Encounters of the Exotic Kind- Rawwrrrrr!

Good Morning Polished People,

When I Googled Exotic Encounters for swatches, I was really quite scared of what might pop up. As it turns out, I didn’t stumble across anything too bad, but if you’re looking for an exotic encounter of the non-nail variety- please go to a different blog. I don’t cater to any creeptacular hand fetishes here, my friend. Speaking of weird fetishes (this is not sounding too good!) I wonder if there are any weirdos that look at all of us nail people’s blogs and are like *breathing heavily* “Ohhh Nails…..” Let’s hope not. If you’re one of those potential creepers just know that you’re grossing me out. Every once in a while I wonder about that cuz occasionally I’ll get some guys “liking” my pics on Instagram and I’m like, “Why is a dude liking my nails?!” I’m assuming they wanna show their girlfriends. Let’s go with that. Okay… now that I’m sufficiently creeped out- let’s see today’s nails.

China Glaze Exotic Encounters

China Glaze Exotic Encounters

China Glaze Exotic Encounters

China Glaze Exotic Encounters with one coat of ChG Fairy Dust (check out that holographic sparkle in this blurry pic)

China Glaze Exotic Encounters with ChG Fairy Dust

China Glaze Exotic Encounters with ChG Fairy Dust



Exotic Encounters is a dusty green creme polish that leans quite blue. I wouldn’t exactly call this teal but it’s not a straight green either.


Non-problematic, opaque in one careful coat. I always use three. I just like my nails that way. :)

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

Yes, please!!! At first I wasn’t going to get this polish. I was only going to get the Elephant Walk, I Herd That and maybe Desert Sun. Well- now I have those three, plus this one plus I’m Not Lion, plus Jungle Queen. All these polishes are so dang good!! If you get the chance, you should pick them up as well. :)

A Quick Note About Fairy Dust:

This is the coolest polish ever!! I usually don’t care for glitter topcoats but I absolutely LOVE this. You can see how it made Exotic Encounters almost look like one of those beautiful A England polishes, and it just adds dimension to any polish without covering it up. It’s part of China Glaze’s regular stock, so I definitely recommend that next time you’re out and about you pick this one up. It’s finish is super smooth and removal is a breeze, there’s no reason to not own this pretty silver scattered holo polish. :D

Do you love this or do you love this?!?! :D And don’t you think it looks like one of those A Englands with the fairy dust over the top? I loved it so much!!! If you know which A England I’m talking about, let me know cuz for the life of me I can’t remember the name of it. All I can think of is Tristam but I don’t think that’s it. As always- thank you very much for reading and commenting, I really appreciate ever single view and comment. Till next time- Happy Polishing!!! :)

33 thoughts on “Encounters of the Exotic Kind- Rawwrrrrr!

  1. Wow, I love this color on you! I am going to have to look for that fairy dust top coat because it just makes your polish look even better. I actually have a holo topcoat by Jessica so maybe I should use that. I was just thinking that this is the longest I have ever seen your nails since I’ve been following your blog!

    • Oh my gosh I know!!! They’re so long. The problem is that I’ve been too busy to shorten them so I just keep letting them grow. :( They’re gonna start curling and I’m gonna have to type with my knuckles and I won’t be able to pick anything up my nails will be too long. It’s practically disabling!! Ok maybe that’s a bit much but… you get my point.

      Yes- do get this or see if you have a dupe. I have several of those standard sized scattered holo glitter topcoats that are kinda clear in the bottle but this one is so much better. Subtle yet not… I LOVE it! I can’t believe I never bought this before. I declare Fairy Dust to be the PERFECT GLITTER TOPCOAT! :)

  2. I have one darosa similar color, darosa is a cheap brand made in guatemala.. !

    regarding the fairy dust, I think it does a similar work of Essie Pure Pearlfection..! Highly Recommended.

  3. Absolutely love this! lmao I would be scared to google that polish for swatches too!! haha what a name…I really do like Fairy Dust here! It really adds to a mani!! :D

    • Me too!!! Fairy Dust is my new favorite little add on. I’m seriously looking at my polishes like hmm… Which can I wear Fairy Dust over… ;) It’s so pretty yet subtle. :)

  4. ahahaha you as usually had me laughing out loud. I was just picturing you googling that. That would so be me .. like o m g what is going too come up here.. hahaha! Anyways, I am loving this color as well as the Fairy Dust topper! <3

  5. Do I love it or do I love it? I LOVE IT!!! Holy moly, I love it. Must add to the mani list! I’ll have to pick up that Fairy Dust at Sally’s or Ulta (whichever comes first, although I actually have more faith in Sally’s stock for this item).

  6. I used this for my Teal Tuesday mani this week! It’s such a great color. Only downside is my brush is a little wonky.

    • Aww that’s crappy!! Maybe you could return it…? I would cuz this color is so pretty that I’d hate to avoid using it because of a brush. You seem to do a bunch of daily nail art things- do you do them every day of the week?

      • I bought it in the set online so I don’t know if I could… it’s not so bad that I need to really. I just like them to be perfect lol. I do a lot of my nail art on the weekends, usually one afternoon I get to sit and play around. Otherwise I don’t always have time during the week with work/school/life. Plus, I joined the two groups and that pushes me to make sure I participate.

  7. Very inspiring post! Two readily available polishes, but added together you made a magical mani. Thanks for reminding me to mix it up.

    • Aww thank you!! It’s amazing though how sometimes the right combo makes such a big splash! I didn’t even have Fairy Dust till last week! I’m thinking to myself- how did I live without it for so long?!? :)

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