Take These Nails to the Club

Good Morning Everyone!

I’ve been on a bit of an Essie Penny Talk kick lately, so today guess what I’m wearing again??? Penny Talk!! Haha. Except today I’m not just wearing it plain, I used it to stamp. The good news is, it works perfectly. The bad news… you’re gonna want to use it allll the time ;)

Black, Brown and Copper Nails:

This picture shows the black stamp under the copper stamp a little better than the previous one.

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Paint your nails with ChG Mahogany Magic (I used 3 coats).
  3. Apply a coat of Seche and allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. When nails are dry and hardened, use Konad special black and BM 301 to stamp the faux-gradient design on each nail.
  5. Apply another coat of Seche and allow to dry.
  6. Next, using Essie Penny Talk and stamp BM 315, stamp the crisscrossy design onto each finger on top of the faux-gradient.
  7. Apply your final coat of Seche Vite and ta-daaaa…. impress your friends ;D

These nails were so easy!! The stamping takes a fraction of the time that a normal gradient does and under the other stamp I think it’s close enough for me!! Let me know what YOU think and if you have been enabled to buy Penny Talk yet! I swear, these companies should be paying me commission. ;p As always, thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

36 thoughts on “Take These Nails to the Club

    • Well they’ll be there when you get back. :) 301 is a good one cuz even though the faux gradient isn’t perfect, it’s good enough and gradients are hard! Haha. When do you go to Chicago? Next month?

  1. Nope not yet! I actually got my first 2 Essie polishes ever yesterday, “As Gold as it Gets” (a little disappointing, but pretty when layered a bit) and Blue Rhapsody :) Love the blue!

    • Well welcome to the club! Haha. :) I saw some swatches of the blue one and it did look pretty. What was up with the gold? Do you just not like gold or was there something wrong w it?

      • It was just way lighter than I expected- it’d be good to add a bit of a metallic sheen, I just expected a smidge more opacity. It’s very very very sheer. I’m going to play with it more later this week to see how it works with layering.

        The blue is soooo pretty! It’s super metallic and makes a really cute twist on french tips!

        • That’s too bad! And weird since this one IS so super opaque. I guess it just goes to show you never really know from one polish to another. :-/ Sounds like it could be really interesting for layering tho so I guess that’s good. :)

  2. I thought these were going to be your bachelorette party nails from the post title, haha! A DOUBLE stamp…my mind is blown. I would never think to do that!

    • Haha thanks. :) No, unfortunately my bachelorette party nails were much more lame. Idk what my problem was that day, I was having polishers block. :p I really liked these nails tho and they would have been perfect for that night if I’d done them in grey, black and silver. :)

  3. You are amazing – these are beautiful – I see people combining BM stamps all the time and when I look at my plates, I can’t come up with anything creative at all. How was the essie to stamp with?

    • Thank you so much. This is the first time I combined two stamps… That faux gradient/spongey one was just asking to be doubled up w something! :) The Essie was FLAWLESS to stamp with. In fact, I kinda wanna get the rest of those polishes just for stamping. It worked so slick!! :)

    • Thank you! You’re going to love them. Although I hear the gold is thin… Maybe yours won’t be. :) it’ll be fun to see what you do with them!

    • Believe it!!! It’s totally cheating. Alone it looks very stampy and not smooth like a “real” gradient but under another stamp… it’s a major time (and mess) saver!!! :) Thanks!

  4. You’re not helping me on my quest to stay away from these Essies!!! I think I might get one or two (or three or four) just for stamping. Ugh!!! This looks really cool. Once again I’m going to whine about how short my nails are and how I can’t wait for them to grow so I can get to stamping again. *sigh* Are you going to show us your bachelorette party nails??

    • I would say that you should at least get this one for stamping… But I know you’d go all hog wild and buy all of them and also 10 other polishes! Haha. Seriously tho you should grab this one at least for stamping :) Your nails have got to hurry the heck up- you have all these new stamps and also the beeeelions of polishes you’ve bought. I am in dire need of shortening my nails but I really don’t want to over shorten them, which I ALWAYS do cuz I can’t get them straight, etc etc. :-/

      And yes- I am posting my bachelorette party nails in another day or two. Idk how they got so far back but they did. They’re not that cool actually, like I was telling Lesley, I think, I had a brain blockage and couldn’t come up with anything very exciting. :( Whomp whommmmp.

      • Thanks a lot! LOL I think I am going to get one or two for myself for stamping but I don’t really absolutely need them. Maybe I will get one of those ICE silvers that are supposed to be awesome for stamping. I don’t want to buy any “pricey” polish until the CC holos hit. I can barely stand it. I mean, how can we not jump all over affordable holos??? I wonder if they are going to hike up the prices a lot, though. Hmmm. I guess we will have to wait and see.

