Please Vote For Me!

Hey There Polished People!!

I have recently entered my very first nail art contest. :) I entered my Half Moon Halloween Scene nails, now called Fright Night on Haunted Hill nails, into Bundle Monster’s Fright Night Nail Art Contest. Please help me out by voting for my entry by clicking here. Als0, I would really appreciate any mentions on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, your own blog, etc to help me get more votes. Thanks in advance!! As a reminder- here are the nails I entered!

Please Vote For My Fright Night On Haunted Hill Nails

Please Vote For Me On Bundle Monster’s Facebook page! :D Thank you!

21 thoughts on “Please Vote For Me!

    • You know if you’d get more votes and I hadn’t entered it I’d let you! Haha. Thanks I hoe I win too. I think it’s awfully far-fetched as I don’t have a very large reach, but hey- it could happen! ;)

        • Ivanhoe I win!! Hahaha. I guess I was just talking like those people on Honey Boo Boo who most likely do NOT have all their teeth- I hoe I weeeennnnn!!!! Anyway… we shall see. Voting is over on the 19th I think and then it’s up to the judges. :) Cross your fingers. :)

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