China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatch and Review

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I have a roadtrip post for you. A roadtrip post is a post… while I’m on a roadtrip! Haha. I’m writing these from my phone so I’ll keep em short, sweet and to the point, but still try to give you all the info you need. :) Just remember, if you have any questions you can ask them here in the comments, tweet me or drop me an email. :D Let’s get to today’s polish, shall we?

China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy


China Glaze’s Flip Flop Fantasy is a beautiful neon coral polish. These pictures made my camera flip the heck out and almost make this polish look like a peachy nude color but trust me when I tell you this is .05% off from being retina-searingly bright and the color is the perfect confusing coral shade that makes you go, “this is pink, yes definitely pink…. Well no it’s orange. It’s like a neon creamsicle… no no I was right before, its pink” until you wanna SHOOT YOURSELF and you revert to just calling it coral. :)

Smooth and non-problematic.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:
Yes please!!! This is such a perfect summer color I don’t know how I lived without it for this long. It’s not even new and it’s in the regular ChG stock at Sally’s!! It’s so bright yet a pretty and girly color… I just love it. If you like neons and you don’t already have this- run, don’t walk, to Sally’s and get Flip Flop Fantasy. :D

Now that summer is ending w a quickness, are you planning to archive away your neon polishes or will you still wear them in the fall and winter? I’m not usually about seasonality so I’ll probably still wear them occasionally. Does that make me an untrustworthy nail blogger? Haha. As always thank you for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!!! :D

27 thoughts on “China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy Swatch and Review

  1. well.. i don’t care about colors actually.. my toe nails are black and it’s a never ending summer in my country.. so if you want to use this lovely color.. do itt..!
    btw, I LOVED this color.. So beautiful.. if my plates arrive ok, this color will be the next thing i’ll buy online.

  2. Can’t believe you’re posting from your phone! I don’t have the patience for that :P I was thinking about how I have too many brights and neons I havent even worn yet and I”m running out of summer time. However, i’m starting to think it’ll be fun to occasionally wear a neon in autumn and winter months. Can you imagine the eye searing brightness of Flip Flip Fantasy in the snow?!

    • If we got snow here that would be awesome!! I totally support you wearing neons in the winter. :) And yes- it took a lot of patience but since I didn’t schedule out my posts like a good little girl- I must pay the price. Haha. Does the post look ok? It’s hard for me to tell just using the “preview” feature. :-/

      • Why does my name say Frossorosso? LOL. I think I commented on my phone. WordPress makes me sign in when I comment here so I think it got all glitchy with my name. Your post looks normal like usual. I wouldn’t have known its from your phone if you didn’t say anything.

        • Oh good. Thanks. Yeah I saw your name was different, thought maybe you had to change it or something. Frossorosso sounds kinda like a cheesy wedding DJ name. Haha. I kinda like it tho! Hahaha.

  3. Wow, what a pretty color! I will have to check it out at Sally’s next time. I still need to go to buy ChG Fairy Dust with my birthday coupon!
    I’m pretty whatever about colors and seasons, although I do feel like I have some neons I’m late in the game on this summer! ;P I guess maybe I like my nails to reflect the general spirit of the season, more so than caring about the actual color. But sometimes I just throw all that out the window and do whatever I want!

  4. Yay for FFF!! One of my favorites! lol yea it seems to be a coral I think haha. I had trouble categorizing this one too. It’s such an awesome polish color! I think I’ll still wear neons in the fall/winter for some brightness :) I can’t believe Summer is almost over! I feel like I didn’t get my sun on as much! I need to make the most of it until September hits!

    • It was an instant favorite of mine. I kept seeing it on everyone’s blogs and thinking hmm that’s kinda nice. Then I was eventually like I MUST HAVE THAT!!!

      I know…. Summer is slipping away. I got plenty of sun but it was just so busy that I don’t feel like I really got to just enjoy it all that much. The good thing is that I’m on vacation right now and the weather is hot so we are enjoying it now. :) Here’s to making the last few weeks of summer great!! 🍻

  5. I still haven’t tried mine. I better get on it since it’s nearing the end of summer. I mean, not that it really matters to true polish fiends like us, but I can see myself wearing this right now. I have another tube top dress that’s pinky/coral so maybe I’ll wear it and pain my nails with FFF.

    • Tube dresses… I can only think of one thing when you mention those. Hahaha. Anyway- yes, get on w trying this!! It’s so awesome and even tho us crazy polish ladies wear what we want when we want you know come fall you’ll be wanting to wear all those shades and leave summer colors in the dust for the most part!

      • I wore it today!!! I don’t remember if you’re on FB much, but I just posted this tidbit from today: Today I was in line at the store and I was chatting with a woman in line. They decided to open a second register and the employee was apparently trying to get my attention but I couldn’t hear her until I heard her say ” Miss! I can help you here! Miss! The one with the nails!” LMAO I was wearing Flip Flop Fantasy and apparently it IS THAT BRIGHT!

        • Hahaha that’s funny! When I wear a bright color like that people always notice, too. It’s really like 70% of the fun. Haha. And it’s funny how many people notice your nails but never say anything. Then one day they say something about them and you’re like “oh, you DID notice!!” haha

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