Essie Mojito Madness Swatch and Review

Hey There Polished People!!

Have you ever seen a polish online and in-store and for whatever reason even though you really liked it you just kept passing it up? I do that all the time and when I finally get it, usually I’m like, “Why didn’t I get this before?!!? It’s fantastic!!” One of the polishes I recently did this with was Essie Mojito Madness. Let’s look at it and see if I was happy that I finally picked it up.

Essie Mojito Madness

Natural lighting, overcast.

This and the next picture were taken under overcast skies outdoors with flash. I think it helped capture the true color of Mojito Madness.


Mojito Madness is a medium green creme with blue undertones. It’s a really pretty color that just asks to be paired with navy blue. I think I might try that at some point in the future. :)


Perfect. Non-problematic. Opaque in a couple of coats, I always use three.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please! Besides the fact that I have a green bikini from Old Navy and a swimsuit cover up from Old Navy that is seriously this EXACT color, I just love this shade. It’s pretty and different from other greens I have and the formula is great. If you like greens, add this to your collection for sure. :) Oh, and the fact that I love mojitos just doesn’t hurt my love for this polish one bit. :) Speaking of things I love- I love Hall and Oates and I always watch this show, Live at Darryl’s where Darryl Hall has all these other artists over to his house and they “jam.” Well, right now I’m watching an episode and the guest is this British singer called Rumer. She has a beautiful voice!! I’ve never heard of her before. I think I’m going to have to look her up!!

Do you pass up polishes and then end up buying them later and wonder why you passed them up in the first place? Some of you need not answer this cuz I know you buy every polish within a 10 mile radius. ;) You know who you are. ;) Let me know what you think of Mojito Madness, and till next time- Happy Polishing! :D

24 thoughts on “Essie Mojito Madness Swatch and Review

  1. I have that color too because it just kept calling my name at the store, but I still haven’t used it yet. It looks great on you. I was waiting for spring/summer but maybe I can still use it for a fall look?

    • What?? Get to using it! :p I’m the worst person to ask about season appropriate nails because I wear whatever nails whenever, but I think you could use this green for some fall art by combining it with browns, darker greens and/or oranges to make some kind of fall leaves-esque nails. :) It’s too pretty to wait till spring!

  2. Beautiful green :) I feel like Essie is upping their formula. I recently picked up Miss Fancy Pants and only had to use one coat vs the three that I usually use.

    • Yes I totally agree! I remember when I first got Turquoise and Caicos I loved the color but the formula was kinda bad. Lately all the Essies I get are great! I hope they keep it up cuz I’m really becoming quite the fan :) Plus- I love their square bottles.

  3. I did the exact same thing with Mojita Madness. Even though it kept catching my eye I always passed it up at every opportunity. Then after seeing swatches of it I couldnt get it off my mind and of course when I went to get it….gone :( So I waited until I made a trip to my fave store 30 min away and got it there :) I haven’t used it yet though :o HOWEVER, you did just remind me I have it and now I’m already thinking of a glitter I’m going to pair it up with.

    • Oooh good I can hardly wait!! :) You always do the best pairings I get it will look fantastic. I’m glad you were able to find it, the only thing worse than waiting forever to pick something great up is waiting forever until you can’t even find it anymore. :(

  4. i dont like green very much, but i’m starting to need some green polishes.. and i liked this one very much.. it is a beautiful color..
    how come did the essie bottles changed? i liked the others more.. i think it was pretty cool they had their bottles personalized that way!!

  5. Wonderful review and perfect timing! My dd and I were just saying that we’re missing a green like this in our collection. I was also thinking this morning that I’d like to try an Essie polish since I never have. Viola! :D

    • Well how lucky you came across this post! :) And lucky for me, too :D This is a great green, great formula and should be pretty easy to find. If you decide to pick it up, let me know how you like it. Essie has a lot of great colors so once you try one you’re gonna want more!! :) Thanks for stopping by!!

  6. So your first two sentences? Yes, I do do that :)
    I have definitely checked this color out before, but greens can get funky on me if they’re too yellow, so I’ve talked myself out of it. Now that you’re saying it has blue undertones I’m like, hmm. I know I’ll eye it next time I’m at CVS!
    Man, you & Cynthia with the Hall & Oates! ;)

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