Saran Wrap Mani Tutorial- 31 Days of Inspired Nail Art Day 14

Hey There Everyone!

Today I thought I’d do something a little different for my nail art challenge post- since quite a few people have asked me about Saran Wrap manicures, I thought I’d do a tutorial and show how I do mine. There are apparently a few methods out there but this is how I do it and several people have told me it worked flawlessly for them as well. I hope if you haven’t tried this already that this tutorial will give you the confidence to try it for yourself. It really is the easiest way to add a little dimension to your nails. 🙂

Saran Wrap Mani Tutorial

Here are the supplies you will need: A covered work space, 2 contrasting colors of polish (I used ChG Kalahari Kiss and OPI Flit A Bit), a folded up paper towel for blotting, base coat, top coat, plastic wrap of any brand (this is from the Dollar Tree), a brush for cuticle clean up, a square of tin foil or plastic (don’t mind the polish remnants, I use mine till it can’t be used any longer), and acetone for clean up.

Step One: Apply your base coat and then paint your nails with your base color. I used the lightest of the two but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. Feel free to experiment. This is one coat of Kalahari Kiss and it obviously needs more than one coat. 🙂

Two coats of Kalahari Kiss and we’re ready to go!

Step Two: Rip off a small piece (maybe 4 inches wide, the length of the roll) of plastic wrap and wad it up into a bunch. You don’t need to over think this. Ball that sucker up!

Step Three: Put a few big drops of the secondary polish color, I used OPI Flit A Bit, on the piece of foil or plastic. Get your wad of plastic wrap in your hand.

Step Four: Dab your piece of wadded up plastic wrap into the polish, making sure to blot it a time or two to get rid of the excess polish.

Step Five: Dab your plastic wrap with the polish on it onto your nail. Only dab it once or twice to make sure not to apply too much paint to the nail. I find that I need about three dabs per nail to get the right effect. You will need to re-coat your plastic wrap with polish after a nail or two. Just remember to dab it in the polish, blot it a little then dab it on your nail.

Step Six: Repeat the process for all of your nails. Don’t worry about getting the polish on your surrounding skin. It’s gonna happen, but it’s not too much so the cleanup isn’t very bad.

Step Seven: Clean up your surrounding skin and cuticles by dipping your brush into some acetone dumped into the lid, wipe the brush along your cuticles and over the skin that has polish on it, blot it on the paper towel then dunk it back in the acetone to clean up the next nail. If your brush is looking nasty, swirl it around in the acetone and blot it on the paper towel a few times. It’ll come perfectly clean. Add a coat of top coat to finish up your nails.

Here is the finished product! 🙂

I went a little heavy on the cuticle oil, I guess. That’s not a mandatory part of the look. 😉

I hope some of your found this tutorial helpful or at least interesting! 😉 I love the Saran Wrap Mani and really wanted to use this as a base for some stamping but never did get around to that. The good thing is that it’s really one of the quickest forms of nail art so I’ll be able to whip up another Saran Wrap Mani any night when I feel like trying it.

Also- Please don’t forget that today (Oct. 19th) is the last day to vote for my nails in the Bundle Monster Nail Art competition. I would really appreciate all the sharing and voting you can drum up for me! Click here to go to that post and to vote. Thanks to all of you who have supported me so far!! 😀 I really appreciate it. 🙂

Have you tried a Saran Wrap Mani? Do you do yours the way I do mine? I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Be sure to check out the other ladies’ Saran Wrap Nails. You can click on the button below to see a preview and find a link to their blogs. Thanks for reading and please do leave a comment below! 🙂 Till next time- Happy Polishing! 😀

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14 thoughts on “Saran Wrap Mani Tutorial- 31 Days of Inspired Nail Art Day 14

  1. What a great tutorial! I think you’ve showed a easier way than how I did mine. I just paint my nails with the second color and than dab it with the saran wrap. It gives the same result though!

    • I’m glad you think this will be helpful. That’s how a lot of people do theirs but I think this is way easier and provides a little bit more of a uniform and predictable result at least for me. 🙂

    • You know, there are so many different nail ideas I want to try and just never seem to get around to. This is one of those I waited forever to do but I’m glad I did. It’s so easy and quick! You should definitely try to give it a go 🙂

  2. Thanks so much for the tutorial!
    That is a very cool concept, the inside and outside of a pumpkin! *Homer Simpson voice* Mmm, pumpkin…

    • Oh I know! That was my problem my first couple times too. I would pretty much cover the under color w the Saran Wrap color. Haha. Like why would I think that was good?? I do not know. I’m glad you found this helpful. It’s really a simple procedure but a lot of people were doing it by painting both colors on the nail then using bare Saran Wrap to blot a little off the top and I think this way is wayyyyy easier and gives a little better result. Saran Wrap manis are so fun and quick! 🙂

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