Nude with Yellow Gradient Tip Nails

Good Morning!!

I remember when I was in elementary school, I had this friend named Marie who always seemed to have the coolest stuff. The coolest clothes, the coolest hairstyles, whatever she wore- it was awesome. Looking back I think it was just that she was adventurous and confident so she didn’t care what people thought, but I was a super introverted child and was constantly worried what people thought, therefore I wasn’t fashionably adventurous. I liked tried and true styles. Well, when Marie would try something and it got a positive response, that would give me the confidence to try it. Now, being the trend-setter she was, she didn’t like boring-ol-me copying her style and I remember her being mad at me about that quite often. Now that I’m an adult and I see kids at work being like this I just roll my eyes because it’s not like anyone really has the lockdown on any particular fashion, but at the time when I was a kid I sure thought they did!! Now I’m a lot more adventurous (probably due to having a lot more self-confidence) but I do still love to copy a good look!! Who doesn’t? If you say you don’t, you’re lying. ;p We all like to see something cute and use it as our inspiration. Well, these nails are a good example of that. I follow Traci (from on Instagram, Twitter, and around town (JK!!) and I also follow her blog. Last week I saw these nails, was blown away by them, and had to give them a little try. Let’s see my variation of her nails!

Nude with Yellow Gradient Tip Nails

For these nails I just painted my nails with Femme Couture French Cafe and then used BM 301 to stamp SH Lightening on the tips and Seche Vite top coat. I really need to get OPI Tickle My France-y like Traci used cuz that color is PERFECT!!! I like French Cafe, but it looks like the color of Barbie’s legs to me… which isn’t bad but I think I might like Tickle My France-y better. :)

I loved these nails so much!! But- then I thought- oooh how would a little stamp look on these? So after work I stamped over these nails with BM 314 and Konad Special White.

I think I like these nails better without the second stamp, but I don’t hate them with it. What do you think? And- don’t Traci’s nails look awesome?! I love those blue gradient tips. Let me know what you think, and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

24 thoughts on “Nude with Yellow Gradient Tip Nails

  1. Beautiful! I love it with just the gradient AND with the double stamping. I have to say that I have Tickle my France-y and I also vote that you add it to your collection! ;)
    Do you have Essie Demure Vixen? They both have the same base shade, but Essie has added shimmer ;) both a must have

    • Oooh I think I need to go find those this weekend!! I’m so easily influenced. ;) Thanks for the comment and compliment. I’m w you on liking both in their own ways. :)

      • Scary how quickly blogs can instigate a “must-have” situation! I actually am making a list of polishes I want that I’ve seen on blogs right now, haha! Ah, it’s all part of the fun :)

        • True! It is definitely all part of the fun. I could have a list 2 miles long but thankfully I don’t ever remember to write down all the polishes I “need”.

  2. You know that I own up to copying nail looks…I’ll tell you and then give you a pic, haha.
    I agree with you exactly – I think I like them better without the second stamp, but I don’t dislike them. And Traci’s nails definitely look awesome. They’re so long and perfect! I like the idea of taking a neutral and making it more fun.

    • Me too! And it would have never occurred to me to combine brights and neons. I love it!!

      I love people copying my looks. I’m sure I’m not the first person to do any one thing but regardless it’s fun to share and see other people’s takes. If we don’t want people copying us- why do we have blogs? That’s how I look at it. :)

  3. I love how these turned out both without the stamp and with it. I really love Tickle My France-y…it’s perfect…I haven’t used it in a while so now you’re going to make me dig it out from my stash. I was really insecure as a kid too so I was never a trailblazer…I did just follow trends. I remember in Jr. High I wore my pants backwards once because of Kris Kross…lol But my mom threatened to beat me if I didn’t stop dressing like a fool so that was the end of that. I think that now I am super adventurous with my nails and make up compared to most people. We are so cool!

    • Ugh between you and Marta I’m going to be going to Ulta tomorrow. I wonder if it’s in their regular stock… do you know?

      I’m not very adventurous w my makeup because, well, I don’t really know how to do it. Haha. But I obviously do enjoy being somewhat adventurous w my nails. In fact I just got the all-clear to do whatever I want w my nails for my brother’s wedding next weekend so I’ll be experimenting and trying to figure my nails out for that!! Yayyy!! :D

      • Amonst my group of friends, I am definitely the “glammy.” I’ve been into make-up and nails since probably junior high.
        And, WHAT?!?!?! That is HUGE news about the wedding nails! I can’t wait to see! Are you going to use those gleequins you were considering?

        • Glammy makes me think granny. You look GOOD for your age! Jk Jk. We must be close to the same age I would think. Anyway- yes… YAYYY about the nails. I’ll probably have to to aqua and purple nails for the whole next week. And postpone the current nails I was gonna post. My wheels are turning… but idk about the gleequins. Any suggestions?? :D

    • OMG, backward pants a la Kris Kros…WOW! That’s amazing. I think as I young kid I agree with you, I followed trends, but didn’t think too much for myself. I certainly remember a neon outfit from like fifth grade that I thought was the shiz. And bodysuits with choker necklaces in junior high. I had a collection of both of those. Then I went a little gothy (not full-on) in high school as a way of asserting myself, haha.

      • I remember chokers. I had some awful little lace chokers w dangly hearts. Oof they were bad. Way to assert yourself goth girl! ;p I’m just kidding. Nothing against goths. I was a skater girl in middle school then just like whatever in HS. Played some basketball, hung w whoever I felt like. Kinda just blended in I suppose.

  4. Omg you tricked me again with that gradient stamp! This color combo looks great on you, I just wish I could wear yellow on my nails. Unfortunately it looks terrible on me, I get zombie fingers.

    • I’m tricky!! Haha. Thanks!! I love all bright colors including but not limited to yellow so I’m glad it’s not hideous on me. :) I know lobster hands, which I get too frequently for my liking :-/ but what are zombie fingers??

  5. omg Nicole!! I love it!! <3 I also like when people copy me haha. I think it's only happened twice now lmao. Someone showed me their copy of my first chevron tip nails! I thought it was so awesome that they liked what I did :) I'm glad my mani inspired yours! I absolutely love it!

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