Help Choose My Wedding Nails!!

Good Morning Everyone!!

Sorry there was no post yesterday, as you know if you follow my blog, my brother is getting married on Saturday so tomorrow we are leaving for the beach where he is getting married. I’ve been busy helping make wedding programs, making anchor bracelets for me and the bridesmaids, and just trying to get all my ducks in a row at home to be gone for the weekend. I’m not even close to ready, but I need all of your help choosing my wedding nails. I’m a bridesmaid, and my dress is almost the exact color of ChG Aquadelic (For Audrey is close if you don’t have Aquadelic) so the blues you see will be switched to that color for the actual wedding. I was just trying out some different light blues while my dress was steamed, so it wasn’t home to perfectly match. Anyway- take a look at the 4 options I tried out and let me know which is your favorite! 🙂 (PS: I’m sorry option 2 is in sucky indoor lighting :()

Wedding Nail Options

Please let me know which option you prefer!! I believe option 1 is with Aquadelic so that shows you the exact color combination. I’m gonna end this here so I can go to bed, but thank you all for reading and helping me decide on nails. Till next time- Happy Polishing!! 😀

41 thoughts on “Help Choose My Wedding Nails!!

    • Thank you! It should be lots of fun! Wedding on the beach, then reception up in a room full of windows then after party on the beach bonfire style. 😉

  1. Sooo which ones did you end up doing? 😀 Eek! I’m so excited about the wedding even though I’m not there lol. I love weddings! I hope you have a wonderful time!

    • Thanks Traci! I’m not doing these till tomorrow night. Right now I just have turned up turquoise on w some black stamping. I’ll let you guys know (on twitter probably) as soon as I decide! 🙂

    • Thanks for your vote! I’ll post the nails I chose tomorrow or Sunday. Crappy reception here so that and how much I drink tomorrow at the reception and after-party will determine that. ;p

    • Thanks! It was actually my brother’s wedding but thank you 🙂 I did choose a mixture between numbers 2 and 1. They were really pretty! I’ll be posting those soon 🙂

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