These Nails Are Sick

Hey There Everyone!

I am always surprised with who notices and compliments me on my nails. A lot of people notice my nails, and probably half of the compliments I receive are from men. It’s kind of funny to me that men even care, but apparently they do! 🙂 My husband is pretty used to them so I think he’s a little immune to their impressiveness. 😉 These nails got this name because I wore them when I went to fill my truck up with gas, and in my state we don’t pump our own gas, so when I gave the attendant guy my debit card he was like, “Those nails are sick!” Let’s see these sick nails.

These Nails Are Sick

Left hand. I didn’t pay enough attention and the stamping is imperfect. 😦 Sorry about that.

Right hand. The stamping is a little better but look how weird my right hand nails look!

How To Get These Sick Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with 2-3 coats (whatever you need to be opaque) of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls.
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow your nails to dry thoroughly.
  4. When your nails are dry and hardened, use stamp BM 319 and Essie Mojito Madness to stamp the design on each nail.
  5. When the polish is dry, apply a last coat of Seche Vite.
  6. Go show your gas attendant! He’ll probably think they’re pretty. 😉

Do you think these are sick? Tight? Awesome? Neato? Terrible? Haha. Are you surprised with who does (or maybe does not? Shame on those who don’t pay attention!) notice your nails? Let me know. Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

23 thoughts on “These Nails Are Sick

  1. I am also surprised at the number of men who compliment my nails and just the fact that they notice.. Really surprises me. I have also lots of women who from nowhere just grab my hands to see my nails with an astonish look on their faces. Once in a Sephora, I even ended up doing a mini tutorials on stamping in front of clients and staff! I’m quite shy so I was really uncomfortable. Ha ha. Nail art is a real attention getter

    • Yeah I find myself trying to explain stamping to people alllll the time. I try to tell them really quickly but that never works so I have to get a better schpeel down. Haha. I am really shy too but I usually do like the attention, although I prefer for people not to touch me so when they confiscate my hand sometimes I don’t like it. That would be hilarious to be doing a little tutorial in front of staff and everything. They should have paid you! Haha. Thanks for reading and commenting!! 😀

  2. Funnily enough, I also find it’s mostly men who comment on my nails! The first time I almost fainted from the shock lol!! But love this mani of yours, its sick 😉

    • Haha thanks Saira! 🙂 I do think it’s funny how many men notice. I mean sometimes it’s like, Hmmmm are you hitting on me? haha but most of the time the guys are just nice and wanna tell you your nails are cool. I like that. 😉

  3. Yep, they’re pretty nifty nails 😉 I’m always suprised by how many men notice my nails too. Went to work the other day with each hand painted differently (as I was trying to save time swatching them!) and 5 different guys (some v old) asked why I’d done it. I finally told the last guy that asked I was ‘seeing which I liked best’ and after a full 5 minutes of careful, chin-holding deliberation he said ‘your right hand’. So funny; think it mattered a lot more to them than to me. Maybe I’m becoming impervious! Hope not! 😉

    • Hahaha I do that alll the time!! I swear like 30% of the time I’m out and about I have at least slightly different hands. I always tell people, “I was just messing around.” The attention is pretty fun most of the time. I think that’s so cute that one of them were like REALLY trying to help you decide. 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog and commenting!! 😀

  4. Yes, these nails are pretty nifty 😉 I love good stamping! I’m also always suprised at how many men notice my nail designs. The other day I went to work with a different polish on each hand (as I was trying to save time swatching) I had 5 different men notice and ask me about it, so when the fifth guy asked why I’d done it I told him I was seeing which I liked best. After 5 full minutes of careful, chin-holding deliberation he said solemnly ‘the right hand, definately the right’. So funny that they seemed much more concerned about it than I was. Hope I’m not becoming impervious to polish! 😉

  5. I grew up in NJ where your gas is pumped by an attendant, but moved to CA where there are no attendants, period. So in my adult driving life, I have never had the gas attendant experience! I forgot about it until reading it now!
    Anyway! I like said “sick” nails. What I really like is that you combined two of your recently-acquired colors into one mani!
    Now that I think about it, I really can’t recall a man commenting on my nails. Hmm…maybe it’s a Nicole virtue!

    • WHAT?! You must be around the wrong guys! Haha. It’s definitely not just me. 🙂 When we go on vacation it’s super weird when we have to pump our own gas! And yes- I had to combine my two new colors. I just wanted to use them and use them and use them. 🙂

    • By the way, my nail polish fiends, have you tried the Essie Mirror Metallics? Bought Penny talk and it was such a b***h to apply but you know what? It is a super great polish to stamp with. It is so awesome! Couldn’t believe it. One of the best non-Konad polish I’ve ever tried!But you must work really fast. I went and bought three other colours!

      • I agree. All the Essie mirror metallics work excellent for stamping. I also discovered that inexpensive Kiss nail art polish in black actually works better and leaves a sharper cleaner image than the Konad polish does!

      • Yeah!! Mine is actually not too bad, but you’re right! It’s awesome for stamping!! I just posted some fall leaves nails a day or two ago and they really are PERFECT for stamping. I really want to go get more of that collection just for that purpose. Thanks for sharing!

      • lol I have a couple and they weren’t the funnest to apply…I do believe they stamp well 🙂 Nicole has shown some awesome stamping with Penny Talk!

  6. OOoh! Another way to use my beautiful green polish! I am happy to see that the Mojito Madness works with the stamping plates too. I think you did a pretty good job of stamping, I’m still new to it and I don’t always work fast enough for some full nail images. I think yours looks good/sick as the gas station attendant says.

    • Aww thanks! Yeah I find that a lot of polishes actually work quite well for stamping, you just have to try them. Some, quite frankly, suck, but a lot actually do work! 🙂

  7. I’m still wondering why all of a sudden I like MBSW so much. I passed on the whole collection and suddenly I like this one polish? I am also wondering why I’ve never used MM since I swatched it. I think we end up getting so much polish that it’s impossible to use it all. I have hesitated using this particular imagine because I figured it would be super hard to stamp those lines clearly and keep them even.

    Since I am a born and raised Californian and have never driven out of state (except for when I’ve gone to Vegas), I think it would trip me out if I wasn’t allowed to pump my own gas. What is the logic behind that? Considering how many moron drivers live in So Cal, I can only imagine what clusterfuck that would turn into here. lol

    • You’re totally right. Remember those LE WnW near dupes of the ChG prismatic glitters?? I was so hyped to get them, didn’t even swatch all of them and haven’t used them since. It’s ridiculous! You should use MM tho cuz it’s really pretty (as you know) and I did the same thing w the Spider-Man collex. Didn’t want any of it then all of the sudden HAD to own MBSW!! Haha. And about this image- it is a brat to use cuz as you can see its really easy for the lines to get wavy. Other than that it work fine though so I’ll have to give it some more practice.

  8. These are neat! If you hadn’t mentioned these were stamped, I would’ve assumed they were done freehand 🙂
    Maybe the women don’t compliment because they are internalising their envy? LOL ^_^

    • Wow you went deep w that analysis!! Haha. You MUST be right! Jk. Thanks about these nails. I think if I freehanded them I’d have to use one single hair or something… The lines are so thin! I’d definitely make a mess of it 😉

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