More Kids’ Nails! :)

Good Morning Polished People,

Today I have some more nails I did at the park. In the interest of time, I’m just going to show them to you and if you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer. Most of these are pretty little-kid-ish designs so I don’t anticipate many people wanting to recreate them. Let’s get to the nails!

Tutu’s Nails

I have got to steer the kids away from this coral China Glaze Make Some Noise. They love it but I wanna use a different color. I guess the good thing is that if it gets used up, I’m not gonna be too sad! ;)

Amen’s Nails

Amen was wiggling WAYYY too much, and messing with the other kids so guess what- her nails didn’t get fully cleaned up. Mean teacher? Maybe.

Kyla’s (2nd) Nails

I am so happy that someone picked something other than PINK!! Halllllllelujah!!! :D Kyla needs a little lotion though, her little hands are dry! I rubbed the cuticle oil on her and she was horrified, like, “What is this?!??!” I just said, “You need this.” :)

Maddy’s (2nd) Nails

I was so glad she picked some full-nail designs. Her nails are large enough that we could do some really cool things. :) I’ve been trying to steer her towards a little more sophisticated nail art. Well… as sophisticated as nail art gets. ;p

Whose nails are your favorite? If you were a little girl, which would you pick? Als0- if you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m happy to share any info with you guys, I just didn’t want a monster post if everyone was just as happy taking a little peek without knowing every color and stamp. :) Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

19 thoughts on “More Kids’ Nails! :)

  1. I like the color combo & butterfly stamp, I like the color combo & apple stamp, and I like the color combo and zebra stamp! If I were a little kid, probably every nail would be different colors, different stamps, haha. You would not want to do my nails!
    Actually, I’m not sure how true that is…I remember being extremely picky about muy nails when I was little. I guess it was foreshadowing…

    • Haha you were getting ready to be a nail obsessed adult! :p Lots of the kids want that but I try to keep them to a couple colors/stamps for my own sake. They aren’t too picky for the most part but some of them (none of these that I featured) are really rude and act like I owe them or something so guess who isn’t doing nails anymore? Me. I didn’t even take pics of the ones today. These girls didn’t even deserve to get theirs done but in the interest of fairness I still did them. :-/

      • Oh, I totally figured you try to steer them into tamer ideas in the interest of time!
        That sucks that you have some little divas-in-training, but good for you for cutting them off and keeping your sanity!

        • Yeah it’s sad that I had to stop for a bit but actually I’m kinda mad I even did it in the first place if they didn’t even appreciate it. I just keep reminding myself that some of the kids did like it so my time and materials weren’t totally wasted. :-/

  2. I used to be super into doing my nails when I was a kid but I was horrible at it so I used to get super frustrated. I would do my nails and then take everything off when one nail got messed up right away. So about those annoying girls, I would have probably done their nails all crappy…like purposely messy and ugly. I hate it when kids act like turds…and I blame the parents. It’s probably not PC to say that but whatever! lol

    • I don’t even care if it’s PC or not- it HAS to be the parents. These girls were so rude…. it made me so mad. One of the kids asked me how much all the stuff I bring to the park costs and I counted it up- it’s between 150 and 200 bucks. And they act like I owe it to them?! Please. I should have just not used my quick drying top coat on them so they’d look all nice and then THEY would ruin them for themselves. How conniving are we?! Hahaha. Seriously tho… it’s sad how ungrateful and rude some kids are allowed to be. I feel bad for the kids because they probably don’t even know any different.

        • For the time being. I love doing special stuff like that to make the park fun and cool for all the kids, but I can’t just NOT do these 3-4 girls’ nails so I have to stop for everyone. I’m hoping those girls wont come back once the nail shop is closed (ha) and I can start doing a couple girls’ nails again. Maybe I’ll set up “appointments” and just not be taking appointments when they come. This is so mean but there are some kids I really cant’ stand. Anyone who works with me would tell you I’m the absolute nicest, most patient person with kids, but one thing I can not tolerate very well is kids who are rude when you do SO MUCH for them. It makes me feel like I’m letting them take advantage of me and it’s not teaching them a very good life lesson, cuz in life, if you’re a miserable person- NO ONE’s gonna be your friend or be nice to you.

    • Oh yeah these kids are allowed. I always asked them tho because a few of the kids are Muslim so I wasn’t quite sure how strict their rules were. After I asked them and they said yes I remembered seeing them w their nails painted before, so I knew we were all good. When I was little my mom let me paint my nails, although I don’t remember doing it much, honestly. What I do remember is my dad HATING any nail color other than a LIGHT LIGHT LIGHT pink or clear. Even now he is sort of like “oh boyyyy” when I come over with dark blue or black or purple or green nails. :p

      • my dad doesn’t even notice.. i got a tattoo on my back and he hasn’t noticed it even though i’ve wore shirts that let my tattoo at sight..!
        hahaa he never notices anything, I have to sms him all the time to tell him my mom got a new look so he “recognizes” it and praise my mother..

        • That is funny!! My dad is pretty much the same but of course I go over there and stick my nails in his face like, “Look!!” even though I know he will think they’re kinda crazy. :) Deep down I know he likes them. :p

        • Aw, that is sweet of you to do for your mom! It’s so frustrating when men don’t notice your new haircut or whatever (which they never do!) so you are helping your dad appreciate your mom! Men pretty much have to be told exactly what to do, and even then it’s not a guarantee, haha!

          • That is so true! I think men just think us ladies look nice even when we don’t think we do so if we do something special it like doesn’t even register with them. I know my husband’s like that at least. He thinks I look pretty on days I feel like a total bum, and then I’ll do something that I think makes me look extra special good and he won’t even notice. Shows what he knows! Haha. :p

    • Yes aren’t they?? It’s fun to share them because for the most part these are stamps I’d never use on myself. And their nails are definitely sooo little and cute! :)

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