Neon and Grey Striped Nails

Hey Everyone,

Today I have a really fun manicure to show you. I saw some striped nails on Work/Play/Polish and was inspired to do something similar. Since I’m obsessed with neons lately, naturally I had to go with some super-bright shades. :) These were my favorite nails that I’ve worn recently. I think we should just look at them, don’t you?

Neon and Grey Striped Nails

I had to include these shade pictures to demonstrate just how bright the colors are. They practically glow even in low light.

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Apply one opaque coat of white nail polish. I used my thickened up OPI Alpine Snow.
  3. Paint your nails half Essie Lights and half ChG I’m With The Lifeguard. I just free-handed the half-and-half nails, they were a little messy and uneven but it doesn’t really matter since you’ll be covering most of them up.
  4. Apply a coat of Seche Vite and allow to dry thoroughly.
  5. When your nails are completely dry, use the straight french manicure guards or a thin strip of tape to cover one strip of pink and one strip of green.
  6. When your tape is nice and adhered to your nails, use ChG Elephant Walk (from the On Safari collection) to paint the exposed parts of your nails.
  7. Immediately remove the french manicure guard stickers, but allow some drying time before applying your topcoat. When you polish over the stickers your polish might be a little thick and you don’t want it to smear over your neon stripes. :)
  8. Apply top coat (I use Seche Vite).
  9. Show off your bright yet neutral nails :)

What do you think of these nails? Do you do tape manis very often? I like dong a plain scotch tape manicure but if I’m being honest, these with the little strips kinda give me fits. You’ll hear more about that later on in the week when I show you the mani I’m wearing as I type this! ;) As always, thank you all for reading and commenting, and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

28 thoughts on “Neon and Grey Striped Nails

  1. I like how it’s a really noticeable mix.
    I suck at tape manis…my polish is never dry and I always just end up messing up the polish with the tape and then I give up. Why do I like nail stuff when I suck at nearly all of it, haha?
    Is this your mani from Twitter or is that a different one?

    • Im pretty sure I shared this on twitter (cuz I always do! Haha) but I’m not 100% sure which one you’re thinking of. And yes- drying time is key. I pull my polish up all the time. This time I was good and waited but then my lines were all wavy. Who knows. I like nail stuff and suck sometimes too. It’s a curse. :-/

    • Thank you!! Grey is such a good go-to polish. This one is particularly nice cuz it’s shimmery but I also love OPI skull and glossbones but it’s more of a greige. I use it all the time for a base for nail art. :)

  2. Love it! I have to stop myself from wearing gray all the time. Todays mani is gray…again. Never tried it with neons. Awesome combo. Thanks for the mention. :)

    • No problemo. Your grey and teal and burgundy nails gave me the idea. :) I love grey and greige too. I wore skull and glossbones forever over the winter.

  3. This screams 80’s to me. I don’t know why all of a sudden I saw those black spandex bicycle shorts my mom bought me with the neon stripe down my thighs. Wow, I was a stylish kid. Or when I would wear 3 pairs of neon scrunchie socks with my keds. hahahahaha

    I think the grey is unexpected and it works!

    • They are kinda 80s, huh? Now that you say that, they bring up visions of scrunch socks and leggings for me as well. Haha. Dang, you WERE a stylish kid! I suppose you had a fanny pack, too. :p

      Seriously tho thanks for the compliment and I’m glad you like them. Hey if nothing else- they don’t have any glitter! ;)

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