My Brother’s Wedding

Good Morning Polished People!!

Another mobile/roadtrip post for you all :) Tell me if they are too annoying. Also, I can’t link it but go a few posts back and enter my giveaway!! It ends in the beginning of next month so there are just a couple of weeks left. And don’t forget to visit Of Life and Lacquer and enter her giveaway too! Hey, you might win 2 boxes of nail polish!! ;)

Today I wanna share some pictures of the wedding. If you have any questions about the nails, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask. :)

First off here is where the wedding was- beautiful yet somewhat debris strewn Lincoln City beach. The weather was cool and very windy, but the background was, as you can see, beautiful.

This is the guest book table at the rehearsal dinner. If you follow me on Instagram you probably recognize my peace lily/Betta fish/marbles centerpiece. :) We had each guest sign a jenga block and write a little message so when they were done the new couple had a fun game w advice or a nice message on each block. :)

Here is the beach w the guys cleaning it up and getting it ready for the ceremony. They had so much to do!!

They built that arch for the ceremony, cleared the beach and made a bit of an aisle w some driftwood.

Here they are lifting those heavy logs. This is my brother and husband. They were out there doing all that work, then threw on their tuxes and were ready for the wedding.

Here I am getting ready. :)

I was trying to show how my nails, bracelet and dress all went together.

These are the bracelets I made for myself, the bride and the other bridesmaids. I thought they went well w the beach theme.


The centerpieces for the reception and the cake were very pretty, as you can tell. :)




And last but certainly not least here are my nails w one of the guys’ flowers for their lapel, my nails by themselves and of course the bride’s nails that I did for her. :)

Let me know how you like all this wedding stuff. It was really fun planning some of this stuff and of course I was WAY into doing her nails. Everyone thought both of our nails were awesome and I think they matched those orchids perfectly. :)
As always, thanks for reading and Happy Polishing!!!

21 thoughts on “My Brother’s Wedding

  1. i thought we were going to see your nails haha!!
    i love the fish centerpieces, it’s the second time i see something like that..

    and the jenga stuff.. best idea ever.. you know i like to play jenga hahaha

          • Now I can see your nails..! you looked pretty that day!! and your nails, i loved them :))) and the bracelets.. I once was going thru (or through, IDK the right word and I’m drinking my 2nd beer so..) a DIY period and I tried to do bracelets and necklaces.. a big fail to my ego TBH.,, you’re very creative!

            • Hey drink up!! Haha. What kind of beer are you drinking?

              Thanks! I actually really liked my dress and the bracelets and everything really. I’m glad you could finally see the nails. Idk what happened before. :-/ I may be creative but I’m not very technologically smart!! :p

              • national beer!! it’s cerveza panama.. my favorite.. yesterday i drank a lot of beer hahaha.. like 3 in the office and then 2 at my house with a friend that went to get her nails done..
                note to self (and to everyone that read this comment): doing your nails while drinking beers is not a good idea.. hahaha
                my hands were shaking.. but my friend nails were TOOO cool, mine sucked.

    • Awesome!!! Yeah I always saw these centerpieces used for things but never had anything to use them for so when the rehearsal dinner opportunity came around I jumped on it!! :) They were really cute and then when you’re done you get a houseplant and a pet!! ;)

      • yep! Everyone loved them, we did one of those silly games, like pass the camera around ( similar to musical charis) the DJ would change up the direction and all and then thats who got the centerpiece. it was hillarious but everyone loved them.

  2. The beach looks so pretty!
    I love the Jenga idea! At my best friend’s bridal shower, I did this thing where the girls wrote messages on index cards (kind of like a guest book for the shower) and I attached them to a fancy hanger. This was presumably a keepsake where she could hang her wedding dress, but I went for more of the idea than practicality. :) At her wedding, she had a scrapbook at the reception so that people could make pages. It’s five years later and I still haven’t made mine, LOL! I still have the special Hello Kitty paper she bought for my page.

    • Oh my gosh! Get on that!! Hahaha. I like the index card messages and wedding dress hanger idea. That sounds really cool! And the scrapbook is cool too but I can see some people being stumped by that and some being procrastinators (hint hint). Also- Now you should be able to see the full post. Idk what I did earlier. I apparently had deleted nearly the whole dang thing! That was annoying.

      • OK, yes, I can see the whole thing now :) I did think it was somewhat brief, but I thought, hey, she’ll share what she wants to share :)
        I am curious…did you wear shoes? You said the bridal party was formally dressed, but I can’t imagine heels in the sand!
        It’s cool that they (the guys, I guess, haha) basically built the wedding themselves!
        To recap my comments from Twitter: you look crazy hot; love the bracelets; love the nails; love the flowers; and you are enlisted for crafty projects should I get married!

        • We did not wear shoes. We were going to wear flip flops but the sand was so deep that we couldn’t hardly walk, let alone walk w shoes on! Haha. And thanks for the summary. I’m glad everyone thinks I looked so nice! Hopefully the professional pictures will make me look decent as well!! And also yep- Nicole’s Crafty Creations at your service!! ;D

  3. First, you’re so pretty!! Second, I had that same Little Mermaid pillow case behind you, it was my favorite bed set EVER :P I love the bracelets you made too, and the flower is gorgeous. Now that I see the flowers and color palette I totally agree with your mani choice, its perfect.

    • Awww Frossorosso (haha) you’re too sweet!! That bed set was the best! I bet I have the sheets somewhere. As you can see I still like the pillowcase. The background was horrible but I wanted to get a little of the sunlight and that was what was behind me, oops!

      Once I saw the flowers I would like holy moly these nails are perfect!! The only thing that would have been more perfect (but that I have no confidence in my execution of) would have been a purple to aqua/turquoise gradient. Thanks for all your nice comments!!! :D

  4. You know you just wanted to show us your boobage in that picture.

    I can’t get over how perfectly complimentary your nails are to those flowers…crazy! I love how they turned out. Why did I not know you were posting while you were on vacay? I think there is something funkulicious going on ever since I messed with my wordpress and the whole hostgator debacle which by the way, still isn’t resolved. I just don’t have the strength to deal with it right now but I have to!!!

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