If you use social media you MUST read this. Please read and pass on. :)

Mae's Beauty

Mareli over at Ambra Photography shared a very interesting blog post that originated from Roni Loren’s website.

I try not to use other people’s photos and if and when I ever do (did) I give them credit in the article… not anymore after reading this post. I have updated all my posts that had any other picture to now represent a picture from Microsoft Word, mostly cute clip art.

Read on more for her story here. 

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  1. I think the lesson here is using bigger photos and images is getting to be LESS risky than using the little ones. Hollywood Insider or George Lucas or Calvin Klein know it’s a waste of time to go after little bloggers for ‘little’ sums of money. We all have to remember that the bigs’ ‘littles’ are pretty HUGE for most of us. Little bloggers, little photographers and little graphic designers are all in the same court for those littles being big. So what’s a waste of time for Calvin Klein is a nice paycheck for a small time photographer, graphic designer or .

    Yes, the world of blogging has officially gotten WAY more scary.

    • Yeah I think you’re right that say a screen shot from MTV is less likely to get you sued than an artsy photograph of the skyline. However it’s a good reminder that it’s free to look at but you can’t “borrow” it.

  2. I need to take down every random picture I have on my blog. I think my new mantra is: If I didn’t take it/draw it, it’s not going on my blog. THE END.

    • Yeah… same here. I need to do the exact same thing. I managed to get posts scheduled for a couple days so maybe tomorrow… I certainly don’t want to be sued, and even more than that I can’t AFFORD to be!!

  3. Ugh that is scary…makes me paranoid! I hope I didn’t post any pics on my blog that aren’t mine…it does suck about Pinterest and Tumblr because I repin and reblog a lot on those sites :/

    • I would think that you’d be fine on pinterest and stuff cuz I mean, that’s what they’re designed for. I am going to pull the couple random pics I pulled from google tho just to be safe. Plus- I really don’t want to be rude, that wasn’t my intention, in addition to not wanting to be sued. :-/

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