Georgia O’Keeffe-ish Flower Nails

Good Morning Polished People,

I’m not the best artist, so I always gravitate towards flowers when I need to draw something. They’re easy to draw and I just love the big, page-filling Georgia O’Keeffe-style flowers.To see a bunch of examples of what I’m talking about, click here. When I saw the stamp I’m about to show you, I wasn’t quite sure what it was supposed to be… maybe kind of a marbled look…? But then once I got it on my nail I realized it was partial flower design that fills the entire nail. After you see it, you’ll have to let me know what you think it looks like.

Georgia O’Keeffe-ish Flower Nails

How To Get These Nails:

  1. Base coat.
  2. Apply 3-4 coats of ChG Sunshine Pop.
  3. Apply 1 coat of Seche Vite and allow to dry thoroughly.
  4. When nails are completely dry and hardened, use stamp BM 320 and SH Brisk Blue to stamp the design onto each nail.
  5. Apply your top coat carefully.
  6. Enjoy. :)

People really liked these nails when I wore them, and so did I. I like the somewhat simple design and large areas of color. The only problem with large areas of color is that the likelihood of bald or uneven spots increases as you can see in my pictures. In real life though they weren’t TOO noticeable, thank goodness.

Let me know what you think these nails look like and how you liked them. Thanks for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

16 thoughts on “Georgia O’Keeffe-ish Flower Nails

  1. Hi! I can’t remember if I already introduced myself. And I can’t remember how I found you blog. Anyway, nice mani. Looks like a shamrock to me.

    • Hi Cookie! :) Yes I definitely see a little shamrock in this print. It would be a good St. Patty’s Day mani! :) Dark green on light green… I can see it already. :) Thanks for taking the time to comment. :D Hope to hear from you again!

  2. I’m not going to say anything nice about your nails since you did call me a polish obsessed alien already. Hmmmpfff! I wore this the other day and didn’t like it that much. I don’t know what it is about my white special polish, but it doesn’t stamp as well. The first bottle I ever got is almost gone. It was super thick and opaque so I loved the crisp designs. Then I went and bought two extra bottles and they are kind of runny!!! I mean, they still stamp ok but nothing compared to my first bottle. Makes me sad. :( I do think this looks like water marbling which I can’t do so I could always pretend. They still do look like alien eyes to me…or kind of like Tweety. I dunno…maybe I’m just on crack.

    • Now the Tweety reference I get!!! Haha. Sorry for calling you a polish obsessed alien. Aren’t you glad you’re on Twitter.. all this extra interaction is so fun, huh? Haha. Anyway- that’s terrible about your new bottles of konad white. I would be so mad. That’s what’s so great about the konad polish- how thick and pretty much perfect for stamping they are. In fact, at the park I only let the kids choose white, black or silver (my konad colors) for stamping because it’s just soooo much easier to work with. And let me tell you- stamping a little kids teeny tiny nail is pretty dang hard. Not to mention they wiggle when I’m trying to do it cuz they’re talking to all the other kids. When I order more konad polish I hope I get the good kind… :-/

      • I thought it was just some fluke because I bought my second bottle from the same online store at amazon where I get all my konad stuff. Then I went to one of my local dusties and I got the white, red and yellow special polishes and I don’t think those work that well either. I’m so disappointed!!!!! :( I hope that insta-dry I bought works out.

        Yeah, twitter is pretty fun…just don’t like how cluttered it gets with all the drama for yo momma. I also get annoyed with some of the companies that I follow who send out tons of clutter.

        • About twitter- yeah- i have to unfollow them. If you RT every single compliment or mention you get- I’m not following you. It’s too annoying. Also periodically I go through my people I follow and unfollow those I don’t interact with or enjoy what they post. Keeps my numbers down and my twitter feed SOMEWHAT clear. haha.

          That is soooo disappointing about the konad specials. Maybe you should leave them with their caps off for an hour or two and let them thicken up a little.if they get too thick you can always thin them and maybe it would help…? I hope something works for you cuz that TOTALLY sucks! :(

          • That’s a good idea…I’ll give that a try and see if it works. I wonder what would happen if you used the konad polishes as regular polish. I probably should NOT attempt that even for curiosity sake.

            • I think they’d pull and drag and not self level and be nasty as heck. If you try it let me know and tweet me a pic cuz I’m not trying it with mine! Haha. I hope you do figure something out tho to fix your konads for stamping. Good luck! :)

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