Day 10- Gradient Nails!!

Hey There Everyone!

Today we move from the colors portion of the challenge to the techniques. :) Yayyy! :) Here’s our schedule as a reminder:

For my gradient nails I wanted to try something a little more subtle than my previous gradient attempts, and I also wanted to try to keep them seasonal so this is what I came up with:

Fall Gradient Nails

Direct sunlight

Indirect light

The colors I used for this gradient were OPI Wooden Shoe Like To Know at the base and ChG Harvest Moon at the tips. You can google gradient nails or click here  to go to Sammy from the Nailasaurus’ gradient tutorial. Using her tutorial it’s really easy to get a good result. I chose these two colors because I felt like Harvest Moon matched the shimmer in Wooden Shoe Like To Know perfectly. Because they are so harmonious together the effect is pretty subtle, but I think I still like it. :)

How did you like today’s gradient? Do you like this super subtle gradient or do you like a more stark contrast like I’ve done in the past (green to yellow, blue to orange)? What are your favorite colors to use for gradients? Don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ gradient nails by using the button below! Till next time- Happy Polishing!!! :D

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21 thoughts on “Day 10- Gradient Nails!!

  1. Have you been hacking my blog again? Totally kidding, I don’t have anything up remotely like this lol. However, I’ll warn you I have a gradient involving Harvest Moon too coming up sometime so don’t freak out :P I love this btw, even if its subtle (which I prefer) these two colors work really well together.

  2. I hate you for your beautiful and subtle gradient. Mine looks like crap…as predicted. Oh well. lol Now I have to do something different to get in a better nail mood. :/

    • Aww boo to bad nail moods! I thought your gradient was cool. Kinda spongey looking and interesting. It reminded me of that gradient stamp from BM. I know how it is when you don’t like how your nails turned out tho.. Sorry. I kinda hate mine for some reason every time. But I usually like them for some other reason so I try to focus on that. :)

    • Thank you! It’s amazing how much easier it is to do a gradient w similar colors than it is w such different colors. Your neutral and purple gradient you recently did was awesome but I wasn’t feeling that ambitious. Haha.

    • Yes they were just like made to be together huh? I love them together. And thanks about the theme too! It’s a little different to work w but not much so I think I’ll keep I through Halloween. I just hope I can find a theme I like when it’s all over! Haha.

  3. Nice, I like the subtle gradient effect. You could wear this to work and it wouldn’t bring negative attention to your nails.

      • I have had major mani-fail lately. I meant to do them Sunday and ran out of time, then meant to do them last night and ran out of time (I did, however, hack them off because I could literally not function with their length anymore). Not sure about tonight, either. Nonetheless, I am set on a particular gradient I’ve picked out, so you will see it up next!

        • Ok sounds like a plan!! I hate when you’re all set to do something and then the universe conspires against you. Boo universe, boo!
          I can’t wait to see the gradient! I trust you’ll be tweeting me right away?? :D

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    • Merci! (I don’t know how to do the little accent, :-/ ) Feel free to copy whatever your little heart desires ;) Nails always turn out slightly different and I usually think other people’s versions are better. I’m just glad you like them that much!!!

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