31 Inspired Days of Nail Art- Rainbow Nails

Hey There Everyone,

Here we are on our 7th installment of the nail art challenge. I am really enjoying coming up with new designs, but I can see how some people drop off after 7 designs or so. It’s a lot of work! Haha. I could make it easier on myself by stamping a lot, but I’m still trying to shy away from that for the most part. I hope you all are ok with that! :) Today’s nails are rainbow in two ways- rainbow because of the holographic polish (in the sunlight you can see a rainbow appear) and because the hearts themselves are rainbow-colored. The order of colors in the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. I left indigo out of my rainbows.. sue me. I hope you like them nonetheless!

Double Rainbow Heart Nails

How To Get These Nails

  1. Base coat. I used SH Hard As Nails.
  2. Paint your nails with BL Dodgy Barnett. I used 3 thin coats.
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow to dry completely.
  4. When your nails are absolutely completely dry, stick a piece of blue painters tape onto a plastic baggie, a piece of parchment paper, or a glossy magazine page (that’s what I used) and use a tiny heart punch to punch out two hearts in a vertical line.
  5. Carefully peel your tape off the baggie, parchment, wax paper, or magazine page and stick it down to your nail. Be very careful to press it down everywhere to make a good seal on your nail. Pay special attention at the top and bottom of the hearts. Your nail should look like this next picture, minus the paint which will come in the next step. :)

    I punched three holes in my tape, but as you can see I only needed two. If your nails are SUPER long you may need three.


  6. Repeat steps 4 & 5 for each nail.
  7. Get all your nail polish that you are going to use out and get the lids off. Also get a little lid of acetone ready (for rinsing) and some paper towel for blotting. Here are the polishes I used:

    From L-R: Rapid Red, Heat Flash, Lightening, Lickety-Split Lime, Blue By! and Vigorous Violet. These are all SH Insta-Dri polishes, the same that I use for stamping.

  8. Using a striping brush, carefully paint a stripe of each color in rainbow order vertically down your nail covering both heart cut-outs. Do this step for each nail, but do not remove the tape until the polish is pretty much dry. Usually you want to remove tape from tape manis immediately after painting, but at least for me, I couldn’t do the stripes quick enough to have the first stripe still wet when I removed the tape, so if I tried to remove the tape too quickly it stuck to some of the stripes and completely annihilated my hearts. Don’t believe me? Look at the index finger. That’s the reason I did those funky three-finger shots! Haha. I found that if I gave it a little more time, so that it was close to completely dry I had much better luck.
  9. When the hearts are painted and the tape is removed, carefully apply a quick coat of top coat (I use Seche Vite) without touching any part of the nail twice to avoid streaking. Once that first coat is dry, apply a thicker more precisely applied coat.
  10. Admire your pretty double rainbow nails. :D

I hope you enjoyed my rainbow nails! They were a little time-consuming with the individual stripes and having to wait for your polish to dry, but I really loved them. :) Also- they were pretty easy and turned out great with the exception of that funky index finger. :(

How do you like my double rainbow nails? Have you done rainbow nails? If so, what type of design did you do? Don’t hate me for skipping indigo!! Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!!

Don’t forget to check out everyone else’s rainbow nails. :) Click on the button below to see a sample picture and have a quick way to get to their awesome sites. :)

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26 thoughts on “31 Inspired Days of Nail Art- Rainbow Nails

    • Thank you. :) I’m checking it out right away!! I actually wasn’t supposed to post this till 3pm my time (6pm EST) so a couple people got a sneak preview! Haha. Rainbows make me happy too. :) Especially rainbow nails. :D

    • Awww thank you! Sometimes things look weird over holographic polish but since this one is a little more subtle than like the Layla ones and the hearts were centered and rainbows themselves I thought I’d give it a try. :) I accidentally posted this 12 hours early so you’ll probably be seeing it again. Oops!

    • Hahaha thank you!! I liked how they turned out too. I saw a gradient type design using a hole punch and tape on Chalkboard Nails so really she’s the genius, I just adapted it. :)

  1. I “heart” this. Ahahahaha, I am hysterical! But no, really, I do. It’s pretty amazing. I like the “double rainbow” concept and all the creativity that went into it! Very well done! They’re just adorable! I’ll have to try out something like this when I bust into my silver Nfu Oh holo!

    • Oooh that’s going to be so pretty!! You should definitely try this. :) And thank you, you are definitely hysterical. Especially since you just declared it yourself. :p It was kind of hard coming up w a rainbow design! Harder than I thought it’d be.

  2. Genius, using holo as a rainbow!! Girl, you’re so clever. lol And your little hearts are so cute, too!

    I’ve got a heart stamp but I haven’t tried it yet. I used the star one I’ve got for a Teal Teusday challenge a while back though. I’m a little scared though… because it involves using tape and you know tape and I don’t get along! :)

    • Thank you! :) I really want a star punch! I couldn’t find one when I got this one. :-/ Tape can be so helpful sometimes and at other it can just destroy a perfectly good mani. Haha. I understand you on that one. :)

    • 1. Thank you.
      2. Thank you. :)
      3. It’s a fun and pretty easy way to do something a little different. :) I got mine at Joann’s (a big craft and fabric store). Just look by the paper cutters and hole punches. :D

    • Haha thanks. :) Yeah it was a bit of work but really not too much once your holo polish is dry. I just did the base the day before and then added the hearts the next so it didn’t seem like there was too much wait time. I like to do that- wear the base color for a day and then add art on the next. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  3. Oooo I really like that you used rainbow stripes AND holo polish to interpret a rainbow…very clever. Plus using a punch out heart to make a stencil for the design….your nail smarts blow my mind sometimes :P I absolutely love this mani.

    • Ooh my nail smarts! ;) haha. Thanks, Frosso!! :) I’m just glad the hearts over the holo didn’t look too weird cuz sometimes anything over holo polish just looks so flat and sad. I’m glad you like these nails. Thanks again!

  4. This is brilliant! I’ve actually been hunting for some shaped hole punches (and now I’m going to be looking even harder!) So far all the ones I’ve found have been too big. Where did you get the heart shaped one?

    • Yeah these little ones are great, not just for nails but for little details w crafts too. :) I found mine at Joann’s, it’s a big craft and fabric store that we have out here. I’d just check the craft stores in your area and if all else fails you can look online. Mine are Fiskars brand and they work great. I really want a star punch now. :)

      • i loved it..!! i bought painters tape when i moved to my new place, but it was for getting my nails done.. and my husband was all like YAY baby you were thinking in our new flat and i wass all like: indeed (in my mind i was thinking something like b*tch please, this tape is for my nails).. and he was like.. i’m going to put it here .. and i never paid attention where he put it, and he can’t remember..!!

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