My Very First Knockwurst- Review and Swatch

Good Morning Polished People!!

Here on my blog I like to share polishes that I like. I sometimes share polishes that I don’t like (believe me when I tell you I’ll ALWAYS be honest and if it sucks, you’ll know), but the truth is… there just aint that many!! Haha. Unless the formula is horrible, I pretty much love any polish that gets into my hands. And, since I’m so dang excited and somewhat persuasive (Cynthia, Lesley… you can vouch for that, right?) I sometimes catch a lot of flack for “enabling.” But, as Cynthia says on her blog Of Life and Lacquer, “Enabling Is Caring.” šŸ™‚ I’m just trying to help people out here! šŸ™‚ Anyway, even though I looooove to enable people, I am certainly not immune. I didn’t even want any polishes from the Germany collection from OPI, then I saw some and decided “Hmm maybe I do need just one.” Well, now I have several. This polish I’m going to show you today was one I would have never picked out for myself, I even looked at it at Ulta one day, said a small “ew” and sat it back down. Well, then I get home, and Lesley is blowing up Twitter about how wonderful it is and guess where I went the next day? Back to Ulta to pick the “ew” polish back up and buy it. “Ew” to “oooh” in less than 24 hours, folks. That’s how I roll. Let’s check it out-

OPI My Very First Knockwurst


My Very First Knockwurst is a soft pink that’s a little dirty. I can’t tell if it’s a little grey or a little beige but it’s not your run of the mill baby pink. It’s a little pinker than OPI Steady As She Rose, and a little darker, but not as bright as OPI Pink Friday. This is a pink for grown ups. šŸ™‚


Non-problematic, goes on smooth and opaque in a couple of coats. I always wear three. I’ve heard some people say this has a watery formula, definitely not the case for my bottle. Perfect, definitely-not-gonna-flood-your-cuticles consistency.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, Please! and a THANK YOU to Lesley for making me have to have My Very First Knockwurst. This color is pretty if you want it to be, dirty on the side and just lovely to wear. Lesley and I were talking about how this just screams to be paired up with a grey or navy blue for some nail art. Maybe some of that’s in store… stay tuned. šŸ˜‰

Have you ever went from “ew” to “ooh” with a polish that quickly? Do you find yourself being enabled by blogs and/or friends? Is this a problem and would you like me to call 1-800-Lac-Anon for you? Let me know what you think and till next time- Happy Polishing!! šŸ˜€


21 thoughts on “My Very First Knockwurst- Review and Swatch

  1. I think you are a mess! But I enjoy all of it! Continue polishing away & I’ll continue to read & perhaps purchase a bottle or two……(I don’t have any Opi polishes at all..)

    • A mess??!! Hahaha! That was the funniest comment I’ve ever read. I’m seriously laughing here by myself like a lunatic (and you thought I was a mess before!! Ha!). I’m glad to hear you enjoy my insanity and I think you NEED to get some OPIs!! How are you even existing without any?? What brand do you usually buy?

  2. i can’t remember where I saw these swatches, but this has been my favorite fall collection so far..
    every collection has metallic colors, duochromes.. violet, dark brown, dark red, etc. and I was like.. almost all collections look the same, but this one was like OMG.

    and this was my favorite color of the collection.

  3. I did the same thing! I wasn’t going to get any of this collection because I already have similar colors on hand, and then someone’s blog had swatches and reviews and the next day, I was back at Ulta to get those “I can’t live without them” polishes! I ended up getting 4 of them full sized plus the mini collection of 4, so I got 8 total colors. I was intrigued by Don’t talk Bach to me and got it just because there is nothing out there like it. It’s a funky dirty yellowy green and not so great with my fair skintone, but I’ve paired it with a brown and added some orange flowers with gold glitter centers to make a nice fall design.

    • Ugh don’t you love oops I mean hate when that happens?? Haha. I got Don’t Talk Bach To Me too and it’s a little different than I expected (more green on me than yellow) but I really like it. I think my review and swatches of that color is coming right up. The way you used that sounds so cute and very retro AND fallish. Brown, orange and that mysterious yellow/green sounds so cute!! I will have to try that some time. šŸ™‚ Thanks for reading and commenting. šŸ˜€

  4. Yay I’m glad you ended up liking this one! It’s really pretty! I didn’t pick up any from this collection…yet. Nothing really wowed me haha. I’ll probably end up getting at least one from this collection haha

    • This color is really pretty and Don’t Talk Bach To Me is interesting as well. Other than that… this collection didn’t wow me too much, and like you can see I wasn’t wowed by this one in the beginning. Haha. Funny how things change šŸ™‚

  5. I saw that one at Ulta too but went with “Deutsch You Want Me Baby?” instead. I guess now I will be going in to pick this one (and probably a few others) šŸ˜‰ up soon because it looks awesome on your nails! Thanks for sharing!

    • Uh oh it did it to you, too!! Haha. I can’t tell you how many times that happens… it happens more than I care to admit. The other must have color (not from this collection tho) that I resisted for so long is My Boyfriend Scales Walls from the Spiderman collection. That color is awesome. Do you have it?

  6. I love being mentioned in posts! ;P It’s my Leo ego, I guess, haha.
    You have most definitely directly enabled me on several occasions, so it amuses me to no end to be able to return the favor! I just like that this one is an all-occasion-appropriate neutral, but it’s just got that *little* extra somethin’-somethin’ to make it interesting!

    • It definitely has that little extra that makes it cool. I think it’s that slight dirty undertone… Idk. I just love it tho. I really like super light colors cuz they really show off the shape of my nails and whenever I wear colors like this or white or something similar people INSIST that I have fake nails. And I love it. Haha. Thanks for enabling!! šŸ™‚

  7. I would like to say that I hold you personally responsible for my purchase of this polish during today’s binge. I also ALMOST bought DS Extravagance because of you as well but I saw Orly Miss Conduct and I swear they look almost exactly the same…the DS one is a little darker but I think I kinda like Miss Conduct more because of the brightness it has. Who am I kidding? I’ll probably get it later but I was trying to be good. I mean, I had to save a few bucks for the other 30 polishes I ended up getting….
    So this polish is awesome. It looks great on you but I’m thinking that maybe it won’t look as great on me. We shall see.

    • I think I just saw Miss Conduct somewhere and thought that exact same thing! They look super dupey to me. šŸ™‚ Good call on buying MVFK… Lesley made me, I made you, you need to pass the enabling on now… who shall be your victim? šŸ˜‰ I’m so jealous of your polish binges. Speaking of binges I’m SO excited because I heard that Marshalls and TJ Maxx are going to start carrying Sation polishes!!!! YAY!!! I have never bought anything at either but there IS a Marshalls just a little ways from my house so guess who will be going there at the end of this month?? ME! Oh- and I bet this color is going to look great on you. šŸ™‚ Can’t wait to see!

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