Green Syrup Nails

Good Morning Everyone!!

Sticking with yesterday’s “green” theme, I have more green nails for you! Before I get to that, I want to tell you first about something else green… my favorite summer dress. (Cue the scrolling down to the pictures!! Haha.)

I have this favorite summer dress from Old Navy. I’ve probably had it for 3 years. It’s medium green colored, empire waisted and with a straight skirt that goes down exactly to my knee caps, and the top has a big keyhole and thin round straps. I absolutely love this dress. It’s really cute, comfortable without looking sloppy and the keyhole is a little sexy but not too revealing. Als0, I love it because it fits perfectly so I don’t have to wear a tank top underneath it or anything. I just love this dress, and before vacation I planned on wearing it in the car on the way to our first stop. Well, I was stupidly wearing it the night before and we happened to go get fast food for dinner and I sat the bag on my lap. Unfortunately, there was some oil that went through the bag and directly onto my dress. I immediately removed my dress as soon as we got home, spray n washed it and then rubbed some detergent into the spots for good measure. I then washed it in cool water, let it air dry and guess what? The spots were still there.  I tried a different stain treatment, it didn’t save it so I threw it in the dryer just so it was dry before I left for vacation and left it in the garage while we were gone. When we got home I tried a couple of other things- hairspray, fels naptha, etc- and nothing worked. I was looking into dyeing it dark to see if that would just cover the stain, when I was on Google and saw that someone recommended using Dawn dish soap. I thought my dress was done for, having been stained for 3+ weeks, plus washed in hot water and dried, but I gave it a go. I just rubbed some Dawn into the stains, let it sit for a while, rinsed it lightly in the sink (didn’t want an overflow of bubbles, although that might be kinda fun- foam party anyone?) and threw it in the wash. When I took it out and dried it- MY FAVORITE SUMMER DRESS WAS SAVED!!!! So- if you have any old grease-stained clothes, try Dawn!! It’s a miracle liquid. 😀

Okay, now let’s get to the nails.

Green Syrup Nails:

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Follow this tutorial made my Jessica at Polish Insomniac, or follow the rest of my instructions. She was one of my first favorite nail blogs, just FYI. 🙂
  3. Using SC Irish Green, paint only the top (toward the free edge) 1/4 of your nails. Allow to dry.
  4. Next, paint the top half of your nails (you’ll be putting the 2nd coat on the first 1/4). Allow to dry.
  5. Paint the top 3/4 of your nails. Allow to dry.
  6. Paint the entire nail.
  7. Apply a coat of ChG Fairy Dust to unify the nails.
  8. Apply Seche Vite and you’re done!! 😀 “Easy Peazy” as they say. 😉

If I do these nails again, I would apply 2 coats at each step to avoid this VNL that you can see. VNL doesn’t bother some people, but it drives me nuts. Other than that, I really liked these nails. I thought they were subtle, but cool and really couldn’t be much easier!! 🙂

Have you done a syrup mani, and how do you like them? Als0- does VNL both you or can you wear sheers that let your nail line show? Let me know what you think in the comments below. As always- thank you for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

19 thoughts on “Green Syrup Nails

  1. Thanks for the Dawn tip! Your story made me so sad cause I know how it feels to have that one perfect item ruined…then I was relieved to read the outcome 🙂 I love your “syrup” nails too, it sounds so simple and a good way to use sheer or jelly finish polishes.

    • Yeah it’s not even that special of a dress, I just really like it so I did NOT want it to be ruined. Yay Dawn. 🙂 And thanks about the nails. I saw her post so long ago and I can’t believe I just now finally tried it!

  2. I am also glad that your dress was saved. I am a psycho about laundry…I air dry nearly everything…so I was like, “She puts her favorite dress in the dryer??? NOOO!!!”
    I like the color, the overall effect, and, of course, Fairy Dust! I have a similar jelly green by Spoiled that I wore for St. Patrick’s Day!
    I haven’t done this type of mani before, although I have heard of it.
    Visible nail line (for myself) drives me bananas!

    • Ugh me too. That’s why this mani only lasted a few minutes. I can’t stand VNL.

      I dry everything. I hate when my clothes stretch out so I like to put them in the dryer so they get back to regular size. And this dress although my favorite is really nothing special so it wouldn’t get ruined. It’s just a knit summer dress, but I just love it. 🙂

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