Cult Nails Deceptive Collection- Doppelganger and Deception

Hey Everyone!

I started sharing my Cult Nails Deceptive top coats yesterday so today I’d like to show you the next two. I bought this whole collection during the presale opportunity quite a while ago and am just now getting to doing something worth showing you and posting them. The next two I’d like to show you are Doppelganger and Deception. Let’s start with…

Cult Nails Doppelganger

This is Doppelganger over Cult Nails Time Traveler, a dark navy blue.

A thick Doppelganger chevron tip over FP Black Expressionism.

Same nails as above, indirect lighting.


Cult Nails Doppelganger is a shimmery topcoat that gives any polish an awesome shimmer finish. Put one coat of this over your favorite polish and you’ll see tiny blue, green and maybe even pink flecks of shimmer. One coat is all you need, or you can build it up with 2-3 coats like you see in my bottom picture and create a cloudy grey shimmery finish.


Non-problematic. Not meant to be opaque.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

If you love shimmer polish you’ll love being able to add this shimmer to any of your existing colors. I can see myself using this over creme polishes, and over nail art to create a little bit of continuity. Sometimes when you do a gradient you want a little shimmer or glitter to unify it all, and this would be the perfect polish to do so. :) This is a Yes, Please for that reason.

Cult Nails Deception:

Deception over a super-dark burgundy, I think it was Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s from an unnamed mini set.

Deception over half of a black nail. The black used was FP Black Expressionism.

Same nails as above, in indirect light.



Cult Nails Deception layered over a polish gives a pretty, shimmery purple finish. The shimmer is dense and what you see in the top photo is 2 coats; bottom photos have only one coat.


Non-problematic. Like all the Deceptive top coats this is not meant to be opaque. It definitely lets the color of the base polish show through.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

If you like purple you’ll like this polish. It turns everything into a purplish color. If you layered this over a blue polish it would look like Orly Mysterious Curse or ChG Bizarre Blurple (from the current Halloween collection). It’s versatile and fun to experiment with. I give this a soft Yes, Please. :)

How do you like these two top coats? Do you think you’d enjoy experimenting with them or is the job of combining them with existing colors just too much for you? Also, if you have any suggestions for layering I’d like to know! :) As always thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!


4 thoughts on “Cult Nails Deceptive Collection- Doppelganger and Deception

  1. Doppleganger over Time Traveler (which I love, anyway)…SWOON! And if that really is LPAD I am LOVING the effect! The reason I say that is that LPAD is a super-dark purple that was the “it” color years ago. I bought it and never particuarly liked it, so I’m like, if that’s what Deception does to it, I’m in! Saving a polish I’m not a huge fan of…see, the justifications keep coming!

    • Yeah doppelgänger over TT Is amazing. I love it!! And I’m like 99% sure that’s LPAD. I got it in a mini set one year and I remember LPAD was one of the polishes but then I threw the box out so I just can’t be 100 sure. The other colors were a glitter, a dark red, and I think Rapid Dry tc so this has to be it. It’s a super dark burgundy (at least according to me) w a little shimmer/metallic flavor to it. I should have photographed it pre-topcoat but you know… shoulda coulda woulda and all that biz. :-/ These are a GREAT way to revamp polishes you THOUGHT you could live without. Just what we need, right? Haha.

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