Color Club Mrs. Robinson Swatch and Review

Hey Everyone,

Today I have a polish to show you from Color Club’s 2010 Poptastic collection. I know that seems really old but I found a bunch of these at my Rite Aid so I think they’re still available in drugstores.  Let’s look at it and you can decide if it’s even worth the ride to the store.

Color Club Mrs. Robinson


The color in person is a little more purple than it’s showing here. In the bottle Mrs. Robinson looks like a darkish yet neon purple… but on the nail is a bright neon magenta. It’s not exactly retina searing, but it’s close. :)


Applies like a dream. I NEVER wear 2 coats, I always go for 3, and I wore 2 with this polish. It does dry satiny like all neons but it didn’t drag or get all streaky with the first coat like sometimes happens. Great formula. I did wear white under this as I do all my neons to keep it as bright as can be.

Yes, Please! or No, Thank You:

I bought this polish when I was working on my Peacocks on Crack nails that you will see Friday on The Little Canvas (guest post! :)) so that’s why I picked it up. If I didn’t want it for a specific purpose I probably wouldn’t pick it up at all. I’m not a major pink lover (and this is JUST pink enough) so maybe if I was I’d LOVE this polish. As it is, I just find it ok. I’m not sad I have this, but would I run out to get it if I didn’t need a neon-y purple-ish color for something? No. So I guess I have to give Mrs. Robinson a no, thank you. However- if you love pink/magenta… you might wanna give it a try! It does have a fabulous formula! :)

Do you have this polish? Do you like this polish? I feel kinda bad giving perfectly good polishes a “no, thank you” but if there’s nothing special about them I’m just not that excited by them. I do like this color but I’m just not hyped about it. You all know I don’t love pinks too much, is there a color that just never does it for you? Let me know so I don’t feel so bad. Haha. Thank you all for reading and till next time- Happy Polishing!! :D

16 thoughts on “Color Club Mrs. Robinson Swatch and Review

  1. Me likey! This type of color is one of my favorites to wear, these magenta-y colors. I probably have enough of them, but, should I see it somewhere, I could also probably convince myself that I need this one due to a likely-slighty-more-neon-than-what-I-own quality :P
    Colors I don’t like…hmm…I’m really not a light/bubblegum pink fan for my nails, with the recent exception being that ChG I posted on Twitter. I have issues with some greens, too…if they have too much yellow in them, blech city for my skintone!

    • Ahhh I see. I’m glad you like this color so much. I felt very boring posting plain nails w no art after my stamping-a-palooza that I’ve been doing. Dont worry tho- there are more stamped nails to come in a day or two. :)

  2. well, for you not to be in love with it, you made it look amazing on your nails!!! :-) Makes me actually want to get it. lol. (and it does look “retina searing”– but in a good way, if that’s possible.)

    • Oh retina searing is always good. :) Well except if you actually sear your retinas… Then I suppose it would suck. Think of how bad a teeny eyelash makes your eye feel, and then think about how bad a burn hurts and then combine the hurt multiplied by the sensitivity of your eye, plus then you couldn’t see to even paint your nails and then I wouldn’t be able to look at and be inspired by your nail designs… it’s just bad all around. In summary- thanks for the compliment! Haha. ;)

    • Yeah they do have a great formula, don’t they? :) Glad you like it. And I hope you can find it and it wasn’t just some fluke that mine had em all over the place. :)

  3. I kind of like this…but I feel like I already have it. Maybe I should check my stash. It’s a very bright color and it looks great on you. So you finally finished your guest post?!

  4. I think I have this color, but I never used it lol. It does look like a nice shade. I’ll have to try this and see what I think of it on…hehe

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