Blake Shelton/Yellowstone National Park Nails

Hi Everyone,

It’s so nice to be back from vacation. It’s always nice to go, but it’s always nice to get home. πŸ™‚ My own bed, couch, TV, shower, etc have never felt better! πŸ™‚ Today I have some nails that were inspired by Blake Shelton’s tattoo. In case you don’t know who Blake Shelton is (have you been living under a rock??!!) he’s a country singer who’s had hits including but not limited to Old Red (an older song), Over, and Drink On It (new songs). He’s also one of the judges on the show The Voice. Also, he’s married to another one of my absolute favorite country artists, Miranda Lambert!! I just love him and honestly think he’s super cute, too. When I saw I had barbed wire and paw print designs on my new Bundle Monster stamps, I knew I had to do some Blake Shelton nails. You can see a picture of his tattoo here. I think his tattoo is elk tracks or something, but for my nails I used a little bear paw since I’d be traveling through Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park while I had these nails. πŸ™‚ Take a peek and let me know what you think!

Blake Shelton/Yellowstone National Park Nails

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Apply 2-3 coats of LA Colors Mega Watt, allow to dry.
  3. Using Saran Wrap and Essence Oh De Prep dab some of the brown onto the nude polish to create the Saran Wrap mani background for your art. I think it looks a little like tree bark. πŸ™‚
  4. Using stamp BM 323 and Konad Special Silver polish, stamp the barbed wire design on each nail.
  5. Using the same stamp and Konad Special Black, stamp the paw print design onto the accent fingers. I chose to do my ring fingers.
  6. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and ta daaaa! Cute outdoorsy nails! πŸ™‚

Just for fun, you should know that sometimes I try a nail design that just doesn’t work out. When I was trying to do these nails, I had a vision in my head but didn’t quite know how to bring it to life. I thought I’d show you my first attempt, just for the heck of it! πŸ™‚

I used different polish for the background and barbed wire, and as you can obviously tell I didn’t do just the accent nails. I just didn’t think Blake Shelton would be proud of these so I had to redo them. Haha.

How do you like my final Yellowstone National Park / Blake Shelton nails? Have you ever been to Yellowstone and/or are you a fan of Blake Shelton? Let me know what you think and till next time- Happy Polishing!! Thanks for reading!!

25 thoughts on “Blake Shelton/Yellowstone National Park Nails

    • Thanks! I just have really decided that I love Blake Shelton, so of course I noticed his tattoo, and then when I was in Yellowstone this just made sense. :)I get inspiration from everywhere… in fact tonight I’m wearing some nails that were inspired by an afghan. :p

    • Yes I agree. The second one (first attempt) just didn’t come together as planned. He’s a country singer so if you don’t listen to that type of music or haven’t seen The Voice you might not know him. What kind of music do you listen to?

      • i’m more into rock.. i was all about punk rock when i was a teenager, and now a lot of bands are coming to panama, like nofx, 311, less than jake (i broke one toe in the LTJ concert 3 months ago)..
        and now i’m more into, radiohead mood, that depressive rock music that makes you cry ahahaha

        • Oh now I remember us talking about music before. I think you told me you liked 311 and we talked about Sublime. I used to LOVE 311, liked Nofx but never really heard much from LTJ. You broke your toe??? Ouch! Must have been in the pit, huh? I never really got in the middle of it but once at a friend’s band’s concert we got right in there and it wasn’t really my thing. People were a little too… violent??… in there! Haha. I can definitely see how you could break a toe! You, my friend, are hard core! πŸ˜‰

          • i wish i was on the pit.. it would be a more hardcore story.. haha tbh, one of my friends stepped on it when the band arrived and he wanted to know them..
            it was a small concert hahaha! i met the band and everything..

        • LTJ…they are one of my all-time favorites! Their concerts are great…they seem genuinely thrilled to play and who doesn’t like confetti cannons? Sorry you broke your toe, though…gotta wear your steel-toed boots in the pit ;P

          • hahaha i was wearing converse.. and i wan’t in the pit.. that’s the worst part.. i’d broke that toe 3 times now.. idk if i had mentioned it before, but i work in an advertising agency, and here, it’s like a cliche, but people from the agency are people who like to rock, so i was there i met my coworkers and when the band arrived, we were outside hanging, and he was excited and he stepped on my foot.. my toe to be exact.. haha it was purple for 5 days more or less..

