Super Sparkly Diagonal Split Nails

Hey There Polished People!!

Isn’t it funny how you want a vacation allll year long, and time moves so slow, then you’re finally on vacation and you enjoy it for a while and then are realllly ready to get home. Once you’re home you really enjoy your own bed, bathroom, couch, etc for a week or so and then guess what… I’m ready for vacation again!! :) The good thing is that we have another weekender trip (to the beach) planned for the end of October but that’s just not the same as a get-out-of-state-and-see-some-stuff 2-week-long road trip. I actually would sacrifice the road trip if I could just go back and see my grandma again before next summer. She’s in her late 80s and seeing her once a year is just not enough. If I could afford it, I’d go back in the spring. I wish I could do that, but we just don’t have the money for that. Well, before I make myself too sad, let’s see a look I did when I finally got around to using my OPI DS Extravagance that I bought while visiting my grandma this summer. :)

Super Sparkly Diagonal Split Nails

Just for fun, here is my “the face behind the nails” picture from Instagram. You can see more fun pictures like this if you follow me (@nicole_423) :)

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat. I used Ulta base coat today.
  2. Paint the bottom half of your nail on a diagonal with OPI DS Extravagance. I’ve been trying to flex my teeny, underdeveloped freehanding muscles so I chose to freehand my line but you could always use tape. If you choose to freehand and you go a little off-course, just use your clean up brush dipped in acetone or remover to clean up your line a little.
  3. When the bottom halves are done, use WnW Teal of Fortune to paint the top halves on a diagonal. Once you paint the bottom, it’s easy to freehand the top because the tiny ridge of the bottom polish pretty much guides your brush along the proper line. Again, if you don’t feel comfortable with this, let the OPI DS Extravagance dry and use tape. :)
  4. After the tops are painted with WnW Teal of Fortune, paint a thin layer of ChG Fairy Dust over Teal of Fortune only to give it a holographic topcoat to somewhat match the look of Extravagance.
  5. Apply a nice coat of Seche Vite and ta-daaa! Your nails are lovely! :D

A quick review of OPI DS Extravagance:

Extravagance is a BEAUTIFUL polish!! It’s a saturated berry color with lots of scattered holographic shimmer and a little pink shimmer maybe… anyway it’s super sparkly and even for someone who is not a huge fan of reds/pinks (like moi) it’s stunning. The formula is perfect and the removal is a piece of cake. Even though it has all that shimmer in there, it’s not gritty at all and comes off like a creme. Since it was overcast when I photographed this polish, my pictures do not do this polish justice at all. If you could see it in person, you’d run, not walk, to the nearest computer and order it for yourself. I’m sure you can find this in-store too, but considering it goes for at least 12 bucks at regular retail price… I’d look online first. :) For a full, super comprehensive review, please see Mary’s review on Swatch and Learn here.

Do you have any of the OPI Designer Series polishes? I have been really impressed with the couple that I found in Montana, so if you have a favorite please let me know and I just may pick it up. :) As always thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

22 thoughts on “Super Sparkly Diagonal Split Nails

    • Thank you so much Sabrina! :) I’m glad you like them so much. You have got to use your Extravagance. It’s just so pretty. When you do you’ll have to see if yours is very holographic. Mine is just mildly, still super pretty tho, but I’m wondering if my topcoat killed it.

    • There are some really pretty ones. Which are you looking for? I only see a couple around and I definitely don’t wanna spend like 14 bucks on them like some stores try to charge.

  1. So pretty! Haha I love that picture of you! :D
    I think I only have two DS polishes…Original and…I forgot the name, but it’s all silver…lol

  2. For whatever reason I thought I had Extravagance but I guess not! lol It’s really pretty. I think I actually did something really similar to this with the same type of color combo and even used a holo top coat too! We are such twinsies! :)

    • That happens all the time. I can’t count how many times I’ve visited your blog and the nails you’re showing are the ones I’m wearing that day or I just wore them recently. Great minds and all that. ;)

  3. I literally “OooOoed” when I saw these on instagram! They’re sooooo pretty! Makes me want to jump out of bed and do my nails. (yes i’m still in bed, its 10:15 and I have an interview I dont want to go to at 2 so I decided to just sit here and read blogs instead of prepare like a responsible person). I believe I have only two DS polishes, Mystery (which is still untried) and Coronation. I really like Coronation and since its the only one I’ve tried its my favorite by default. I”m still on the look out for DS Original and Classic though…but wont pay more than retail for it of course.

    • Pssshhh welcome to my life. It seems like every morning I lay in bed (and by morning I mean afternoon pretty much cuz I stay up late, sleep in late) until I really just don’t even have time to get ready then jump up and barely make it out the door on time. Haha. Glad you liked these nails tho :) They were pretty simple but I liked how they came together. :D

  4. I don’t have any OPI DS polishes, although I randomly saw some on the very bottom shelf at Ulta last week. The colors were kind of ‘meh’ to me, but maybe I should just buy them and farm them out to the similarly nail-obssessed!
    I like this mani! I am most impressed with the use of Fairy Dust to make the teal “match” Extravagance. I also think I could potentially do it, which is also a plus ;P And no glitter removal – huzzah!
    I am sorry that you don’t get to visit your grandmother as much as you’d like, but you at least want to see her and are doing all that you can, so I am sure she appreciates it. It’s a shame that you don’t have the frequency you’d like, but at least you have the memories of the time spent when you can see her.

    • Thanks Lesley. I wish I could see her more but that’s how it is when you live 1000 miles away. Thanks about the nails, too. :) I was kinda impressed w myself using the topcoat to make them similar also! Haha. I was debating on whether or not to put Fairy Dust over both of them but in the end I decided to just stick w putting it over Teal of Fortune. Glad you liked how it turned out!! Show me if you decide to do it on your own. :)
      PS: that’s funny you said that about buying them mainly for other people cuz I always think that and then I’m like “oh what if no one wants them?” or I go back and there aren’t any. That’s how you know we are obsessed. Haha.

  5. This is gorgeous, I love the polishes together they blended so well! Almost all of my manis lately have been where I have to say “this is different in person” I hate that, I think I am going to make my own light box, this is gorgeous so I can’t believe it could be any more gorgeous in person! Fabulous mani!

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