Lady Gaga Nails- Day 1, Yellow and Black Animal Print Nails

Hey Everyone,

I have been trying to put together a little series of Lady Gaga nails. I wasn’t going to post them yet because I’m about to start the 31 Day Challenge but then I thought- what the heck? We aren’t posting every day anyway so I’ll just post my Lady Gaga nails in between, depending on how many designs I come up with. :)

I want to start off by saying that my Lady Gaga series was inspired by one of the teens at my park. There was this teen boy who started coming to the park this year and he always brought his two younger brothers with him. This guy (teen) is 15 (turns 16 in just a few days!) so you KNOW he had other plans that he’d probably like to do but he brought his two little brothers (about 6 and…. 3?) to the park and always took the best care of them. You know how you can just be around a person for a little while and know they’re a really good, nice, and also fun person? Well that’s how I felt about this kid. I seriously just felt like if he was my age he’d be one of my best friends. He’s the coolest, nicest, sweetest kid, and I just love this guy. He’s awesome and a big Lady Gaga fan, so when I showed him my nails one day he mentioned that they looked kinda Lady Gaga-ish, and I told him maybe I’d do more Lady Gaga nails and he thought that was cool. I agreed, and so, here I am! :) He of course immediately found me approximately 3 billion pics of Lady Gaga and was like “Do something like this! Try something like this! File your nails into talons….” well, I’ll tell you what I’m not doing- having talons, but I did take the pictures he sent me and over the course of this series you’ll see what I came up with based on them. Enough of my blabbing, lets see the first nails!

Day One of Lady Gaga Nails- Yellow and Black Animal Print Nails

Click here to see the picture that inspired me.

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with 4-5 coats of L’Oreal Tweet Me (or do yourself a favor and find a more opaque version of that same color)
  3. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow your nails to dry and harden.
  4. When nails are complete dry and hard, use BM 223 and Konad Special Black to stamp the zebra design on all but the accent nails.
  5. On the accent nails, use a black striper polish or a striper brush with black polish to add a wispy design to the nail. When you’re done with black, use silver to add just a few metallic accents.
  6. When the black and silver polish is dry, apply a final coat of Seche Vite and tweet me a pic!! :)

I hope by the time you all read this post the link for the picture is still live! I don’t want to post any pics that aren’t mine so that’s the only way of sharing my inspiration with you all. Let me know how you liked these nails! Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

16 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Nails- Day 1, Yellow and Black Animal Print Nails

  1. i was thinking that where’s the lady gaga ressemblance.. theeeen i saw the picture and i was like.. everything is so clear now…
    i really liked these nails, are these part of the 31 days challenge?

    • No these are just a separate little series I wanted to do. It’s probably gonna be a little confusing since I’m doing two simultaneously but I just didn’t want to wait forever for my LG nails. :)

    • He is really an awesome kid!! He’s auditioning for a part in Little Shop of Horrors tomorrow. Think good thoughts!! :) I liked this mani, too, but can you believe not one person said a thing about it to me?? Haha. I hope you like the rest of them! :D

  2. Aw, that’s like before Lady Gaga went full cray-cray with her look! I love her. Do you like her, or do you just like that she provides nail inspiration?
    I can’t believe no one commented on these! Harumph!

    • I like her. I mostly like her as a person, like how she really stands up for people and bongs a lot of awareness, but I also like SOME of her music. My friend I’m talking about told me I have GOT to get her album because I told him I like her songs, they just get overplayed so he says I’ll love the album. We’ll see… next iTunes money I get will go towards some LG. And of course I love her for inspiration because although she’s pretty much batsh*t crazy w her fashion choices, I love it. :)

  3. Black and yellow is always a winning combination in my book. I like how these turned out. I’ve been on a really big yellow kick but it sounds like the formula on this wasn’t that great. I got a few China Glaze yellows that I need to try. Oh, and of course my super deluxe yellow from Nails Inc. :D

    • Super deluxe yellow? Which one is that?? I want a super deluxe yellow. :) The formula on this one is really annoying but I love the color with its tiny orange shimmer. I just don’t wanna wear undies (hm that’s awkward) because it will change the color of the polish. I also love black and yellow… The contrast is just so great it like makes you’re nails REALLY stand out. :) PS: I totally filed my nails down last night. Feels good of course but it’s the first time I wished I could file my nails without shortening them. :-/

  4. omg how does he know what talons are? lol. I agree with you on passing on that… the mani turned out awesome, your stamping is so perfect they look like nail strips.

    • Wow thank you! And yes he knows what talons are… just has no concept of natural nails. I was like “Hell no these are all natural!!” can you imagine how gross they’d feel all long and brittle at the tips, besides them being completely impractical. The day I have to type with my knuckles is the day someone needs to slap me upside the head! Hard.

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