My First Ombre Nails!

Hey There Polished People!

Yesterday was orange day in the challenge, and I was quite impressed with how well those orange colors went together. It was almost a little like a gradient how one color shifted to the other. Now, I’m sure you all know, but the terms gradient and ombre are not interchangeable. Jeanette at The Swatchaholic has an excellent explanation here, but in a nutshell a gradient is fading from one color to another on each nail, so for example a while back I did a gradient where each nail faded from blue to orange. An ombre manicure is when each nail is slightly lighter/darker than the next, so for example your index finger might be a few shades lighter than your middle finger, which is a few shades lighter than your ring finger, etc. I had only done gradient nails… until today. Want to see what I came up with?

Orange Ombre Nails

My elusive thumb makes an appearance!

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint each nail a different color. From thumb-pinky the colors I chose are: ChG Sunset Sail, ChG Peachy Keen, OPI Flit A Bit, FP Tangerine Tint, and OPI A Roll In The Hague. Each polish took between 2-4 coats depending on how thick I did them and how smoothly I applied the polish.
  3. Apply top coat. I use Seche Vite.
  4. Admire your cute and fun nails!! :D

I had never done an ombre manicure before because I always thought it’d be too skittley. I’m not big on skittle nails, but ombre nails aren’t skittles and they didn’t feel that way when I wore them either. I thought they were just so cute and fun!! I should try ombre nails in blue or turquoise cuz Lord knows I have plenty of those colors!! :)

Have you done an ombre manicure? Are you a fan? Let me know what you think in the comments below. Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

22 thoughts on “My First Ombre Nails!

  1. I’ve never done this but I have done pastel skittles for easter. I think it looks interesting. I think I would do this either with blue or green. I’m trying to think of what I’m going to do for the yellow challenge on Sunday.

    • I think I have my yellow nails done but I don’t remember what I did… Haha. I better check. I was going to use that lightning stamp but that seemed too predictable. Have you noticed I haven’t been stamping?? I’m trying not to rely on that. Do you have any ideas for your yellow nails?

      • Yes! I have noticed that you haven’t been stamping. I am going to try to stay away from stamping just so that I am forced to try new things. I’m late to responding since my stupid new blog doesn’t notify me of anything which is a major PITA. So now we are on the green challenge so I better get working on my ideas!

        • I do hate your blog a little because of how inconvenient it is about comments and stuff. I loved how your replies and everything popped up in my notifications so I never missed anything. Now I just subscribe via email, which is cool but then I have to scroll back through the previous posts to see if you’ve replied.:( I tried subscribing to comments on one but then everyone else’s comments blew up my email so I learned my lesson there! Haha. I guess now I’m the hater…. potater! :D
          PS: I still love you blog tho… I’ll stop being mad at it soon.

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