31 Inspired Days of Nail Art- Day 5: Blue Nails

Good Morning Polished People!

Well here we are on the 5th installment of our challenge. As a reminder- here are the days we’ve done, and those we have yet to do:

Today is our blue day, so let’s get on down to the nails!

Blue Water-marbled Nails:

Usually this is where I tell you how to get these nails. Today though I’m just going to direct you to the site that FINALLY helped me to get a decent water-marble. Click here to go to one of my favorite polished people’s blogs. Her name is Nicole and her blog is called Young, Wild and Polished. She’s completely awesome and als0 a water-marble master (I am not lying when I say that, one time she did an amazing water-marble while locked out of her house with some water left out on her porch and some polish from her purse. She’s the nail polish MacGyver). Her tutorial made all the difference for me. One tip that made a world of difference was to remove the polish around your finger before you pull it out of the water. Another thing that I learned that made all the difference for this water-marble was that you should just run the toothpick across the polish like 1 or 2 times, making a “flower petal” design, because that’s something you can replicate each time and therefor get somewhat consistent results. Als0, I made sure to add plenty of drops of polish so that there were lots of “rings” of polish to work with. If you’re a water-marble hater like me, I hope her tutorial helps you as much as it did me. Read it. It just may change your water-marbling life.

Just for fun, here’s my other water-marble that I tried for this challenge day. It was actually the first one I attempted post-life-changing-tutorial. It didn’t turn out too bad, but it wasn’t as good as the “main” one.

In this one I used too many colors for my skill level and also I didn’t get the whole “try to make the design in the glass similar each time so each nail is similar” idea so it was just too weird and after reading Nicole’s tutorial, I just thought I could do better.

Don’t forget to check out Alaina, Cynthia, Ave and Jessica’s “Blue” nails today. Click on the button below to see a thumbnail picture of their nails and visit their blogs. :)

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How do you feel about water-marbles? If you like them- have you always? Do you have any special tips for me and everyone else? Thanks in advance. Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

17 thoughts on “31 Inspired Days of Nail Art- Day 5: Blue Nails

  1. Def like the first one but I like the silver in the second one. Hey, maybe you can use this look in the 23rd day inspired nature nail….it reminds me of the ocean. (I need a vacay) very nice.

    • Yeah maybe I could do another cool blue one for that day. Maybe I should have saved one of these!! Haha. I’m going to the beach next month, only for a weekend but it’ll be really nice. I love the coast. I hope you get a little vacation sometime soon!

  2. Wow these came out amazing! I love the color scheme, i had such a rough first time experience with water marble, dont know when ill be ready to try it again lol! Love these though, seriously awesome!

    • Oh my gosh, I know exactly how you feel!! I swear them off till I think of a different method or hear a new tip.. Read her post and see if it changes anything for you! They’re so pretty when they work out. :) Thanks!!

    • Ahh yes… I use a shot glass. I can’t imagine what else you’d use! Haha. It’s hard enough w that! I’d like the first better (cuz of the colors) if it’d turned out more uniform. Oh well- next time. :) Thanks Ave!

    • Haha I was so glad to not have to do it and then I just had to give it a try. I’m complicated. ;p Thanks tho! I’m glad you liked them. I doubt they’re all that much better than your attempts tho!

  3. Wow, congrats! These both look great. I’ll have to check out that tutorial. I once spent an afternoon trying it, and got good results once, and wasn’t able to replicate it again :(

    • Hey well once is better than me when I first tried it. These aren’t even like “really good” but I do really like that at least in the final product one I have a little of each color on each nail. That’s what drives me crazy- when some nails look like “where the heck did you come from??”

  4. Yours turned out amazing!!! I love those tips! I’m going to have to use those when I try this out again! (I tried it a week or so ago and it wasn’t the best lol)

    • Thank you so much!! I don’t know why I thought I could pull my nail out, THROUGH all the excess polish and it was gonna look good. I swear, cleaning up the polish first did not even cross my mind. I’m sure you’ll get it down perfect in no time. :)

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