Lady Gaga Nails- Day 2, Mint Green Fairy Princess Nails

Hello again my nail polish friends! (or should I say fiends?? :p )

Welcome to day 2 of my Lady Gaga series. Today I have some nails inspired by a picture of Lady Gaga with mint green hair, and on the MTV page they called her a mint green fairy princess. Click here to see the picture and article. To go along with the mint green fairy princess description these are the nails that I designed:

Day Two Of Lady Gaga Nails- Mint Green Fairy Princess Nails

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat, as always.
  2. Paint your nails with 2-3 coats of ChG For Audrey.
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. When nails are dry and hardened, use BM 222 and Konad Special White to stamp the design on each nail.
  5. When you’re done stamping, use ChG Elephant Walk and the polish brush to paint three tiny vertical stripes on the tip of each nail, this will make the scalloped design.
  6. When you’re done using the grey, what fairy nails would be complete without a little fairy dust?? Apply ChG Fairy Dust using the same method as Elephant Walk, right on top of the grey.
  7. When the tips are mostly dry, apply a final coat of Seche Vite and ta-daaaa! Cute nails! :)

How do you like today’s nails? I think they’re quite loosely based on that pic, but hey… sometimes your brain thinks of something different than what you originally have in mind. :) Let me know what you think of these in the comments below! As always, thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

11 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Nails- Day 2, Mint Green Fairy Princess Nails

  1. Purty! I definitely wouldn’t have connected them to Lady Gaga, but once I checked out the link, I get it. It doesn’t really matter…if you’re inspired, that’s what matters!

    • I wouldn’t think anything is really very Lady Gaga unless it’s covered in meat or arrives in an egg but idk how to do that! Haha. I just went through her pictures online and picked some looks I particularly liked. Old/new/whatever I was just looking for something to emulate. :)

    • Thank you! I’m kinda worried they’re not like OUT THERE enough but they’re still fun. You need fairy dust. It’s the perfect subtle yet beautiful microglitter topper! :D

    • Thanks! I’m kinda worried my nails aren’t going to be “out there” enough. However, I don’t really do 3D so it’s just gonna have to kinda be what it is, you know what I mean? :)

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