Polish Us Pink- Pink and Grey Plaid Nails

Hey There Everyone!

A while back one of my wonderful readers, Cin, asked if I could do some pink and grey plaid nails in the future. Well… here we are in the future, AND I was going to use some pink polish anyway for my Monday BCA mani. So I figured… why not use Cin’s great suggestion for my BCA nails? 🙂 Here are my pink and grey plaid nails for Cin, and my Breast Cancer Awareness nails for Monday. 🙂

Pink and Grey Plaid Polish Us Pink Nails

How To Get These Nails:

Follow this picture tutorial!

  1. Use base coat and paint your nails with Ulta Concrete Evidence and top with Seche Vite. When that’s dry, tape off all but a medium width strip and paint it with OPI Pink Friday.
  2. Using a striping brush and ChG Immortal, add the stripes as shown.
  3. Using the same materials as in step 2, add two more stripes.
  4. Use the striping brush and OPI Koala-Beary to add the two stripes show in the picture, add topcoat and ta-daaa! You have lovely pink and grey plaid nails!! 😀

If you would like more information on Breast Cancer please click on the links below:


American Cancer Society

Susan G. Komen for the cure

I hope you all enjoyed these nails! I take requests, so if you have any suggestions you can tweet me or write them in the comments below. 🙂 Don’t forget to check out all the BCA manis by clicking the button below. Thank you all for reading and until next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

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34 thoughts on “Polish Us Pink- Pink and Grey Plaid Nails

        • I didn’t paint on the tape either. I used it to tape off my nail and leave a wide strip to paint. I think you thought I was way more creative than I actually was. Haha.

          • oh.. well.. i think that painting the tape is a great idea hahahaha.. you should try 😉 i thought you painted the tape.. so i was like: that’s brilliant, then when you pull the tape, the paint won’t come off.. i’m trying this..

            • I don’t know if I totally understand what you mean about pulling the tape and it doesn’t come off, so I’ll have to stay turned for when you do it. Haha. But I do know that you can paint tape, cut it in the shape that you want and tape it onto your nail… like a home made nail sticker, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what you mean. You try it and then we’ll be impressed w your creativity. 🙂

              • hahaha sorry i’ve had a very difficult day today.. I’m having issues to communicate myself in every language haha.

                What I meant is that, sometimes I use tape for working on manicures, let’s say, I do a white base and I want my many to have white stripes right, so i wait 1 hour until the white base is really dry, then I use to tape to make the stripes. I paint over the stripes and then, when it is dry, i take off the tape.. sometimes, the white polish came off along with the tape and you can see the nail.. it really drives me crazy..

                So using the tape like a sticker, looks like a great idea..

                I hope I explained myself better.. but it’s ok, today is not a good day for my communicational skills..

                    • Whoops! Haha. People had a hard time understanding me in Spanish yesterday too, but that’s because all I know is voy al vaccacione. Fui a la playa. And I’m pretty sure that’s wrong too. 😉

                    • voy al vaccacione is wrong. Fui a la playa is OK. the first one should be: “me voy de vacaciones” (which means: i’m going into vacations) and fui a la playa is past tense, so it means: i went to the beach. if you want to say: i’m going to the beach for vacations it should be: me voy de vacaciones a la playa (and it should be pronounced like: m-e boy d-e vak-a-seeo-ness a la pl-a-ia) ..

                      well.. the most important thing to know in spanish is: hospital, hotel and cerveza (beer)..

                    • Guess I’ll be dead and homeless but drunk. That works. Haha. Thanks for the lesson! 😉 When I went to Mexico I got by but as you can tell now- I’m hopeless! :p

                    • i think that people at least make an effort to understand english speakers.. when I went to france, i spend the 4 days eating croissant and capuccino because it was the only 2 words people understand me..

                    • Haha yeah the people in Mexico all tried to understand and make sense of my Spanish and English. 🙂 It was nice but I know I was sounding funky, as you now know as well. New languages are hard!!

  1. Aaahhh, I love them! I was wondering how you got Pink Friday on there, but now I see!
    It’s funny because the first time you mentioned Koala Berry (or at least first time for me), I almost brought it with me for a pedi that day!

    • Thank you!!! Yeah I definitely had to use tape (regular tape) for that thick line. I tried free handing it, but it was a disastermess so I went w the tape. Koala Bear-y is a nice pink color. Perfect for a cheerful pedi! Haha. 🙂

    • Thank you! I didn’t even think of Burberry when I did these but now I’m thinking this is probably the exact pattern only w different colors. Now I can do some legit Burberry nails. 🙂

      • LOL, you knew I did something?!!! I couldn’t go bare (It was driving my crazy!) so I did a quick french mani with Essie Mademoiselle and the tips in Marshmallow. It got me by for a day, but it’s coming off today for the pink and gray plaid! I swatched over it last night with the most beautiful green metallic/gold shimmer polish Meg by Zoya with a layer of I Found a Pot of Gold! by Sephora OPI. I couldn’t fish any of the bigger diamond shaped glitters out but it still is so sparkly and looks like diamond dust on my nails, sooo pretty! Anyway, I was actually considering just using it as a base instead of gray since it’s awesomely gorgeous and pink would go great and I feel too lazy to remove perfectly good polish to start all over, so yeah I think I will do this and I post pics of my manis on my photobucket page, PinkTigger33 I called it Nail Art by Me. Not original but it was easy to remember. Thanks for the design I am going to go get my tape now and get started.

        • Haha that’s a fine name. I’m anxious to see the result. I’ll try to find it tonight. 🙂 I know what you mean about not being able to go bare. I actually hate how it feels. If I HAD to wear no nail polish, is have to wear like 4 coats of clear cuz I just couldn’t stand the feeling of bare nails. And I’d have to to-the-quick nubbinize them cuz I’d freak about the free edge feeling all icky and odd.

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