China Glaze Immortal- Swatch and Review

Hey There My Halloween Polish-Loving Friends! :)

You DO love Halloween-themed Polish, don’t you? For some, it might be a little early for Halloween but really it’s only a few weeks away! You gotta get your plans set now. I don’t know if we’ll go to any parties this year, but here in another week or so it will be time to put up our decorations! We have tombstones and creepy eye-ball lights and a skeleton that I made out of milk jugs (among other things). I’ll have to show you guys that at some point. It’s awesome. Also you may have noticed that my blog has gotten all dressed up for Halloween! :) How do you like it?! I actually love it. :) I’ll keep it through Halloween but if I’m being honest, at this moment in time, I wanna keep it like this forever! :D The only thing that might be a problem is if people can’t see where to comment- you just click up on the skull and crossbones up to the right. Please comment and let me know if you like this new layout, if you knew it was me, etc. :) Thanks in advance!!

Getting on to the polish… I have recently bought a few Halloween collection polishes. China Glaze has their Halloween collection, Wicked, out as of the beginning of this month. I got a few polishes from that collection- Immortal, Glitter Goblin and Make a Spectacle. Orly also has a Halloween collection out. Orly’s collection is called Spellbound and I only picked up one from that collection, R.I.P. OPI also has a set of minis that have been out for quite some time that are called So So Skullicious and come with 10 Dia De Los Muertos-style skull water decals. I’d like the yellow from this collection if it came in a large bottle but considering the other colors are an uninspired pink, orange, and black (not even a one-coater according to reviews) I don’t think I’ll be picking it up. I would like the skull decals though. They look super cute!! I will show you all my new Halloweeny polishes in the upcoming days, but for today, let’s check out Immortal.

China Glaze Immortal

Direct sunlight

In the shade


China Glaze Immortal is a beautiful medium-dark grey with lots and lots of shimmer in blue and also pink. If you look very carefully in the pictures you will see both colors but you have to see this in person to get the full effect. It’s the same type of grey as ChG Elephant Walk, only slightly darker and with all that beautiful shimmer. If Elephant Walk leans green on you, then I bet this will as well. It just looks grey on me, and Immortal did as well.


Non-problematic and wonderful. A little sheer in one coat but builds perfectly to opacity in 2 or 3 coats. It doesn’t dry as smooth as a creme polish, but we all wear topcoat anyway, don’t we?

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please!! I love Immortal. It’s grey (which I LOVE) and sparkly in a somewhat understated way. It’s the color of the most beautiful tombstone you’ve ever seen!! That sounds weird, huh? Anyway, the shimmer is so pretty and the grey is perfect, and if you like greys at ALL you have GOT to run out and get this. I’ll be wearing this all year long, not just for Halloween.

Have you picked up any Halloween collection polishes? Let me know which ones you’ve got your hands on or which you plan on adding to your collection. Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!

14 thoughts on “China Glaze Immortal- Swatch and Review

  1. Excellent tip about Immortal and Elephant Walk. I love gray polish but Elephant Walk was a disappointment because it looked green on me.

    • Yeah this definitely looks to be the same kinda hue as EW. I think that’s so strange that it was so green on people… just something w skin tone brings the green right out!

  2. omg when I went to your page I was like “WHOA!!” haha! It looks awesome! Aww I can’t wait to see pictures of your decorations!
    As for the polish, it looks so pretty! I really like the shimmer!

    • Thanks!!! I thought this theme was so cute I couldn’t resist for Halloween. :) The milk jug skeleton is awesome. :D And I love this polish too. The shimmer makes it :)

  3. Love the Halloween theme. And the nail color. I just got CG’s Concrete in the mail today. I’m gonna try it tonight :)

  4. This is an awesome year-round color!
    I like your blog’s Halloween costume! ;) I didn’t see where to comment, but just clicked on the whole post and figured it’d be at the bottom. However, now I know another way! ;) I like how big the pics are, too.

    • Yeah I noticed it had the option of making the pictures bigger so I thought hey, why not?! :) I’m glad you like my Frankenstein outfit. ;) And I’m glad you figured out how to comment. I was worried about that, not YOU exactly, but people in general. Phewwwww glad it’s not too bad! :D

    • Haha I tend to agree with you. I am saving some up for the week before Halloween though. We’ll see if I can successfully save them though or if they get posted sooner. :) Thanks! I love this color too.

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