I Herd That Penny Talk- Coppery Glitter-tipped Nails

Hey There,

Mannnn.. I just loved how smooth and pretty that copper Penny Talk polish looked yesterday. It was so pretty and smooth, that I ALMOST didn’t feel boring with plain nails. Almost. I decided to wear those nails the next day and add some little glitter tips to refresh the manicure. :)

Coppery Glitter-tipped Nails

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Apply 2 coats of Essie Penny Talk.
  3. Apply 1 coat of Seche Vite.
  4. When your nails are dry, drip a few drops of ChG I Herd That onto a square of foil, and use a makeup sponge to apply it to the tips of your nails and sponge it towards your cuticles a bit.
  5. Apply more Seche Vite and call it macaroni! :)

What is your favorite way to recycle or refresh a manicure? How many days do you usually wear your nails? As always- thank you for reading and commenting and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

31 thoughts on “I Herd That Penny Talk- Coppery Glitter-tipped Nails

  1. i loved the tip of the foil!!..
    do you always do that when using a makeup sponge for working on nails?

    I do my nails every 3-4 days, depending in how long they last without chipping, I can’t stand having chipped nails.
    When I recycle nails, usually I add a “spanish-french” (i learnt from my aunt that is when you add an oblique line to look like a french!!)

    • Thank you!! I liked how they turned out, too. Although it was a little subtle in real life since the colors matched so well. I didn’t quite understand what you were asking about the makeup sponge tho, can you ask me again? And- tell me more about this Spanish French… sounds interesting. :)

      • when you’re working on your nails with make up sponge.. do you always use a foil or do you use a watercolor dish?

        i think explaining the spanish french in english will be difficult for me, so I wil send you the picture via twitter!!

        • Oh good!! Don’t forget to send me a pic cuz I’m really curious. :) And to answer your question I always use foil. I like that I can just throw it away if it doesn’t come clean but honestly a lot of times I just use a soaked cotton ball and wipe the foil clean to use again. I have a watercolor dish but just never wanted to get it that messy. Also, when I’m doing something w my nails I don’t need enough polish that I need the wells, it’s just as easy to have it on a flat surface. Do you use watercolor dishes?

  2. AH, looks amazing! And I technically could re-create it if I tried, lol.
    I don’t really refresh manicures…not really sure why. I usually just wear them out and then re-do them. I usually go about a week, sometimes twice a week if I am ambitious.

    • Well I probably spend a little more time doing my nails than is technically healthy. Haha. I just can’t stand my nails being all rough and stuff so I have to fix up em or redo them every night. Once in a while I’ll just slap some more topcoat on and wear the exact same nails for more than one day. :)

  3. I love I Herd That. I pair it with Desert Sun and it just pops like crazy. Beautiful with Kalahari Kiss too. Yours is gorgeous as well.

  4. Gold glitter snazzes up anything! :) This is super pretty!

    Since the tips always crack/chip first, I usually use an old mani to experiment with polishes I haven’t used yet, or tip ideas I’ve been meaning to try

    • Thank you!! And that’s a smart idea. I should try stamps that I’m not quite sure how they look on old nails before I take them off. :) Thanks for reading and commenting!!

  5. I love the way your recycled! This is such a pretty combination! I tend to recycle by applying a cream colored polish over what ever I have on and it gives it a soft/clean look haha. Or I’ll add glitter!

    • Thanks!! That sounds like a good way to recycle, too. :) And really- can you go wrong with glitter to cover a few wear spots or some dullness? I think not. ;)

  6. This is very pretty. I really liked Penny Talk on its own, and it looks even prettier with the glitter. I almost never refresh a manicure…I think maybe only once with a stamp. I miss doing my nails! I have so much untried polish now, and it’s not helping that my nub nails aren’t growing!!!! I am going bonkers.

    • Figures they aren’t growing when you want them to! Sorry. Did I hear that right…? YOU think this is even better w some glitter? You have almost crossed into the non-glitter-hating territory lately. Watch your step!! :p I hope your nails get better so you can start trying all that polish! Oh and btw whenever I write “nails” lately it autocorrects to “balls” so my phone just tried to make me say “I hope your balls get better”. That’s a bit odd. O.o

    • Me too!! When I saw that glitter sitting on my nail polish stand I was like, “This litter was MADE for this polish.” :) Wasn’t totally sure how metallic + glitter was gonna look but I was happy with the end result. :)

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