So Crisp And So Clean Clean My Boyfriend Scales Walls Swatch and Nail Art

Hey There Polished People!

I love white nails. I think there is no better way to show off some nice nails than a stark white manicure. It shows off the shape perfectly, and always just makes natural nails look like fake nails which honestly I love. :) I get people all the time who just assume my nails are acrylics/gel nails/fake and some even argue with me when I tell them they’re real. It’s totally the narcissist in me, but I love when that happens. ;) Now, all that being said, sometimes white nails look a little too plain or are a little too stark for a given situation. I have found a polish that is just as crisp and clean as white, only just slightly more wearable for some people. This polish is-

My Boyfriend Scales Walls


The lightest grey. So close to white yet not quite. :)


Perfect. Opaque in two coats, smooth, no complaints at all.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

YES, PLEASE!! I’ll be buying a backup bottle of this. I love it.

Now I know you’re thinking, “Nicole, you have lost your mind, girl! I see the pictures and that’s white!” Well, let’s  see a little nail art I did on top of these nails. I think it will change your mind.

Above I used a white striper to add some white ragged striping to the sides of each nail. I liked how this look was subtle yet interesting, plus it really proved that my eyes weren’t failing me- this really isn’t white. :)

Here is some other nail art I did with a silver striper over MBSW. I liked how this looked, but I think I prefer the white striper addition to this.

Which of these looks do you prefer? Do you like to wear white nails? Let me know what you think! Till next time- thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!! :D

11 thoughts on “So Crisp And So Clean Clean My Boyfriend Scales Walls Swatch and Nail Art

  1. Nice lil optical illusion you played there! I love white polish too, but it never looks right on me. I wanted to get My Boyfriend Scales the walls because I heard it was slightly gray, but when I saw the bottle I thought it looked too white. Maybe I’ll eventually get it and try it out now that its not so white :)

  2. I love this and I love MBSW!! I’ll be definitely be buying this polish again! I also love the mani where you added the actual white on the sides :D

  3. Look at you, being all clever yet again! First I was thinking, “Huh, that looks really white, I thought it was a light gray,” and then you go and add the white stripes and BLOW OUR MINDS! I think I prefer that mani, although I like that silver polish in general.
    I don’t usually wear white nails, although I remember doing so years ago and getting comments on them! I have ChG White Out, which I really bought for nail art, but it’s OK as a white polish. There’s probably better out there. I’m kinda curious about the Milani one-coaters.

    • Hahaha I didn’t know it was that mind-blowing! :) I really liked the white edges over the light grey cuz it really did showcase how light of a grey it really is. I think it was Amanda from Mae’s Beauty Reports (but I could be wrong) who said that they had a Milani white and it was really chalky. White is hard. My OPI Alpine Snow was too runny at first and now it’s good cuz it’s old and thick, but this ChG White on White is great. If you ever want a good white to wear just for white polish, you might wanna give it a try. :)

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