Elephants and Sausages Nail Art

Well, wasn’t that just an interesting title?? Haha. Now that I have your attention- Hello There Polished People!!

Today I have some nail art that I did with OPI My Very First Knockwurst and ChG Elephant Walk, hence the title of this post. I’m not feeling too chatty as I write this so let’s just get down to business, shall we? :)

Elephants and Sausages Nail Art:

To get these nails, I started with a base of OPI My Very First Knockwurst, then used tape to tape off that triangle and used ChG Elephant Walk for the grey. I felt like something was missing though, so on my thumb only I added a little white with my striping polish.

I see some air bubbles and other nasty polish ruiners, but try to ignore them. I actually liked the white added to this design but when I asked my husband if he did, it was like I asked him if he wanted boiled puppy for dinner. I still felt like the plain grey and pink nails were lacking, so I tried an alternate design on my other hand. Here’s what that looked like:

I used tape again to make the pink and grey design here, and then when that part was dry I used my striping brush and OPI Koala Bear-y for the lines. I think I like this a little better than the white, but I also just like the design with the pink and grey better, too. I didn’t ask my husband about this one. :) Sometimes I ask his opinion then don’t like what I hear. Poor guys, they can never win. ;)

Which variation of this design do YOU like best? Or, maybe you just threw up because you hate them all. Whichever it is, let me know in the comments below!! :D As always thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

19 thoughts on “Elephants and Sausages Nail Art

  1. I loved the title! So cute. I really liked the white stripes better than the dark pink ones. The design is cute. I love pink and grey together. Can you do a pink and grey plaid design in the future?

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