Day 2: Orange Nails

Hey There Polished People!

For the second installment of our 31 Inspired Days of Nail Art we are doing orange nails. Don’t forget to check out the other ladies’ nails after you see mine. It’s always fun to see other people’s interpretations of the same theme. :) Orange is my favorite color so you’d think I’d have approximately 8 billion orange polishes.. but I don’t. Thankfully I had just enough oranges to complete the look you are about to see. Let’s get to the nails!

Day 2: Orange Nails

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Using a dotting tool, apply one row of dots in a rounded V shape about 1/3 of the way between your cuticle and free edge, closest to the cuticle using ChG Peachy Keen.
  3. Use the dotting tool and repeat step 2 only change the polish color to OPI Flit A Bit.
  4. Repeat step 2 using FP Tangerine Tint.
  5. Repeat step 2 using OPI A Roll In The Hague.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 as many times as necessary to reach the free edge of the nail.
  7. Once you’ve reached the free edge, start right above the first row of Peachy Keen and work in reverse order toward the cuticle until all that space is filled in with color. I start my first line a ways down from the cuticle just to give myself room to make the shape I want out of the dots.
  8. When all your dots are slightly dry, apply a coat of Seche Vite to smooth out the dots and give you a perfectly glossy finished product. You may want to apply one more coat of Seche Vite to further smooth out the dots.

I think these nails kind of look like afghans… don’t you? My grandma and one (or two..?) of my aunts knit afgans so we have a few up in our closets. Some of the afghans have just about this same pattern so when I was done with these nails all I could think of were those knitted blankets. :) Afghans are fun because they’re nice and warm, but you can also stick your toes out through the holes… does anyone else enjoy doing that? Don’t lie! :)

Do these look like afghans to you? How do you like them? Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

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30 thoughts on “Day 2: Orange Nails

  1. This is so freaking pretty!!!! love it Nicole! I only have one orange polish…and that was the one I used. Oh, wait, that’s a lie, i have that orange neon but it photographs funny so that’s hwy I didnt use it. I’m going to buy a new orange cream too….this challenge made me see my collection is lacking. Love this manicure, I can’t wait to copy it some day :)

    • I can’t wait to see your version of it some day! :) It’s funny cuz this challenge has made me kinda go hmm my collection is SORTA complete as far as colors go. Like I can’t believe I even had enough oranges to do this! Thanks!! :)

  2. I really love this but it seems like it would be way too much work. I am so lazy when it comes to stuff like this. I think you have more patience for things like this, but did you find that it was very time consuming? I really want to try this but it seems like it’s a lot of work and I would hate to mess it up!

    • I don’t remember it taking too too long. The dots go pretty fast, actually. But it is a little more time consuming than just painting your nails regularly. Do you have a dotting tool? I don’t remember. If you do then I say go for this cuz as long as you use the dotting tool and keep getting yourself a new dot of paint so it doesn’t get stringy it’s pretty fool proof. I bet yours will turn out great!!

  3. i love orange for nails.. i don’t wear it on clothes, but it’s one of my favorite color for nails.. i have like 4 or 5 shades of orange ..!! and loving it!!!

    i picked up my dotting tools yesterday, i ordered a BundleMonster nail art tool.. but 1 brush and 1 dotting tool came “turned” i think it was the shipping :(

  4. The first thing I noticed was that you found yet another creative use of your dotting tools! The second is that I was surprised you didn’t do a base color and just did this all through dotting. The third is that I think this looks like clouds or a sunset more than an afghan! One of my grandmothers made them, too, but I was never a huge fan…yarn’s just kind of scratchy!

    • Yeah sometimes they are kinda scratchy. But if you wash them enough over decades they get softer. Am I not selling you on them? Haha. Anyway- yeah this is kinda sunset-y with the colors. That’s a great idea tho… To do a more legit sunset dotted design. And thank you for the comment on my creativity. :) And… Yeah I was gonna do a base color, and in retrospect kinda wish I had cuz there are a few little bare spots you can see but I just figured the dots would be opaque enough on their own. Thanks for all the comments!! :)

  5. I love that you took a ruffle mani and gave it a little something extra with the curve and not just straight across! I’ve been wanting to try this technique for a while now so this challenge will be the perfect opportunity. I definitely see “afghan” but to me this really reminds me of those ruffled sleeves on Chiquita Banana’s dress.

    • Ahhh yes I forgot about the ruffle mani craze!! That’s where I got this idea!! I wasn’t thinking of it when I did it but I always get my inspiration from somewhere. You know what’s funny? When I was in HS I had like 2 skirts that were really short (but they had shorts underneath so it was fine) and they were all ruffled like those sleeves you’re talking about. Man I LOVED those skirts and now I just can’t stop thinking of them. Enough of that… thanks!! :)

    • Wow thank you!!! You must really be into afghans! Haha. Jk. Seriously though, thank you. I did love these nails. And my mom saw them when I was over there one day, didn’t say anything and then like a week later was like “Those one orange nails were so cute!” and here I thought she didn’t like them cuz she hadn’t said anything! I’m glad to hear people actually liked them!! :)

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