        You always say your nails aren’t good/exciting and they always end up being really nice.

        • You’ll see tomorrow- these nails aren’t my best. You’re not going to barf or anything but they’re nothing I’d recreate. :( I haven’t heard about these ICE polishes you speak of… I’ll have to look into that.

          Ughhhh the color club holos!! That’s what I’m saving all my polish money for. I have a bad feeling they’re gonna end up not living up to the hype (ChG Bohemian, anyone?) but I really want them to be awesome. I have only seen bottle shots, and some people don’t even know about them so I’m kinda worried if we’re even gonna see them! I don’t even know where to check besides rite aid who gets some CCs like MONTHS after they’re out. :(

          • Oh yeah…those ice polishes are supposed to be awesome for stamping and I think they are pretty cheap. I think Walmart sells them.

            So CC did say they were trying to get them out by mid-august so we know that it’s not just a rumor. The swatches from cosmoprof look amazing so I think I’m going to just hope for the best. If I find them real cheap, I swear I will hook you and Lesley up if you want to get them super discounted. I am so excited about them and really kinda glad that I was able to pass on the new bohemians and mirror metallics.

            • where did you see the swatches?! I only saw bottle shots! And thanks so much for the offer- i just might take you up on that if I can’t find them. I MUST have them (assuming they’re good, please please please oh please be good!!!). :) I’m also sorta glad bohemian sucked cuz I was more holos!!! :D

                • Yes I hope so too. Do you even wear yours since they chip in like 5 seconds for you? That would drive me nuts and I couldn’t wear it. I see the CC holos should be out aug 15 so… :D except that I leave for vacation the 17th so I’m gonna be on a mad scramble looking for them before I go. :(

                  • I honestly don’t wear them. I think that maybe I’m going to start using them for designs and stuff. It’s just a bummer because they are so pretty. I think I should buy that aqua base everyone keeps talking about before I give up on them completely.

            • I will say it is difficult to NOT want to snatch up all of the Essie Metallics when confronted with the display! I only wanted Penny Talk and wanted to dump the blue, purple, and silver in there, too! I’m glad I didn’t, but it was hard!
              If you see those CC holos, totally grab ’em for me. You can count on me in terms of working out the payment/shipment details, etc. I really haven’t seen CC around here at all and it’d be great to snatch up some holos without the like $15 price tag!

              • I went to my nail places yesterday and he was sold out of the mirror metallics so I just told myself that was the final sign that I should pass on them. I asked him about CC and he said he doesn’t carry any of the new collections. There are two other places that I go to often so I have to go ask them if they are planning to carry them.

                I’ll definitely get you a set if I find them. I’ll let you know.

                • Thank you so much!! :) I think it was definitely a sign- must. find. CC. holos! I really don’t know where to look for those because even rite aid which seems to carry CC on the regular seems to only have old collections. Where the heck does one buy new Color Club polishes!!?? This questions is plaguing me!!!

                  • I’ve noticed that my Rite-Aids seen to get the new CC collections pretty quickly. However, once again I’m going to reiterate that I am a major cheapskate so I refuse to pay full price. The one place that always seems to have a lot of CC polishes is not my favorite store. They used to be really nice but not so much anymore. I’m still going to go visit them and ask about the holos. It just sucks that sometimes some of the employees don’t know anything about upcoming collections or their English is so bad they don’t even understand what I’m asking. lol It’s still my favorite area to buy polish, though….even if there was a shooting there today. :/

                    • Uh oh that’s kinda scary. Summer seems to bring a little trouble with it. The hot weather or more people being out and about must be the culprit. This is unrelated but reminds me of in college in one of my psych classes they were talking about correlation v causation and how when ice cream sales went up, so did crime. Well the point of the story is that even tho the two are correlated it doesn’t mean ice cream causes crime because both things (ice cream consumption and crime) were both caused by a third thing- the heat. Anyway, there’s your fun fact for the day. :p

                      I’ll cross my fingers for you finding those polishes at one of your good places (too bad that one store’s employees are rude and dumb tho), that would be awesome for you and for me! ;)

              • You me and Cynthia have a triangle deal going for those holos. :D ONE of us has got to be able to get ahold of them!! (fingers crossed)

                These Essies are so pretty I totally agree with you. But…. CC holos are amazing for curbing my polish appetite! :)

  5. I just realized that you stamped your gradient, genius! I spent an hour this morning cleaning my skin and cuticles after doing a gradient for Stamping Sunday. I have to give this a try.

    • Ugh yes!!!! I hate the clean up especially if you want to use dark colors. It takes like a whole night of cleaning up w a brush and then washing my hands to get my cuticles fully clean. This stamp is a life saver!! It doesn’t look exactly like a proper gradient but under a stamp it’s good enough!! :)

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