            • AH, you met them? I am jealous!
              LOL, Nicole! I do not have steel-toe boots…I would have been wearing Converse, as well.
              AAANNNDDD some Guttermouth because it is appropos:

              My girlfriend she makes me really sick
              She makes me really sick
              When she’s dancing in the pit yeah
              My girlfriend she makes me really
              Makes me really sick
              When she’s dancing in the pit
              With a tall boy in her hand
              She’ll be rocking to the band
              That girl can take the heat
              And she’ll never claim defeat
              Till yer lying on the floor
              Waiting for the encore
              From The Offspring
              Pennywise take the stage
              Girly flies into a rage
              Like a baby throws a fit
              She’ll be right back in the pit
              Take an elbow to the nose
              Pickin’ fights and throwin’ blows
              She really makes me
              My girlfriend she makes me really sick
              She makes me really sick
              When she’s dancing in the pit yeah
              My girlfriend she makes me really
              Makes me really sick
              When she’s dancing in the pit
              El Hefe does his thing
              And it makes her heart sing
              I ask her to quit
              But she’s right back in the pit
              Taking names and kickin’ ass
              While listening to Crass
              God please help me
              Bad Religion in her brand
              Brett is back in the band
              When I ask her on a date
              We get in a stalemate
              She would rather take a dive
              Off a stage a mile high
              Than see a movie
              My girlfriend she makes me really sick
              She makes me really sick
              When she’s dancing in the pit yeah
              My girlfriend she makes me really
              Makes me really sick
              When she’s dancing in the pit

              • hahaha Panama is a small country and only few people get to go to this type of concerts.. it was almost empty, less than 100 people on the crowd.. it was funny! and I enjoyed very much.. for the 311 concert, I was on the VIP stage, and my arms had bruises for 2 weeks because I didn’t want to move from the stage..! that day I had to pit because I was in the middle of it.. but I was on the pit so many times when young..
                ohh the good old times.. i was waiting for no use for a name and new found glory to come too, but the singer of nufan died a month ago, i was so sad about that bad news!

  1. I like both! I like the sparkliness of the first and the depth and texture of the second. I’m not sure what you had in your head, but IMO, both of these are lovely. πŸ˜€

    • Awww thank you! You are too nice. πŸ™‚ I just didn’t like how the sparkles kinda ate up the grey barbed wire and idk… it just didn’t look right. I do love that polish tho (ChG I’m Not Lion) so I liked that about the “failed” attempt. πŸ™‚ Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!!! πŸ˜€

  2. You put a lot of thought into these! Every component of them has an explanation behind it.
    I like the glitter version, too, but the barbed wire definitely gets lost.
    I like your outdoorsy props, haha.
    I think that you and I are polar opposites when it comes to music, as you appear to like country and rap, and I am more of a punk/alternative girl. Blake seems like an OK guy, though. I saw his and Miranda’s wedding in one of the gossip magazines and there were a lot of things I really, really liked about it. I liked her dresses/headpieces and she had this bouquet of vintage brooches that was amazing. I’m not crazy that they are hunters, but, they have a lot of dogs, so maybe it cancels out?

    • I never saw their wedding- sounds really pretty tho!! I didn’t realize that I did have an explanation for each component till you pointed it out. Guess I was just REALLY into these. Haha. I do lean towards country and rap more but I like alternative music too. I just don’t keep up on it so I pretty much only listen to my old albums like 311, sublime, nirvana (guess they’re “grunge”… Whatever), puddle of mud (what the heck even happened to them?) and others. Another band I love is Unwritten Law. But- they’re all old and idk if any of these people are even around anymore. Sublime obviously isnt but they’re trying to be w this new dude, Rome but idk.. it’s not the same without Bradley. Anyway- enough of this rant. And about hunting- the details of it make me really sad but if people do it the proper way and eat what they kill it doesn’t bother me too much. You’d never catch me hunting tho. I would cry!

  3. I love this mani! isn’t he cute!! love the gray sprinkle in his hair too makes it even better! and I cannot believe the voice is starting again next week… I feel like it just ended! love this mani! Love the seran wrap base!

    • I think he’s super cute too… He’s just so tall and idk… singers. I don’t even know how old he is. And I love his wife, too. Anyway enough about him… Haha. Thanks about these nails! I couldn’t find the just-right base so I was like “how about my favorite method these days- saran wrap!” πŸ™‚

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