasn’t orange enough for me. I wanted orange glitter. 🙂

  2. I love R.I.P. I wish I could find it here. I used right amount of Evil over an orange and painted on some flying bats and it turned out cute. I loved the glitter. I am still looking for R.I.P though…

    • I guess it sold out REALLY fast! That’s why when I noticed RAOE was just an orange base I knew I had to go right back and get RIP with its orange glitter. There’s a similar polish called something Godiva… Go go Godiva maybe? Anyway it looks similar but the base is brown and someone said it looked like poop. Moral of the story- if you think you found it, check the bottom! Your nails sound cute! I did like RAOE for what it was… and monster mash is cute too… must. not. go. get them. 😉

      • (must. not. go. get. them.) ha ha ha that’s what I said too. So last week I went to all 3 of my Sally’s and I was able to find a lone bottle of RIP by Orly. SCORE! And I already had the orange glitter and the green called Monster Mash, so I am happy. Happy. Happy! and on top of that I was in the grocery store and found an entire display of Wet N Wild Fergie polishes, 18 of them, including the one I had been on a treasure hunt for, Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good Night!!! Oh yeah, so happy and I just had to tell somebody! I knew you’d understand.

        • Oh yayyyyy!!! Isn’t that ridiculous how exciting it is when you find them?? I felt very excited that I got one of the last couple RIPs at my Sally’s. 🙂 And I’m soooo glad you found all the Fergie polishes! I wasn’t really struck by that many of them but Tonight’s Gonna Be A Good Night is awwwwwwwesome! I can’t wait till you use it!! 😀 What do you think you’re gonna use it with? And do you have thinner? Cuz it kinda needs some.

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